What To Sell At A Farmer’s Market To Make Money


Outdoor markets are popping up everywhere and are a great way to get fresh produce and homemade natural products.

If you are interested in starting your own home-based business, you might be wondering what to sell at a farmer’s market to make money yourself. 

Put your creativity to work and you will see possibilities in your backyard or even within your skillset, you’ll be amazed at the enjoyable and unexpected ways you can make money.

what to sell at a farmer's market

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Researching What To Sell At A Farmer’s Market

The first step is to visit your local farmer’s market. Instead of just running through to pick up produce for the week, take your time examining what you see and what’s going on there.

If you have the chance, visit a couple of different markets to get a feel for any gaps in the market at the one closest to you. 

What are people selling? Of course, the standard fruits and vegetables are available.

But what else? Maybe there are freshly-cut herbs, pretty baskets of assorted soaps, and even some small hand-crafted tools for the kitchen, like whisks or cleaning brushes. 

Notice how vendors are displaying their products. This one is particularly important because it lends some info about what type of overhead costs you may generate to display your own wares and products.

Are they simply laid out on a fold-out table? Is there a decorative table cloth? How are the items for sale packaged?

Are fresh herbs tied with decorative ribbon, simply spread out so people can pick up how much they want, or banded with a rubber band? Is there package wrapping to consider?

Look for simple, no-frills, yet attractive ways that products are displayed. Which product displays attract you? Make notes.

Ask yourself, “What’s missing?” Now that you have a good idea of what’s for sale, ponder what types of products you and others might like to purchase from the farmer’s market.

Look for signs or pamphlets about who’s in charge. Usually, there’s someone you can talk to about how to become involved in the farmer’s market. If there’s a phone number or name of the organizers posted, write it down. It may be the local town’s business association or chamber of commerce. Get down that info so you can call them later with your questions.

This information may also be found in the newspaper article that advertises the market.

Choosing What To Sell At A Farmer’s Market

When you get home, take a look at things you’re good at and what you do that earns kudos from others. Your next income stream might also flow from something you love to do.

What are you good at?

Maybe you love to try different soup recipes. Why not buy up some quart-size Mason jars and sell your freshly-made and jarred soups at the farmer’s market?

 If people rave over your five-ingredient homemade bread, maybe it’s time to start a cottage industry baking and selling loaves of it.

Perhaps your garden isn’t all that large but you love to get fresh produce and make your own salsas and jellies. With a case or two of pint-sized wide mouthed jars, you’d be all set for next week’s market

Stick with simple, natural ingredients to make things easy for you. Plus, customers love the idea of buying something that’s homemade.

Look at your hobbies

Perhaps you think there’s nothing more fun than making home-made soaps and tying them up in stacks of two or three to give to friends for birthdays and holiday gifts.

You love seeing all the pretty colors and smelling all the fragrances and the idea of others using soaps you made yourself. 

Want to get started – check out How To Start A Soap Making Business From Home

Another option is Handmade Jewelry, you can get most of the supplies online or at craft stores. 

What To Sell At A Farmer’s Market

Just to get your creative juices flowing, here are some top sellers at Farmer’s markets:

Wood-crafted items

Maybe your grandpa taught you how to make small carvings from wood. You like to do it but you never know what to do with all the left-over creations. Selling them at the farmer’s market is your answer.

Here are 10 Handmade Wood Projects That Sell

Knitted, crocheted, or sewn items.

Many people love the idea of given a hand-crafted gift to others or even treating themselves to something extravagant from time to time.
Consider making washcloths, dishcloths, dishtowels, potholders, hats, purses, change purses, small gift bags, water bottle carriers, grocery store totes, baby blankets, booties, and sweaters, coasters, placemats, cell phone socks, or an item you create.

Here are 8 Quick Gifts To Knit In A Weekend

Baked Goods

Who doesn’t love a fresh-baked treat to take home with them or present as a special gift to someone?

Think about small wrapped clusters of cookies or candies, baked cakes, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and the like. If your forte is making such goodies, this could be the way to go.

You will need to check with your local state or municipal laws before starting a business that sells food to the public.

Jarred gifts

If baking or knitting isn’t your thing, consider selling Mason jars filled with the ingredients for cookies, bars, bean soups, or even cocoa mixes . 

You can find recipes on Pinterest. 
Print up a decorative label and instructions on how to mix up or cook the food and tie a decorative square or round of fabric over the top of the jar. 

Natural Remedies

Homemade products such as bug spray, elderberry syrup and essential oil blends are all popular products to sell at a farmer’s market. 

Creating The Perfect Farmer’s Market Booth

Attractively displaying and presenting your items will entice prospective customers to your table at the market.

How can you make your table pretty? Maybe all you’ll need is a one-color plastic tablecloth.

Think of color themes. Limit color selections on your table and packaging to no more than three to avoid looking “too busy.”

Consider how you’ll package your product.

If it’s fresh herbs, you may not need much but some light rubber bands and big baskets to display your bunched sprigs. If you’re selling homemade noodles using your grandma’s recipe, how will you inexpensively package them to look appetizing?

Include typed-up directions for anything that requires the customer to blend, mix, or put together a food item. Don’t forget to put your contact information somewhere on the product.

How To Become a Farmer’s Market Vendor

  1. Contact the organizers of the market by phone or in person when you go to the farmer’s market. Tell them you have a product you’d like to sell.
  2. Do you need a business license to sell your products at the market? Find out where you can apply for and obtain such a license.
  3. Tell the organizers about what you plan to sell and listen to any feedback they offer. Although they might not restrict you from selling your fresh herbs from your backyard herb garden, they may tell you they already have two regular vendors who sell them.
  4. Fresh ideas can be a welcome addition for the market and make you some nice cash at the same time.
  5. Consider it an adventure to boost your income by trying your hand at the local farmer’s market. Wouldn’t it be great to have an additional income stream to pad your bank account?

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