I Hit $3,000 per Month!! – July 2018 Side Income Report


I finally crossed that $3,000 per month side hustle income mark and it feels AMAZING!


My total side hustle revenue for the month was $3,538.89!

Driving that revenue success was a strong month with blogging.

I had 50,000 users and over 70,000 page views to Millennial Boss in July.

Organic search traffic and social referral traffic were way up!

Mostly because..

  1. I started using Tailwind Tribes, and upgraded to ‘unlimited’ so I can add my content to as many tribes as possible.
  2. I started working with two amazing Virtual Assistants I found on Upwork.

And I Published 18 posts in July!

My co-host on FIRE Drill podcast and I kicked off our summer masterminds, where we invite listeners to join us in building businesses together.

We meet weekly over video chat for 6 weeks.

One of the masterminds we ran was blogging and it motivated me to finally start putting effort into growing the blog.

I’ve been so focused on the podcast for the past year (which was the right decision because I love it) but that has meant that the blog fell to the wayside.

Well this month I kicked butt and published 18 posts. I think this is my most ever!

My favorite blog posts this month were:

  1. My Brass Fireplace Makeover for $150
  2. My Grand Teton National Park Road Trip

Here was my blogging income this month: $3,161


Super strong showings from FlexOffers and Personal Capital.

I’m happy to see Personal Capital referrals come through because seeing my net worth visualized in their free mobile app was a huge motivator for me to pay off my debt and get moving on the path to financial independence.

Heck, it still is ! I love seeing that chart go up!

Display advertising was up this month because traffic was up this month. This month at 70,000 pageviews was my most ever.


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What I’ll be working on next month with blogging:

  1. Some of my old pins are taking off again. I need to check the content and make sure everything is updated. I also might re-order some of the posts to keep people on the page if they are getting bored halfway through and clicking out. (You can use Google Analytics to see how long they stayed on the page).
  2. I’ll continue working with freelancers. I worked my butt off in July and I’m exhausted. Bringing on the freelancers has been a sigh of relief for me. I can’t wait to see how Millennial Boss can grow once I have help.

Etsy revenue – so close to $400!

I want to cross the $500 mark on my Etsy shop so badly but it’s been a bit of a slow climb.

That being said, nearly $400 per month in revenue is pretty good.

I’m doing two Etsy masterminds right now (digital downloads & print on demand) and I sell bachelorette party products in my shop (think printable scavenger hunts and tank tops).

Meeting everyone and working together on our shops has been super fun.

I’m crushing it with Digital Downloads & struggling with Print on Demand

The digital download or ‘printable’ bachelorette products are KILLING IT and I’m struggling a bit with print on demand.

I know print on demand has SOO much potential though so I really need to just dedicate the time to figure it out.

I think my struggle has to do with the fact that I’m still learning Printful.

Many of us are using them to create our t-shirts & tank tops and we’re happy so far. It’s just a new learning curve.

If you have no idea what ‘print on demand’ means. It just means that instead of ordering inventory of 5oo t-shirts up front and storing them in my house. Printful integrates with Etsy and prints and ships your order. All you do is upload the design.

Want to sell on Etsy? Do these three things.

  1. Sign up for an Etsy shop with my link and get free listings
  2. Join our Printables Facebook Group (if you want to sell printables on Etsy. We won’t accept you into the group until you have your shop created) Create a Printful account if you’d rather do print on demand.
  3. Get on the mastermind email list to be notified when the next mastermind opens (or just get emailed occasional tips).

What I want to do next month with Etsy:

  1. Make more bundles. Those of us in the mastermind have noticed that bundles of printables do better. They also make more sense from a fees perspective. Kevin from Debt Free Happens is in our mastermind and shared this post that breaks down Etsy fees.
  2. Work on my print on demand products. I know I can do it if I have the time to focus. Time is hard to find though, right?!


Last but not least – We’re selling the house!

Some of you who have been following for awhile may know that I have had a saga with this house.

We didn’t know what we were doing when we were buying the house, then we didn’t know what we were doing when we tried to sell it Round 1 in 2016, then earlier this summer we spent tons of money renovating it and got an offer in 6 days but the deal fell through.


  • How to Paint Brass Door Handles for $30
  • How to Spray Paint a Brass Fireplace and add a Floating Mantle

Just this past week we put it back on the market and got two more offers at list. Yay! We’re under contract now so wish us luck.

Also, follow me on Instagram @Millennial Boss to see more renovation pictures. I was going for the Joanna Gaines farmhouse style decor and think we nailed it.

We’re in the negative this month (and I know this doesn’t include the tax benefits, principal pay down etc).

Also, one last thing! I went on *another* epic road trip from Colorado to Utah to Idaho to Washington.

Last month, I went from Washington to Idaho to Montana to Wyoming to Colorado so this has been a summer of amazing road trips.

Trip reports coming and more amazing pics and videos on my insta.

What have you been up to in the last month? Any questions on the side hustle income?

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