Don’t Ignore These Strategies For Selling Digital Products


The profits you make from selling a digital product can be quite large and the reason should be clear. In most cases, the overhead is very low. You do not need to pay for shipping, renting a retail space, packaging, and any other expense that comes with the sale of a physical product in a physical space. It is possible you may have to incur costs when creating the digital product, especially if you have to outsource, but you can be sure that you will make much closer to 100% profit on any sale you make for a digital product versus something physical.

Although the gains may be great, there are also issues when you try to sell a digital product. A significant problem encountered by many new online business owners is what is lovingly called “the pitch”. It can be hard convincing potential customers to buy your brand spanking new digital product.

This is especially true in the case of an eBook and an eCourse, where there’s something physical you’re comparing a digital product to, like a physical book – you may think lot of people still prefer to buy a physical product and may often find it hard to believe that you have a product which has any relevance. Although your book may provide useful information, there is no doubt hundreds of websites which educate people on your topic without the need to pay YOU for the information. Right?

So, how can you confidently and strategically still sell a digital product knowing all of the above? You might as well quit, right?

Wrong . . . the number one reason people buy digital products is because it fulfills a need and it’s available right now.

Most purchases are made without a lot of consideration as to what else may be available. The considerations for a purchase are made based on the persons need, right now. So, your primary goal should be to get the attention of potential customers, and then tell your buyer’s story of need and how your product fulfills it.

Have Something to Say and Say it With Passion

Deciding on a topic to talk about is the most important step in successfully making your product a hit. You should already have a topic you are very familiar with before you come up with the notion of selling information. You may be working towards failure if you just decide on a random topic to discuss after making plans on selling your information.

Write on something that you have the passion for. You’ll know you’re passionate for it because it will be a topic you will have a lot of ideas on, and you have a lot of fun writing on it. Don’t put together information products based on a topic you think will sell. Follow your passion and you’ll find that it will sell easier.

Create something different

Coming up with something to say is great, but this is not enough. Try to have something different that makes what you have to say more credible. A lot of best-selling digital products don’t come up with new topics. It’s usually just presented in a new approach or a new system on how to improve an already existing idea.

By creating something different, it means you are writing something new, never before heard, seen or described. A lot of people show interest towards something that can give them information that is clearly unique and different from what they may already know or have heard about.

Use Press Releases during Your Product Launch

In the days towards your product launch, you will want to make sure there is some anticipation, excitement, and buzz towards your product.

Although there is a lot of confusion in its use, you should consider what is traditionally known as Press release. A press release provides a profitable means of digital marketing. To grasp the idea behind using a press release for digital products, I’ll give a brief insight below on how I’ve used press releases in my physical product selling days.

What is a Press Release?

A write up which you send to a media outlet is known as a press release. This write-up provides details about your product, your target demographic and reasons why people should anticipate your product. Media outlets to use include other niche blogs and websites which specialize in providing breaking news relating to your type of products.

Don’t just stop there though. Consider your affiliates and those who may already support you. Is it possible you can write a guest post for their blog or maybe ask them to review your product and provide you with a note-worthy testimonial blog post?

The most important tip when making a press release is to remember it is for your reader. Media outlets like write ups which are interesting and excite the reader. Make your write up be in the form of a story. It must be able to captivate your audience. Just writing about your product may turn out a little dull. Telling your readers story will help your audience relate to your product.

To make it interesting, you could also shed light on some of the secrets behind your product. Discuss some of the processes you used in the development stage of your product. You can also give some of the impacts you expect your product to have in the industry. Do not blindly go into self-glorification and self-promotion. Make something that people will want to read and that is truly helpful to them.

Make the Most of Your Release

Making the most of a press release will require you to make it an exclusive content. This can be easily achieved by offering your story to just one bloggers / media outlet. Whichever site you choose, they are more likely to publish content if they are the only ones with that news and article to share.

The great benefit of this exclusive release is that other site will want to publish this story too. Your content will spread quickly as other bloggers and fans begin to post the story on social media, Pinterest, and more.

Update your products regularly

After launching a product, it is important to make improvements in various areas of your product. You can identify areas that require improvement by getting customer reviews and feedback. Responding thoughtfully and quickly to these reviews and feedback is also important. It shows that you listen to the opinion of your clients. This is essential.

Using effective tools to monetize your product

Having a website for your product offers an easy means to make sales. Platforms like WordPress have plugins which you can install on your site. If you’re interested in selling online courses and teaching, you can use platforms like Teachable. You can launch your own online school and online course in a short 7 step process.

You can easily and quickly learn 7 of the easiest steps to create your own online school and set up your first course using Teachable (without any of the technical headaches). Plus, how to use Teachable to accept payments from teaching in your own online course.

Keep advertising / Don’t Stop

After the launch of your product and your first batch of sales, you still need to advertise more. Even if you thought you’ve sold your product to as many people as you could, there are still more out there who might need your product, but just haven’t heard of you or it yet.

Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you can reach a lot of people. Facebook offers paid advert through which you can reach a target demographic. With a large following on social media, you can also gain traffic to you product site through people sharing your links and posts.

If you’re interested in finally launching your own digital products, selling information products through an online course, you can click here to grab this free tutorial on how to easily create your own online school using Teachable & start teaching your first online course this week.

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