Top 10 Makeup Tips to Make Your Nose Look Smaller


Not every one of you was born with a perfect face and not everyone is down for cosmetic surgery to make a change to that one little thing that is making a big difference in the way you look. There are many various parts of the face that people are willing to change, but this article is dedicated to those who have a strong nose.

You’ve probably spent a lot of hours in front of the mirror analyzing your nose and wishing to be a little bit smaller, cuter, or maybe shorter?! Luckily, there are many small tricks that can make a huge difference!

We’ve covered you with ten makeup tips that’ll totally change the shape of your nose! Your dreams will come true thanks to the beauty tools called concealer, bronzer and foundation!

First, Use Darker Matt Foundation


At the same beginning of your beauty ritual, you should use some kind of a matt foundation that is 2 shades darker than your skin. Apply it all the way down, between your eyebrows to the sides of your nose. This little trick will make your nose appear smaller and thinner immediately, but you have to follow all the rules that are written in the text above!

Contour Your Face Like Kim Kardashian


Did you know that actually, Kim Kardashian is using contouring techniques to make her nose look smaller?! We’ve never noticed that she has some problems with the way her nose looks and that’s the method that makes us believe that Kim has a proportional nose! Follow her steps that are presented in the picture.

Apply More Blush


Apply a great dose of blush on your cheeks and draw attention to that area of your face. No one will notice your ,, nose problem”, but take care not to overdo your blush, because that will make you look like a clown in public!

Use a Bronzer for Particular Areas


In the picture below you have all the details on how and where you should apply the bronzer. The most important thing you have to know is that you don’t have to use a bronzer for your nose because that’s the step which will make people pay more attention to the critical area!

Matt Makeup Finish


Matt makeup is the key when you want to hide all critical places on your face, especially the nose! Like we’ve mentioned before, your nose has to stay clear and without a shine.

Use Loose Powder


To get that matte look we’ve talked about in the text above, use the loose powder at the same end, after you’ve applied the foundation and after you’re done with contouring. This is the safe step that’ll nix the shine on your face!

Shimmery Lips


But, now when you must stay away from your glowing face, the good thing is that your lips can sparkle. Shimmery lips are totally allowed, but in clever, neutral colors, like beige!

Eyeliner + Mascara = Perfection


Play with your eyeliner and make your eyes the center of attention wherever you show up. Don’t forget to add more mascara on your eyelashes for a better effect!

Bold Eye Make-Up is Not For You!


Many people think that when they have an imperfect nose, they should wear a bold eye makeup style! That’s completely not true. All you need is natural makeup which is followed by cat eyes and a big dose of mascara. In the picture below is the makeup look you should avoid!

Add Volume to Your Hair


We’re closing the list with a tip that has nothing to do with makeup but will make a drastic change in your face. It doesn’t matter if you have a bigger or longer nose, you should wear any type of hairstyle which will add volume to your hair!