Tips For Selling On Etsy – Customer Service & Upselling


Alrighty, I’m back with more tips for selling on Etsy for you. If you follow me on Instagram then you’re already ahead of the game since I post these up there first.

So let’s talk about customer service and up-selling when it comes to your buyers on (and off) Etsy.

Customer Service

Everyone likes to be treated well, it’s that simple. But what’s even better is that when you treat people even better than they expect to be treated, they’ll not only be thrilled with you but they will become your advocates and start to do word-of-mouth advertising on your behalf.

So think about ways you can make the buying experience just that much better, actually no, **stellar**, for your buyer.

What do you think you can do that will instinctively get them talking about your Etsy shop?

You don’t even have to reinvent the wheel for this one, just think about when you’ve been so impressed with a business that you told others about them, then try to replicate that experience in a way that works for your own Etsy business.

And then there’s…


Without sounding too “sales-ey”, all this means is that you gently offer your your buyers other products in your shop that might be relevant and of interest to them based on what they are about to purchase from you.

So what’s the best way to accomplish this…?

Well, you know your products best… What goes well with what? Make the suggestion to your buyer, just as if you were their personal shopper.

And don’t make them go too far to find it or make it too hard for them to figure out.

Etsy allows live links to other Etsy URLs in your listing description so explain to your shopper why another product you have would be a good pairing for what they’re looking at and drop a direct link to it right there in your item description.

…But don’t be spammy and don’t make irrelevant suggestions just to “try” to get an additional sale…

People can smell that type of desperation very easily… 🙁


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