50 Crafts to Make and Sell for Money


DIY Crafts to Make and Sell for Profit


Are you looking for some creative ways to make extra money from home or online?

Look no further because I’m going to share 50 crafts to make and sell for money.

Aside from making and selling crafts for a profit, you can do them for fun as an adult or with your kids when you’re bored at home – a lot of these pieces make the perfect home decor for your cozy space!

Not to mention, they also make the perfect budget-friendly gift idea for friends and family.

Many of these craft supplies can be found from the dollar store or purchased in bulk for a low price from your favorite art supply chain. In some cases, if you’re someone who loves thrifting and upcycling, you could even find some supplies from home in your kitchen – anyone like crafting with mason jars?

Whether you like sewing, making jewelry, painting, thrifting, upcycling, building small furniture, or all things related to DIY, there will always be something for you to pursue that is profitable and fun.

Before we go into that, I thought I’d share a personal story that inspired me to write this post.


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Crafts to Make and Sell for Money

I remember the days when I was a 10-year-old kid who enjoyed drawing, crafting and making things. I did it because I enjoyed being alone in a quiet place that allowed me to unleash my creativity. I just thought that being able to create things through crafting was fun and challenging.

Instead of studying for math, I would pull out my pencils, paint, crayons, glue, and scissors. Whether it was a holiday card or a comic book of a trending cartoon series, I would make a final product out of it.

And guess what?

My mom used the crafts I made to sell for money because her friends and coworkers wanted it.

As a kid, all I only cared about was having fun with the project. I didn’t know you could actually make money out of something like that.

This goes to show it’s possible to make extra money with a crafting hobby that you actually enjoy doing in your spare time.

However, not all crafts make money.

You’ll have to make a product that people want and be able to market it properly. Aside from the cost of material and operating your business, you’ll also have to consider your time investment in crafting the product and whether it’s worth it.

But don’t worry, we’re going to cover craft ideas that have the potential to make money.

I hope you find something you’ll enjoy doing for some extra cash!


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Handmade Jewelry

From earrings to brackets and necklaces, there is something to be made out of beads, strings, and wires that people would actually pay for!

I’m sure you’ve seen a ton of gorgeous handmade jewelry by small business owners on Etsy – the selection for women accessories is grand.

Fortunately, jewelry supplies are inexpensive and the items are lightweight so shipping costs aren’t a huge problem.

As long as you’re creative and enjoy making them in your spare time, then the extra income that comes with it is just a bonus!


Handmade Cards

People love receiving handmade cards because the design is unique and we all know things that are handcrafted have character. In many cases, buyers can also choose to customize their personal messages.

If you have fun making handmade cards for your friends and family, then you can think about starting a side hustle or small business that monetizes your creative skill.

The options to making money with handmade cards are endless – you can make birthday, Christmas or any special holiday cards. You could even offer to make and design wedding invitations along the way.


DIY Tote Bag

Image source: Crazy Little Projects


Women can never have enough bags and that’s why they either make their own or buy more to add to their huge collection.

There will always be a demand for bags, so if you’re a creative individual who loves making crafts with cloth and fabric, then you can think about designing many different variations of Tote bags to sell online or within your community.

You can check out this simple, timeless and versatile DIY Tote Bag made by Amber from Crazy Little Projects.


Sewing crafts to make and sell

Speaking of tote bags, there are many other sewing crafts to make and sell for a profit.

Whether you’re a beginner or someone who is experienced, there are tons of sewing projects you can tackle for some extra income.

For example, look at this pretty envelop pillowcase made by Deliacreates.

Image source: Delia Creates


Other sewing crafts that make money include these fascinating ideas.


Mason Jar Crafts

Image source: Home Made Lovely


Everyone loves the classic mason jars because they’re great for organizing, decorating and storing things. It’s basically a classy-looking jar that is versatile for almost anything!

You can find a set of 12 to 20-pack mason jars on Amazon and get very creative with them.

In some situations, depending on the style of the mason jar, you could recycle the ones you bought from your local grocery store. You know, the premade foods like spaghetti sauce…

Many people love to reuse these jars to make pretty spring decor for the home like these incredibly cute easter vases from Weekend Craft!

Image Source: Weekend Craft


Check out a few of these Mason Jar crafts to make and sell for a profit.


DIY Bath Bombs

Image source: Military Family of 8


DIY bath bombs are easier to make than you think!

There are a lot of crafty and DIY bloggers who teach you how to make your own bath bomb at home. If you already make your own bath bombs, or you’re someone who is interested in the idea, you can check out these DIY recipes from different bloggers.

They can make a perfect holiday gift, or you can create an online Etsy store and sell them for extra income.


DIY Planters

Image source: I Heart Nap Time


If you’re looking for crafts to make and sell, then definitely give these DIY planters a try.

These make the perfect project for some side hustle money during the spring when people love to bust out their planters.

You can buy new materials where some can be found from your local dollar store or art store. Alternatively, you can try to be frugal and creative by recycling things you already have at home.

If you’re using ceramic cups, then you can give it your touch by adding a nice design with some paint.


DIY Coasters

Image source: Pop Sugar


One of the very popular crafts to make and sell is the DIY coaster.

Some are actually quite simple to make and the supplies aren’t very costly. If you have the time and patience, give this project a try.

There are many coasters you can make using different materials – cork, tile, or even wool. The possibilities are endless and these bloggers are here to show you how you can do it.

Add some paint, stencils or patterned papers and you’re ready to make some extra money!


Bathroom and Beauty Organizers

Image Source: Laura Thoughts


I mentioned earlier that women, in general, love their handbag collection.

Another thing women love is their beauty and self-care products.

Having that said, there’s never enough storage space for them to organize their makeup and skincare products. This is why bathroom and beauty organizers are great craft ideas to make and sell for a profit.

I also mentioned earlier that Mason Jars are very versatile.

Not only can you make a pretty tissue dispenser to sell, but you can also get creative with these ideas that solve a woman’s makeup/beauty storage problem in the bathroom.


DIY Scrubs

Image Source: One Little Project


Exfoliation is a great way to keep your skin looking vibrant, smooth, and healthy and it’s no wonder why people like making their own at home for themselves or as gifts.

You can also find these on Etsy because there’s actually a demand for them.

There are so many different ingredients you can use including lemon, honey, or green tea.

If you’re looking for DIY scrub crafts to make and sell from home, give these popular ones a try.


Homemade Lip Balm

Image Source: Pretty Simple Ideas


Every woman wants soft, moisturized and luscious lips!

Having to hear that the beauty industry is using harsh chemicals in their products, people are becoming paranoid with the products they buy.

So what better way than to make your own or as a gift for your girlfriends? If you’re interested in frugal or DIY beauty, you can invest your time into researching the natural and safe ingredients that women want in their beauty products.

Lip balm is a necessity that everyone buys to keep their lips from peeling or feeling chapped. You can definitely make your own.

If you’re serious about starting a business in the health or beauty industry, make sure you do your research before starting one.

Check out these homemade DIY lip balms for some inspiration.


DIY Clay Dishes

Image Source: Collectively Christine


Just like any other crafts that you can sell for a profit, you can’t go wrong with jewelry or ring holders.

I personally think the Cactus ring holder is super cute and fun to make!

There are a variety of ring holders sold by small businesses on Etsy and you could be one of them.

Go ahead and check out these tutorials that teach you step-by-step on how you can make them from home.


DIY Candles

Everyone loves home décor and candles are something that people love to use.

When you make your own, you can customize the candle in whatever way you like. These are actually fun and really simple to make.

Not only are candles great for Christmas, but they are also great for Valentine’s Days so there is no doubt you can make and sell them online during the special occasion.

You can also make candles for people who like to use them on a regular basis like these mason jar soy candles.

Image Source: She’s Crafty and She Knows It


Here are a few DIY candle projects where the blogger shows you step-by-step on how you can make them from home.


Home décor crafts to make and sell

Image Source: Salvage Sister and Mister


Candles make a great home décor addition and so do a whole lot of other items.

Thanks to HGTV, home décor has become today’s essential and it’s no wonder why so many people, particularly women, love to shop for items that make their homes look like the front page of a home style magazine.

There are many who are willing to pay for great design ideas so if you have the talent and skill, charge for it.

From wall art to DIY industrial projects, the possibilities of making home décor items are endless. For some inspiration to get started here is a farmhouse tray makeover you can recycle, make and sell for money.

Here is a beginners list of home decorations you can make and sell from home:

  • Coat rack from salvaged wood or boards
  • Wall art using stencils and paint (or you can free-hand)
  • Upcycle an old mirror or photo frame with a coat of fresh paint
  • Industrial storage units or shelves made from leftover wood and pipes
  • DIY window curtains using fabric design of your choice
  • Paint small vases and planters from the dollar store or make your own from scratch

These cute little succulent plant pots would be perfect in a home office.

Image Source: Omundodejess


Repurpose furniture

Image Source: Liz Marie Blog


Continuing our discussion about home décor, you can’t forget about furniture pieces.

Many buyers don’t want the basic cookie cutter Ikea furniture and they are willing to pay creators like for your creativity.

If you’re thrifty or love repurposing furniture, you can try flipping furniture for a profit. Now, that’s one of the greatest crafts you can make and sell in your spare time.

Check out these awesome makeovers and get inspired to start your furniture business!


Build furniture

In addition to refurbishing furniture, you can also consider building furniture from scratch and making an income from it.

If you’re a beginner, I recommend tackling a smaller project like flipping a small coffee table or nightstand. Once you get the hang of it, you might want to start building your own from scratch!

I love this farmhouse nightstand by Ashley from Handmade Haven!

Overall, flipping and building furniture from scratch can become a lucrative business if you have a passion for it.


Other unique crafts to make and sell

Image Source: HGTV


The possibilities of things to make and sell are seriously endless!

There are literally thousands of craft ideas you can sell for a profit.

Here are a few more unique things you can consider adding to your DIY list this weekend.

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