How To Launch A Digital Product


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Okay, you have an information product that’s awesome and hits the interest of your target audience, and now, you’re about to fold your arms and watch as the money start to roll on in – right? No, not quite! It doesn’t work that way. For you to start making great sales of your digital product, you have to launch and market it (the hell) out of it.

The 80/20 Rule

It’s quite unfortunate that people often relax and anticipate a much greater number of sales for their digital product without putting in the right amount of effort to launch and sell it. It’s much harder to make a product one of your bestsellers if you continue to make marketing a lower priority.

And by marketing, I don’t mean sharing one post on your social media every few days. Marketing has a lot to do with relationships more than it has to do with the simple mention of a product. You should rather let the product creation stage take 20% of your time and effort while promotion and marketing take the remaining 80%.

People will often become aware of your product and start buying it only when they’ve developed a strong awareness and interest in it and in YOU. So, in short, don’t neglect your marketing.

Start Creating Buzz

This may be a hard one to swallow, but you should probably start raising awareness for your digital product even when it is still at the creation stage. (Do as I say, not as I do?). haha I’m the worst offender of following my own advice, but the reality is that while you are gather sales, you COULD send your first email to your customers and set their expectations as for the delivery of your product.

Make your audience know what the product is all about and how it can benefit them, and that you’ll send it to them in it’s entirety within 5 days of purchase. Pique their interest and curiosity and let them know they can let others know about your engagement. Maybe even supply them with a the first chapter, first module, etc… that way you get a little bit of time to collect sales and then finish the product.

Launch a series of emails & promotional material

The launch is the next big thing on board. You’re ready for your product to become public once it’s up for sale and you’ve completely assessed its workability and read-ability by testing out the sales process.

  1. Make an EMAIL to your subscribers as usual, but include the outline and list describing the BENEFITS of buying the product
  2. Continue to EMAIL your subscribers for days to come, craft several emails and keep them engaged in Q&A, Testimonials, and Case Studies related to your product.
  3. Add links to your sales page on related BLOG POSTS that are already on your blog
  4. Publish SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS with a link to your sales page (Consider putting it as your main link)
  5. CHANGE your Facebook cover / Twitter header highlighting the product is for sale while you’re in launch mode
  6. Create a FRESH BLOG POST (or a few) that will shine a light on some benefits or problem-solving angles that your product solves.

Keep at it!

Promotion and marketing need to be consistent and for a longer period of time than you may be anticipating. During that launch, you’ll want to consistently email your list about it in some form or another and send them frequently to your blog posts, your social media, and your sales page. Stay connected to your product with your affiliates and supporters If you’re running an affiliate program, remind affiliates to keep telling their audience about the product.

Upsell / Recommend your product within other products you have

  • Do you have a freebie / opt-in? You can always edit your freebie to mention or link your subscribers to the new product?’
  • Add an upsell page to your new product on your opt-in thank you page.
  • On the download page or within the content of any other products or lead magnets you create, recommend this new product.

Using some of these tips, you’ll find it easier to create sales regularly as long as you keep letting people know about the product.

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