7 Emails to Send Your Email List for Your Etsy Shop


One of the mistakes I see Etsy sellers make quite often is not starting an email list – I’m guilty of this. In fact, I started my email list almost a year after I opened my Etsy shop.


Pssst…If you haven’t started an email list yet, you can get details on how to capture emails easily on Etsy.

Much of my delay came from me not understanding how valuable an email list is for my business. The other part was my uncertainty on where to begin, what programs should I use, heck what should I even send to my list.

But the hardcore truth is you are growing a new business and having an email list will help propel your business in ways you couldn’t obtain with Etsy.

Now that you are getting people to subscribe to your list, it is time to nurture it.

Here’s the deal, I know you’re busy…I know you are busy creating products, marketing on social media, and doing all things to keep your shop relevant on Etsy. And I’m sure it has stressed you a bit to figure out what you should be sending to your list, much less how often.

But you MUST make it a priority to love on your list. Your subscribers are there for a reason and believe it or not, they REALLY want to hear from you.

Will there be unsubscribes? You bet they’ll be. You will find that people will only subscribe just to snag your freebie. That is the nature of the beast. But, that is also a good thing! Those unsubscribes aren’t your raving fans and you would be wasting your efforts on those that don’t adore your products as much as you do.

But your raving fans, ahhhh!

They want to hear from you and if you don’t email them on a consistent basis, your subscribers might just forget about you and move on to someone else.

How often should you email your subscribers?

As often as you like. It could be several times a week, once a week, or once a month. It is totally up to you. When you’re starting out, emailing several times a week may not be feasible. But that’s okay. My suggestion is only take on what you can handle.

A sweet spot that has worked well for me is emailing once a week. Any less than that and people will forget you exist. Too often, and you will come across as annoying.

So, what should you be sending your tribe to keep them excited from week to week? Here are seven emails you can send to your subscribers to keep their interest.

1 | Welcome Series

A welcome series is a series of emails sent to your subscribers when they initially sign up to your list. Instead of sending just one introductory email, you are rolling out a sleuth of emails that helps build a bond between you and your subscribers.

Welcome series are the best because they help subscribers get to know you, it develops a strong solid relationship, and highlights your brand.

The cool part is you can automate this with your email service provider (I use Aweber’s automation feature to take the load off of me). In addition, having a welcome series typically weeds out subscribers who are just there for the freebie.

What does a welcome email series look like?

  1. Subscriber signs up for your freebie
  2. Day 1: Freebie is sent
  3. Day 1: First email from welcome series is sent (send this email out a few hours following the freebie). This email talks about how you started your business
  4. Day 2: Email sent about your process for making your products
  5. Day 3: Highlight some of your reviews from purchases
  6. Day 4: Showcase your bestselling products
  7. Day 5: Wrap with a surprise gift

Obviously, you can customize your emails in any sequence you prefer, such as timing. For example, you can spread out emails two days apart instead of one day. I have customized my welcome series to go out one email a day to keep the momentum and attention of my audience.

Okay, let’s chat about what you can send to existing subscribers…

2 | Exclusive Content

My inbox is constantly flooded with emails – many years of signing up for discounts and coupons. And I am pretty sure, I’m not the only one.

That is why it is so important to send emails of value to your audience. To stand out and avoid receiving unsubscribes.

What kind of content can you send? How about a product that you decided not to list on your site again and so you decide to present it to your list as an exclusive item? When you send exclusive content to your email list, it gives them an extra incentive to remain a subscriber.

3 | Behind the Scenes Look at Your Business

This is super easy to pull off and people will eat this up. It is always interesting to see how others do things and how they work. I don’t know about you, but this always piques my interest.

To make this work without delving into every detail of your process, take one part of your business and show how it works. You can also showcase how this one thing creates efficiency for your business.

Some behind the scenes ideas:

  • What a day looks like for you
  • Your product creation process
  • Balancing work and personal life
  • What your shipping process looks like

Have fun with this. The concept is to show a side of your business that others are not privy too.

4 | Product Launches

Some weeks I pump out more products than I do others. And honestly, I don’t have a set schedule on how often I do. But whenever I am releasing a range of products such as my summer line, I like to introduce my list to my new product.

I will create hype about this line by introducing it to my list, sending an email when it will be coming to the shop, another email of its features and a quick reminder the day of. (Trust me, people will not hate you for the multiple emails. If they do they will unsubscribe and that just lightens the load a bit for you – good riddance).

I don’t do this every time that I add something to the shop. I like to highlight those products that play a significant role in the shop based on the time of year or possibly a holiday item. Or if I am rolling out a line of products.

5 | Special Offers

Some people only sign up for email lists for the discounts. #guilty

So, a nice treat is to provide some type of special offer that is exclusive to your email list only. Giving these special deals tells your subscribers that you appreciate them.

Some offers you can provide…

  • Flash sales
  • Promo code for a select number of products
  • Bundle deals
  • Coupons/discounts

Whatever it is, who really can complain about a hot deal?

6 | Surveys

It’s never a bad idea to survey your audience to determine what products they want to see more of without you racking your brain trying to figure this all on your own.

You can create a quick and simple form within Google forms to ask questions that would better help with refining your product line. Your audience will love this, and they will feel honored to be a part of the creation process.

You can try this on social media as well however, I’ve found doing it this way gives more privacy to those who would otherwise shy away from providing feedback.

7 | Loyalty Emails

Sending out special emails for a milestone lets your subscribers know you value their support. You can send emails to your subscribers who have been with you a year. (Check with your email service provider with setting up this option on autopilot.)

You can also pivot a bit and send loyalty emails whenever you reach a business milestone, such as a certain number of sales, the number of followers on social media, or even the number of years in business.

Loyalty emails show that you genuinely care about your list and you are invested in your subscribers.

There ya’ have it!

When you know what to send to your email list you not only reduce the number of unsubscribes, but you’re able to provide valuable information to your audience.

Your turn – what do you send to your email list? Let me know in the comments.

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