Social media: you’re doing it wrong, and here’s why!

If you’ve been trying to grow your Instagram following, get more likes on your Facebook page or more followers on Pinterest, Twitter or any other social media platform, we need to have a talk. There is a BIG problem with the way we use social media these days. Most of us are affected by it, and it’s making us waste SO MUCH TIME on something that is not actively contributing to the growth of our businesses. We’re obsessing about the wrong thing: likes, and not money. Let’s talk about it. You can also download a FREE social media planner.

You can watch the video or read the written version below.

When is the last time you’ve asked yourself: how many followers do I have? How many new ones today? Probably less than a day ago, for some of you maybe less than that, checking it everytime you log into IG or FB.

Although there’s nothing really wrong about that, I’d like to ask you: when is the last time you’ve made a sale or added a subscriber to your email list THANKS to Facebook or Instagram? Not sure? That’s what I thought… this social media world that we live in has us tracking the wrong thing. It’s NOT about how many followers you have because it doesn’t matter if you have 100 or 100K.

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What matters is what it does FOR your handmade business.
Is it helping you get traffic to your shop? Is it helping you make sales? If you don’t know, aren’t tracking it, or don’t really care then you’re doing it wrong and you’re pretty much wasting time growing your following for no other reason than satisfying your ego. Someone with 1000 followers but with 1/10 followers signing up to their email list is MUCH BETTER OFF than someone with 5000 followers that isn’t strategically using his/her link in bio and directing them to their shop.

I know I am being a bit brutal here but… are you growing your following out of ego? Or maybe because you feel like you’re not going to be considered “successful” with a small following? Maybe you think that it “looks bad”? STOP. It doesn’t matter.

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A few weeks ago I asked the members of my free Facebook group this question: would you rather…
A – Be given 5000 Instagram followers?
B – Be given 1000 email subscribers?

To my surprise, a fair amount of people answered A – 5000 Instagram followers. The right answer is B, because the goal of your Instagram following is to turn those Instagram followers into email subscribers and it’d be hard to turn ⅕ of those 5000 IG followers to get 1000 email subscribers. In other words, you’re a step further if you’ve got 1000 subscribers than 5000 followers.

Before I let you go, I’d like to ask you this question, and let me know in the comments as honestly as possible: are you doing everything you can to turn your social media fans into subscribers and customers? Do you have a strategy for it? I’d love to know! And if you don’t it’s time to change that!

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