9 Best Selling Items on Etsy To Be Successful


I know exactly where you are right now. You are looking for a way to start your own business and you don’t know exactly what you want that business to be. You think you may be interested in selling on Etsy but you don’t know exactly what to sell. This post will help you find the most popular products to sell on Etsy.

When I went to choose my Etsy niche I knew it would be something with art because I loved to paint and create. Eventually I landed on creating and selling digital art. I enjoyed creating it and I enjoyed how it was mostly passive income.

A word of warning though, choosing a profitable niche does not mean automatic success. There is a lot more worked involved than just creating products and listing them. To learn how to have a successful Etsy shop check out this post here.

Things To Sell On Etsy

When choosing what things to sell on Etsy, it makes sense to keep all the products in the same niche. So if you are creating home decor products don’t throw in a couple of t-shirt designs because it will confuse your customer. You are a high quality handmade shop – not Target.

When picking out products you need to make sure that you can produce them quickly. You also need to make sure that you can actually make money on them. This means you need either wholesale pricing on your products or you can make the products cheaply enough that you won’t lose out on profit.

If you are buying wine glasses that you decorate from Walmart for $10 a 4 pack that’s $2.50 a glass. The average price of a custom wine glass on Etsy, last I checked, was about $12.50. No that’s not a $10.00 profit.

If it takes you two hours to prepare and decorate the glass you are only paying yourself $5 an hour. That is not even taking into account the paints or supplies you need, no matter how minimal the cost per glass.

Finally, you aren’t looking at how much money will go back into your business to create new products to sell. If you are breaking even on each glass you sell, you aren’t actually ever paying yourself.

Now that we have talked a little bit about how you can figure out the pricing of a product and what you need to look for, let’s go through our list of popular things to sell on Etsy.

What Sells Best On Etsy

As with anything if something sparks your interest think about how you can take that category to offer a unique set of items that no one else does. What makes for success is when someone takes a popular niche and makes it their own by offering a unique product. Copy cats will find small successes, not big ones that last.


Jewelry is always a popular category and while the market may seem “flooded” to the average person there is a good reason for it, it is always an emotional decision. A piece of jewelry is a unique purchase for a special and unique person.

If you are a jewelry maker you decide your pricing, you do not let other people decide the pricing based on similar options. Unlike with other products each piece of jewelry is unique to the maker.

The key to marketing jewelry is by having a great plan to tackle Google SEO (that buy now section always has Etsy products in it) and unique marketing on Pinterest.

If you need help fine tuning your jewelry making skills here are two classes that help you get there so you can make awe-worthy jewelry and sell lots of it.

Check out my post Pinterest for Etsy Sellers – How to sell more products.


I don’t like to limit art. If you are an artist consider expanding your Etsy shop to include all sorts of art. Paintings, photography, mixed media, printable art, art prints, and even sculptures. This is for more than just one reason. You do not want to limit your money making possibilities.

I started off with printable art on Etsy and it transitioned into selling prints as well. That transition was the defining factor in turning my shop from barely selling anything to selling successfully. Stay within a niche but don’t limit your niche by only selling just one specific type of product.

Check out my post How To Start A Side Business When You Work Full Time.


These days people are always looking for unique and beautiful invitations for everything. Kids need unique invites for birthdays. Couples need invites for weddings. Store bought invites just no longer do the job.

Create invites in many different styles for many different people. Be aware that if you touch on anything trademark, like superheros or movie references, you may need to get permission and pay some money. Start off with unique to you invites and as you start making more and more money invest in the ability to use certain trademarks.


Planners are big. People love planners. The nice thing about starting a planner business is you can create several different types from budget planners to day planners. You can bundle planners, sell individually or even sell just a few sheets.

Finally, planners are printable. This means they purchase, download, and print themselves. So once the planner is made, outside of marketing your planner, income is passive. Of course you will want to consider having loads of planners and uploading new ones often in order to keep this business fresh.

Crochet and Knitted Products

For those who practice needle arts these crafts can easily turn into a great business. My only recommendation due to the time it takes to make products, make sure you create them first and then sell them.

Custom creations are completely up to you. You can create clothing items however, make sure that you take your time of creation and costs into consideration. If you can’t be competitive and sell great products (with high quality yarn) it will be highly disappointing when you aren’t making sales because the product is too expensive.


If you are one that can whip out handmade quilts quickly consider selling quilts. Make the quilt list it up and sell it. Quilts are something that people will pay a lot of money for.

Consider creating quilts of different sizes and with different purposes. Go light, traditional, modern, and any style you can. Create unique quilts and market them like crazy on Pinterest with beautiful pictures.

Check out my post Take Product Photos That Sell Your Products For You.

Home Decor

Home decor can be big or small depending on what you do. Remember the cost to ship something may be significant the larger you go. Please keep your shipping costs in mind.

You can create and paint those beautiful wooden farmhouse signs to sell. Build and sell blanket ladders. Create and sell all sorts of unique home decor items. Think decorating mantels, coffee station decor, art, furniture. All these things can be sold on Etsy and sell pretty well too.


I know we talked a little bit about glassware in the beginning but there are some things you can consider. I know in my own search I found wholesalers who sold wine glasses for $0.50 a piece. Additionally, there is also the option to use a drop shipper on other glassware like coffee mugs.

Glassware is popular and people are always looking for fun things to give as gifts throughout the year. The secret to selling glassware lies again in Pinterest. Pinterest is an important part of the Etsy business marketing plan.


While clothing can have an expensive startup if your are doing your own screenprinting – you can start off small and use a drop shipper. If you have the means to screenprint your own shirts already this is a great business to get into.

Offer cute shirts, onesies, and more for all sorts of people at any age. Consider matching sets and make them funny. Instagram is actually a really fantastic way to market this type of Etsy business.

Top Selling Items On Etsy

Listen, when you are going into a craft business like Etsy you will need to look at the cost of the craft you want to sell. A top selling item on Etsy could have a high overhead cost and it can take a little time before you start selling products. Take a good look at your financial capabilities to invest into this business before you jump in.

There are items that do well on Etsy this doesn’t mean you will make money right away with it. If you need to start off with a most cost effective product first to get the ball rolling that’s ok. Before starting this blog my intention was to sell printables and prints until I could start selling glassware. You can start with one product and transition into others as your business grows.

Make sure to do market research, competition research, and research the cost and profits of your product. A handmade business can be a side hobby that you make pizza money at or it can be an actual business. You are the deciding factor for how far you want it to go.

Best Selling Items on Etsy

Always keep in mind the time it may take to create a product. If you have 100 orders come in for a product how long will it take you to produce and ship that product. Do you have other daily commitments, like a job or family, that will slow down your creation process. Be realistic on your time constraints.

Finally, as with any business, things will be slow to start. Keep marketing, creating new products, and eventually your business will start to grow. If you are looking to turn this into a reliable source of income you must treat it as though it already is.

Which best selling items on Etsy are you interested in selling? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on social media for more like this and make sure you pin this to your business boards on Pinterest.

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