Erank and Marmalead: using an SEO tool to find the right keywords for your Etsy shop


Erank and Marmalead are two Etsy keyword tools you’ll hear about A LOT as you develop your Etsy SEO strategy, but they actually can help you do much more than that.

With that said, the free versions of both of these Etsy SEO tools are limited and upgrading to full versions does cost money… Money that you might not be swimming in as you’re just getting your Etsy shop started. So – are these keyword tools worth it? Let’s dive in.

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We can’t mention Erank and Marmalead without mentioning Etsy SEO or Search engine Optimisation as that’s what they are designed to help you with as an Etsy seller (although that’s not ALL they can do, but more on this in a minute).

So, if you’re not 100% clear on exactly what keywords or Etsy SEO are or need some help with it in your Etsy shop, I have a free Etsy SEO 101 Guide + Checklist – just so you’re sure to have a solid understanding of how the Etsy algorithm REALLY works.

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a complete guide to Understanding how etsy search (and ranking) actually works so you can make the most of it and get more views on your products.

To keep it super short, here’s what an SEO keyword research & content strategy process looks like. To optimize your listings and be found in search results on Etsy, you have to:

  • First, decide on an Etsy SEO strategy:
    • brainstorm ideas and do keyword research for potential search terms and keywords you could use
    • pick the right keywords to use from that brainstorm list.
  • Secondly, you have to actually implement these keywords (meaning, making changes to your Etsy shop’s listings).
  • Finally, you need to wait to see which SEO keywords are working or not and showing up in the stats on your Etsy shop. This is so that you can repeat the process all over again, tweaking and improving it with better or new long-tail keywords along the way, making sure that you are meticulously tracking your results.

Are you exhausted just thinking about keyword research? I sure am!

To say the least, optimizing your Etsy shop’s SEO can be quite a tedious task and most of the time you’re really just taking a bet on which Etsy keywords you think will work. Although you might hit the jackpot the first time in search results, it could also take you months to figure out what the best combination of keywords and tags is.

That’s when Etsy keyword tools like Marmalead and/or eRank come into the picture. They might not be necessary to get your handmade products in front of shoppers successfully…

… but they can make the task of keyword research a lot faster and a lot easier by giving you access to the data and insights you need to build an effective Etsy SEO strategy for your Etsy shop from the get-go.

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How Etsy keyword tools can help you show up in search results

SEO keywords can help you brainstorm tags.

  • Brainstorming activities and finding Etsy keywords and tags you might not have otherwise thought of with lists of related tags, related searches, synonyms, and other keywords analyzing tools.

Find long-tail keywords.

  • Finding Etsy keywords that people are actually searching (based on real Etsy visitors and shoppers data) and comparing their search volume and engagement. This saves you a lot of trial and error by answering the question: “Is this a good keyword to target, with a low volume of competition and high engagement? Or should I find another long-tail keyword?”.

Use keyword tools to audit your Etsy shop.

  • Auditing your listings and giving you SEO scores so you are not missing on an opportunity to optimize your listings further. Based on the Etsy guidelines, these give you a quick overview of what you have done well and what you can improve to make sure your listings show up in front of as many people as possible.

Learn about other Etsy sellers in your market.

  • Understanding your market and competition better with price range and shipping fee analysis for a specific Etsy keyword. What’s the average listing price? How many listings offer free shipping? What is the average shipping cost for that long-tail keyword?

Plan your Etsy shop marketing.

  • Allowing you to strategically time product launches and promotions. By understanding what search terms are performing best depending on the month of the year, you can time your Etsy shop product launches when they are likely to make you the most sales because people are actively looking for those keywords.

Become a better Etsy seller by using keyword tools.

  • Product development research/validation. Thanks to those Etsy keyword tools you can figure out ahead of time if a new product idea has good potential (good search volume, little competition, and good engagement) or if it might not be worth pursuing (not many people are looking for that Etsy keyword).

These are what I would consider to be the most valuable features of both Marmalead and eRank when it comes to Etsy SEO and keywords. However, they offer much more and can truly help you step up your Etsy SEO game by allowing you to build your strategy and to make decisions based on keyword research and data instead of guesses. Of course, you might want to test those two different Etsy keyword tool platforms and see which one you like most and compare their specific features.

In the end, is it worth using an Etsy keyword tool like Marmalead and/or eRank?

My honest opinion is, yes. Yes, they are.

I really do believe these keyword tools are helpful; and this isn’t one of those blog posts where I’m like: “by the way, my affiliate link is just below this video”. I do not make money if you go and purchase something fromeither keyword tool. This is my honest opinion.

Granted, there is a cost to using those Etsy keyword tools, but it can easily be covered by the sales you make directly from Etsy. It will help you make more and should be considered an investment. This Etsy SEO data will give you keyword suggestions, help you make better decisions, and maybe more importantly, it helps you make the right decision MUCH quicker.

Before I let you go, one last tip: I truly believe Marmalead and eRank are incredible Etsy keyword tools, but you shouldn’t lose your common sense when using them. I’d like to recommend you read a short blog post about the #1 Etsy SEO mistake I see Etsy sellers who use these keyword tools make – and that’s costing them a lot of traffic and sales.

I don’t want this to happen to your Etsy shop, so make sure to take a look.

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