44 Legit Side Hustles to Make $1,000+ a Month!


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Legit side hustles to make thousands every month

Are you looking to make a few extra dollars on the side? Maybe even a few hundreds? Well look no further. I’ve compiled a list of 44 best side hustles to make an extra $1,000 or more a month!

Right now, it’s easier than ever to start a side hustle. With the internet at our fingertips, you can start making money immediately. This past year, I’ve learned so much about making money online from home and I am here to share all the ideas I have with you! 

Maybe you want to start smaller. Looking for easier ways to make an extra $100 every month? Check out my list of easy ways to make $100 each month!

This blog right here started as a side hustle! Now I’m making substantial income each month, just from this blog alone. Blogging is only one side hustle I have on my list that can bring in enough money to replace your own 9-5 income. 

Some of these ideas make more money than others. Some of these ideas you need to put in a ton of work to see good money. 

Without further ado, let’s get into my list of the 44 best sides hustles to make an extra $1,000 or more a month! 

1- Blogging

Of course I had to start with my all time favorite! Starting a blog is incredibly easy. You can read my post about how to set up your blog in under 20 minutes. However, blogging is a ton of hard work.

It is definitely not a get rich quick scheme. You have to put in hours of work in the beginning before seeing any money. The hard work can pay off in the end.

There are thousands of bloggers who are making anywhere from $1,000-$50,000+ a month just blogging alone. Blogging allows you to work from anywhere and at any time.

2- Start a YouTube channel

There are over 30 million people who use YouTube each day. Think about the potential audience you can have! I know people who make tens of thousands of dollars each month on YouTube.

People get paid on YouTube by showing advertisements on their videos. After building an audience, the opportunities of brand sponsorships can be endless! But just like blogging, it is not a walk in the park. A lot of hard work needs to be done before you see dollar signs.

If you have an idea of what you might want to create, now is the time to get started! 

3- Freelance writer

A freelance writer is someone who works for themselves. They don’t write for just one specific company, they contract out their services.

If you love writing, you can start immediately. And the best part, you really don’t need professional experience to get jobs.

My advice would be to set up an account on Fiverr.com to start getting clients. Freelance writers can make an upwards of $100,00 a year.

You are your own boss, so you get to write when you want, for who you want and best part is you set up your own pay scale.  

4- Facebook ads specialist

 There are hundreds of small businesses out there who aren’t utilizing Facebook Ads. They need someone like you to give their business the extra marketing push to bring in clients.

If you don’t know how to create Facebook ads, it can actually be pretty simple. There are hundreds of YouTube videos and blog posts about how to run ads on Facebook.

Once you have learned how to use Facebook ads, reach out to businesses who can use your services. It can be a super lucrative side hustle!

5- Pinterest virtual assistant

Pinterest is a visual search engine. If a small business is not on Pinterest, they are missing out on millions of potential clients/ sales every day!

However, Pinterest is extremely time consuming to grow an audience with. If a business is too busy to run their Pinterest account, they outsource to a virtual assistant. This is where you come in! A Pinterest virtual assistant runs multiple business accounts on Pinterest.

I’ve read about quite a few women who are totally full time as a Pinterest VA making a full time income from it alone. 

6- Proofreader

Are you a grammar snob? This side hustle is for you! A proofreader goes through writing and corrects errors such as spelling, grammar, formatting, and punctuation.

Tons of publications need a proofreader to go through their articles, books, blog posts, etc. before it gets published. You can freelance as a proofreader too so you can set your own hours, when you want to work and who you work with.

This is a side hustle is successful through using Fiverr.com 

7- Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business model where you sell products online without having any inventory in stock. With dropshipping you sell other suppliers products and they do all the behind the scenes work.

You can do dropshipping with literally any product! There are thousands of videos on YouTube that go through the exact steps to do dropshipping.

The amount of money you can make dropshipping is unlimited!

8- Print on demand

Print on demand is somewhat similar to dropshipping. This business model is similar to the fact that you don’t have to carry any inventory.

With print on demand it is mainly used for apparel/merchandise businesses. What you do is create your own ecommerce site, create your own designs and then have a POD company print and ship out your products.

My favorite example of print on demand is a t-shirt business. You can start your own t-shirt business without having any physical t-shirts.  

Ready to start your own print on demand shop? Sign up for free with Printify here! Printify is the same exact supplier I use for my own POD shops! Printify is one of the best Print on Demand suppliers out there. Their products are extremely high quality, and their customer service is fantastic! I couldn’t recommend them more! Click here to sign up today for free!

9- Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is exactly that. Someone who assists a business but from a remote location.

A virtual assistant is so broad there are so many types of services you can offer as a VA. Those services can range anywhere from administrative work, social media, ecommerce, content creation, graphic design, etc. 

10- Services on Fiverr.com

If you haven’t heard of Fiverr.com, it is an incredible platform for freelancers looking for work and also great for businesses or individuals looking to hire someone!

There are so many different services you can offer on Fiverr. It can range from graphic design, editing YouTube videos, writing, marketing, music, the list goes on and on. This is a super broad side hustle idea because this website is great to use for so many different type of side hustles.

I would suggest go onto the site and see what services that are on there that you think you could be successful with and try it out!

I have read of people that make five figures a month offering their services on Fiverr

11- Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist is someone who listens to an audio recording and types out exactly what is said. This side hustle is great for people who are fast typers. This is used often in medical and legal fields.

There are many websites that you can sign up to become a transcriptionist. They provide the audio recordings and you type them out! They vary in payment depending on things such as length. 

12- Sell a digital course

Every single blogger that I enjoy reading and inspire my blog to be like, sells a digital course. But selling digital courses is definitely not just for bloggers.

For example, if you are into graphic design, you can create your own course where you teach others how to use Photoshop. People nowadays are looking for less complex and cheaper ways to learn how to do something.

E-courses are much more convenient for the modern day person. You can make a digital course using any combination of text, audio and video. You get to choose how much you sell your course for too.

Teachable is the best platform to sell your course on. Once you have it all set up it’s time to market it out to those interested in buying! 

13- Influencer

Ever dreamed of getting paid to post on social media? Get free products to review and post about?

Well starting an influencer brand would be perfect for you! You really should have a large following on social media (top ones would be Instagram and YouTube).

However there are a ton of micro influencers making great money and receiving free products all the time!

Sign up on sites like Izea and TapInfluence to get started today.

14- Sell on Etsy

If you don’t know what Etsy is, it is a creative market for small businesses. Millions of people shop on Etsy every day.

There are hundreds of different categories of products sold on Etsy. Some are art, DIY crafts, jewelry, home decor, etc.

If you are super creative and love making things, definitely get on Etsy and start selling!

It’s amazing to see how many successful brands started on Etsy and now are making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

15- Sell an ebook

Similar to a digital course, an ebook is a great digital product to sell. T

he only real difference is pretty obvious, an ebook is a book.

So using the same example as a course, you can create an ebook on how to use Photoshop. Start marketing it out to those who are interested in learning and watch the money roll in! 

16- Online tutor

Maybe you have a background in science or math and you always wanted to share your knowledge with others, this might be perfect for you.

There will always be a need for tutors and now in today’s world, a lot of it has become virtual.

There are a ton of websites where you can easily sign up and find work. 

17- Photography

If you are passionate and knowledgeable about photography why not start making money on the side?

People are always looking for photographers for family photoshoots, pregnancy, weddings, parties, etc. And trust me, hiring a photographer is NOT cheap. You can get great money doing this on the side. 

Maybe portrait isn’t your style. You can sell your landscape shots online.

Tons of businesses use photos and it’s not free. Get paid to have companies use your photographs.

18- Walk dogs/ pet sit

Are you a dog lover? Want to always be around fluffy four legged pups?

Rover is a great site where you can sign up and start walking dogs in no time. They also look for people interested in pet sitting for people who are away for a few days. 

19- Drive for Uber/ Lyft

Driving for Uber or Lyft is a great side hustle. People are able to make a decent income from driving for these companies. 

20- Food delivery

Apps like GrubHub, DoorDash, and UberEats are always hiring drivers to deliver food. It’s a quick way to make some money on the side. It’s easy and flexible. 

21- Teach English online

If you are a teacher or have a teaching certification, you can teach English from home online.

VIPKid has implemented the changes needed for the evolving need for online teaching. These classes are prerecorded or done via Skype.

With VIPKid you are given everything you need to teach English like your lesson plans. It’s very flexible and you get to set your own schedule. 

22- Amazon FBA

FBA stands for Fulfilled by Amazon.

You can sell your own items on Amazon and the company takes care of everything like packaging and shipping. You send your products to an Amazon warehouse and it’s handled from there. 

23- Data entry

Data entry is exactly that. Entering data usually in a spreadsheet, website, etc..

This job can make anywhere from $15 to $22 an hour. Not bad for a side hustle.

It’s one of the most common remote jobs out there. It’s not a ton of fun, but if you need the extra cash then why not. 

24- AirBnB host

With AirBnB you can rent out a room, your apartment, or your house for people on a vacation, business trip or for whatever they’re in town for! 

25- Website designer

If you have a background in website design but don’t do it for a full time job, why not make some extra cash on the side. Maybe people don’t know how to design their website so they hire someone to do it for them. 

Also, if you don’t have a background in website design, there is actually a way around all the techy-coding aspects of creating websites.

There are a ton of digital courses that can walk you through how to start website designing without any coding!

I read an article about a couple who had absolutely no background and now create websites making six figure incomes each year. 

26- Flip websites and domains

Flipping websites is sort of like flipping houses.

You buy a website and domain, fix it up, build up its domain authority and sell it for higher than you bought it for. You can also buy domains and sell them for a higher price.

Elon Musk bought tesla.com for $11 million! 

27- Website tester

A website test is exactly that- someone who tests websites and/or apps and gives their feedback on it.

Websites like TryMyUI and TestingTime allow you to sign up and get paid to test out websites. 

28- Social media manager

Small businesses are always needing to market out using social media.

If you are super skilled in social media and know Instagram, YouTube, etc. inside and out then try this out!

Companies need people to totally run everything with their socials. That includes content creation, answering DMs and comments, growing audience, etc. 

29- Real estate

This is definitely a side hustle where you would have to put in a lot of work.

Most people are a real estate agent as a full time career, but you really can do it on the side as well.

If you want to dabble into real estate but not become an agent, invest in properties to rent out or sell. 

30- Surveys

Taking surveys online is well known and very popular. It is not a get rich quick nor will it make you millions.

But, if you have an extra few hours to spare why not start taking surveys to get a few extra bucks.

I use SurveyJunkie to take my surveys. 

31- Organizer

Ever heard of Marie Kondo? She is a professional organizer. Her Netflix series is huge where she goes into people’s homes and organizes everything from the kitchen cabinets to the bedroom closet.

If you love organizing you can start your own business helping people declutter and organize their stuff. 

32- Shop for Instacart, Shipt

These apps for grocery shopping or just shopping in general are becoming more and more the norm.

All you do is sign up for the app, go grocery shopping for what they want and you either deliver to their house or they come pick up their bags from the store. 

33- Sports coach

If you love and are knowledgeable in a certain sport, why not get paid to coach it!

Coaches can get paid a few thousand each season. It is definitely a lot of hard work and time consuming but if you’re passionate it will be worth it.

Or you can offer private lessons. 

34- Dance or cheer instructor

This is a great side hustle anyone with experience in these!

Usually these practices are after school so usually it will fit into a normal work day schedule.

You can instead offer private lessons and rent out a studio or a gym to teach. 

35- Sell art

If you have the creative touch you can sell your beautiful paintings or drawings online.

Open an Etsy shop and start selling. Or take your art to a local flea market.

36- Childcare

If you love babies and children then this is for you!

Start babysitting on the weekends, nannying during the week, or even start your own childcare business. 

37- Candle business

Everyone loves candles. The variety of candles you can make are endless.

When it comes to scents, labels, jars, etc. you can really make so many different types. Open up an Etsy shop and start selling!

Check out my article all about starting your own candle business here!

38- Email decluttering

If you love organizing especially digitally, making folders and subfolders this would be good for you! Companies will hire people to declutter and organize their emails. 

39- E-commerce

Start your own website easily using Shopify.com. Sell literally anything you want. Design t-shirts, mugs, drawings, paintings, really ANYTHING!

40-Sell your old clothes

If you have old clothes you don’t wear anymore you can sell them on sites like Poshmark. People make a ton of money selling on Poshmark

41- Sell vintage clothes

Sort of similar to the one above. But here you go to your local thrift store and find trendy cool pieces and sell it at a higher price on sites like Poshmark, eBay, and depop.

42- Flip vintage furniture

Go to your local thrift store and find some cool furniture pieces that need a little TLC. Whether it’s paint, reupholster or whatever fix it up and resell! 

43- Use Rakuten 

You can get FREE money just for shopping at thousands of popular stores! Some of the stores that accept Rakuten include Kohl’s, Target, eBay, Walmart, Macy’s, just to name a few.

I use Rakuten every single time I shop online! I am able to save hundreds of dollars just for shopping for the things I normally buy online. It’s stress free and literally no effort needed!

44- Play videos games on Twitch

Gamers are able to get paid by having a huge following of fans on Twitch who watch them play video games.

This post was all about the best side hustles to make over $1,000+ every month!

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