Reclaimed Wood Desks – The Bridge Between Past And Present In Your Home


Most reclaimed wood comes from old barns, warehouses, factories and other structures and is used in interior design as a means to add more character to a space or to achieve a particular look and style. There are many uses for it around a house. For example, you can have wooden floors made of reclaimed lumber or you can use this resource to make unique furniture. A reclaimed wood desk would definitely make a home office look special. It can be a DIY desk or a store-bought one. The options are indefinitely numerous and every desk is unique, just like every piece of wood is a one-of-a-kind creation of nature.

The greatest thing about reclaimed wood is the fact that each piece has history. It’s been altered by time and infused with all sorts of details. This desk, for instance, is made from a slab of pine wood and has this incredibly detailed live edge design which showcases tiny crevices carved by beetles and time.

A reclaimed wood desk can be a very charming addition to a home, whether you put it in an office or in the corner of a bedroom. In fact, if you decide to mix functions this way, you’d better make sure the desk doesn’t take away the warmth and comfort of the room and the right choice of materials and finishes can definitely help with that.

The cracks and imperfections often seen on reclaimed wood boards and furniture pieces are not defects that make it less valuable or beautiful but in fact desirable details that make that piece special. This desk is special for one more reason: it combines reclaimed wood and metal, the result being an industrial-style look that is nonetheless full of warmth and character.

Like we mentioned before, you have two options: to craft the desk yourself or get a ready-made one like this lovely piece that we found on etsy. The desk has a clean and simple design, featuring a metal frame and a solid top made from wood salvaged from old barns and other similar structures.

We also came across this beautiful desk on etsy. It has a live-edge reclaimed wood top and even though it’s a heavy-duty piece it looks very slick and stylish thanks to the elegance of the metal hairpin legs. They’re not as thin and delicate as those we’re used to seeing but that only makes them more special.

It has a reclaimed wood top but it’s not actually a desk, although it could be used as such. This versatile piece is a table high enough to be used with bar stools or as a standing desk. It’s strong and durable thanks to its steel box frame and it has plenty of character in spite of its simplicity and slightly rugged appearance.

If you like industrial-style furniture with a hint of rustic charm, check out this shelving unit featured on Etsy. It’s made of metal pipes and reclaimed wood and one of its lowest shelves is actually wider and meant to serve as a built-in desk. There one more shelf underneath and that one’s narrow and perfect for the storage of office supplies, books and other things, just like the shelves at the top.

Here’s another wood and pipe shelving unit, this time with shelves slightly further apart from each other. It looks really great, especially when combined with an old industrial-style desk chair. The design is incredibly simple and you could easily attempt to build something like this yourself.

If you like the idea of having a reclaimed wood desk or something else made of salvaged lumber, you don’t necessarily have to do it yourself. Urban Wood Goods offers a range of really great designs and options, all hand-made and one-of-a-kind. This includes dining tables, bar stools, desks and other products made of solid reclaimed wood, each infused with the weathered beauty of past decades.