Six Tips To Revive Your Etsy Shop

by myklist

As much as I love my business, at times it can feel somewhat laborious.

At times I find myself losing my mojo.

Life gets in the way…

…because yes you still have a life outside of your biz.

And at some point, you lose your passion and fall out of love with the very thing that brought you so much joy. It becomes increasingly easy to feel this way when all the work you put forth gets you zero results.

Lack of sales?

No traffic to your shop?

Or tons of traffic, but none converting into sales.

Can you relate here?

If you can, just know you are definitely not alone. Quite honestly, this topic pops up a lot despite the time of year, season or new changes with Etsy.

So, today I’m giving you six tips to revive your Etsy shop, get back your creative mojo, and doing this without spending ALL day accomplishing it.

So easy that you can get it done in under an hour a week.

1 | Peak interest with shop updates

Shop updates is a tool located in the Sell on Etsy app that is quite often overlooked. A feature that has a sharing aspect like social media. How it works is you upload photos of your products or maybe even your process. You tag your photo with any listing within your shop, along with a custom caption.

So how does this help you?

Well my friend, any time a shopper sees your updates they can click on the price tag which will route them to the listing for them to purchase. Another awesome perk is, shoppers will also see your updates if they have either favorited, followed and/or purchased an item from your shop.

Woot, woot! How does free marketing sound to you?

And to take it a step further, you can share those images on all of your social media channels.

The more you do updates within your shop, the more attention you get to your products.

Have Google Analytics connected to your shop? Take a look at your analytics to see when your audience is the most active. From there, you can maximize your efforts by posting updates when your peeps are shopping.

2 | Timely shipping

As obvious as this may seem, it is not uncommon for sellers to ship out orders either on the ship date or way past shipping dates.

What you don’t know is that doing this actually hurts your shop and its rank in search. Etsy views this as a lack of seriousness to your shop and a form of bad customer care (all of which they frown upon). As a result, your punishment is that shoppers will have less access to your shop as it will fall further down the search ranks.

I set my shipping time set to 5-7 business days however, I always ship much earlier than that. Why not set it to a lesser ship time if I will be shipping out earlier anyway? Well, it gives me extra time should I run into a snag and require a little wiggle room. Evaluate your processes and choose a shipping timeframe that suits the needs of your customers. Not too long to deter a shopper from purchasing your product, but not too short that it causes you more frustration than you deserve.

And it’s a nice treat for customers to receive their packages earlier than they expected. Which in turn, motivates them to leave you a pleasant review about their shopping experience with your shop. (We will chat about reviews a little later 😉).

3 | Making customer service a priority

Although responding to messages doesn’t affect your shop’s ranking, it does, however, affect the customer experience.

Following up on your shop’s messages is uber important when it comes to a customer standpoint. It could be a deal breaker for most shoppers when it boils down to purchasing a product. Additionally, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task that causes you anxiety.

I make it a habit to answer requests and questions no more than two business days. Most times, it takes me less than 15 minutes a day to follow-up as I have added templates into Etsy conversations as a time saver.

Based on past experiences, I know exactly what questions my audience have, which allows me to pre-write my replies. I also add those questions and answers to them within the frequently asked questions section of my shop to cut down on the number of messages I receive.

4 | Five-star reviews

It may seem as though you have little impact when it comes to reviews for your shop. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. So much so, that your efforts starting from the very moment a shopper enters your shop makes a huge impact on the feedback you receive.

Now, let’s get a little honest here…

There are times when you do everything you can and may receive a review that is less than a five-star. But the reality is your products aren’t for everyone and that’s okay. And the occasional one-star review will not make or break the success of your shop, although your ultimate goal is to ALWAYS strive for a five-star.

And not solely because it looks appealing to the eyes, but it gives you insight about the weak and strong areas within your business. A fabulous way to make adjustments in your process and build a successful shop. And it’s all for free.

Don’t shy away from asking for reviews, you totally can, so long as you aren’t spammy and annoying.

5 | Renewing your listings

Renewing your listings is a strategy that gives you momentum in the search results. Almost like a little refreshing, it’s like dusting off your products and giving it a surviving chance. Every time an item sells, it automatically renews (that’s of course if you have enabled that setting in your shop). That renewal puts your item back in front of shoppers. The other way is to manually renew any item of your liking.

I’ve found the best way to approach this is by creating a strategy specifically for renewing. I look at my stats to determine my best-selling products. Etsy does a great job at laying this out for you by displaying your top five visited products, the least visited products, and a complete list of all your products ranked from most viewed to least.

I proceed to renew my best-sellers twice a day. Two items in the morning and two in the evening. I don’t do this all willy-nilly though… it’s all about strategy here. I utilize my Google Analytics again — can you tell I love this tool? And yes you guessed it, I check the best times when my audience is hanging out and review around that timeframe.

Keep in mind whenever you renew an item, Etsy charges you a fee of $.20. All apart of doing business and certainly won’t cause bankruptcy, especially when it could potentially bring in a sale. Totally worth the spend.

Also, if you find yourself renewing like a madman and not seeing results, that means you have a bigger problem. Update your descriptions, take new photos, even consider changing your keywords.

6 | Opened cases

Now this one is more of a bonus tip that hopefully, you will never have to experience (this ties in with customer service). An open case is when a customer escalates their frustration and submits a request to Etsy to step in to resolve whatever issue that exists.

It’s pretty safe to say, no one wants an open case against their shop. I can only imagine the level of anxiety it would bring me having to deal with that. Unfortunately, things happen and sometimes customers feel that may be the best way to handle problems.

My advice?

Remain positive and resolve matters as soon as possible. Even if that means you compromising your pride to get rid of this annoyance.

Rule of thumb do the best you can with resolving matters when they initially occur – or better yet, before a problem exists — it’s all about being proactive. I know you may not see the big picture of refunding an item or doing an exchange although it is totally against your policies. However, it so worth getting rid of bad seeds that wiggle their way into your space.

I once had to deal with a customer over a special I was running in my shop that included a free product. Although she was super pleasant, she irked every bone in my body and drove me crazy. I noticed off the bat she could potentially be a problem even though I was bending backward to accommodate her. Long story short, I was able to encourage canceling the sale and refunding her money. No bad blood and I saved myself from dealing with a long-term mess. #dodgethatbullet

Well there you have it, six tips to breathe some new life back into your Etsy shop. What strategies have you used to revive your shop? Let us know in the comments below.

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