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If you haven’t yet signed up with Linqia, this is a fantastic network that will pay you to write & share your posts.

Already working with Liniqa? Here are my top 10 tips to ROCK your Linqia campaigns.

What kinds of brands?

Linqia is a legit company that works with big brands.

I’ve worked with them on campaigns for everything from Betty Crocker to Voya Financial & many more.

How much do they pay?

In just one month Linqia offered me more than $2,300 to work on 5 campaigns for them.

Not bad for 1 month, right!?

Once you’ve signed up with Linqia, here’s how you can use Twitter Lists to increase your offers!

How can you qualify?

Go ahead and register with Linqia if you fit their criteria:

  • Have 2,500+ social followers (If you don’t have enough, you need to follow my steps to get more Twitter followers here)
  • Focus on topics such as
    • Fashion
    • Lifestyle (Men’s or Women’s)
    • Food
    • Home & garden
    • Parenting
    • Active living
    • Weddings
    • Pets
    • Travel
    • Sports
    • Technology
    • Business
  • Audience primarily based in the U.S. & Canada (your audience needs to be there, but you don’t have to be!)
  • Feature at least 60% original, non-sponsored content
  • Post regularly: at least 2x/month
  • Have at least 2 of the following social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, YouTube

Once you’re approved, Linqia will also pay you to refer others to their network.

If you register with my link and are approved, Linqia pays a $5 referral fee PLUS 15% commission on the first campaign.

Awesome, right?

Affiliates Paying $50+

Ready to earn $50+ for just 1 sale? Find something your audience will LOVE & get paid to share it!

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