30 Gorgeous Shabby Chic Home Offices and Craft Rooms


For the last few months, we have been sharing with you some of the best shabby chic interiors from across the globe ranging from fabulous living rooms and cozy bedrooms to smart kitchens and relaxing bathrooms. Today, we delve into the realm of shabby chic home offices, and even though it is a style that is still catching on in home workspaces, there is little doubt that it will top the popularity charts in 2016. And these are not just home offices for those spending endless hours in front of the laptop, as we have also included a few lovely craft rooms that will delight every DIYer out there.

Cool Paris apartment with shabby chic home office in white

For those still new to the style, shabby chic is a blend of vintage and antique finds, distressed décor elements, and basically a celebration of comfort, simplicity and maximization of available resources. The old acquire a new lease on life in shabby chic settings, even as contemporary pieces find a space right next to these classic and upcycled additions. It is a world solely defined by YOU, and every home office here reinforces this philosophy.

A Lifestyle Choice!

Adopting a shabby chic style in the home office is much more than just responding to a trend. At its heart, it is simply about creating a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and relaxing work environment where you can proudly display your latest flea market finds! That is the timelessness of shabby chic, and what defines this style today might not be the same a decade or two down the line. But the essence of it remains constant, and that is why homeowners have started to embrace it gleefully. It is a style that fits in perfectly with the necessities of a modern home office – a pleasant ambiance, creative environment and uncomplicated functionality!

Cozy home office and crafts zone with shabby chic style
Gorgeous sconce lighting and chandelier add to the shabby chic aura of this spacious home office
Off-white gives the home office a shabby chic look
Shabby chic style in the home office is easy to work with
Shabby chic is the perfect style for those who love to craft and create!
Spacious shabby chic artist’s hub!

Expressive Decorative Pieces

There are few things that are as fun as decorating a shabby chic room! The wide range of possibilities coupled with an opportunity to showcase your DIY skills makes it a perfect decorating style for many of our readers. From something as simple as empty vintage frames and vases to old wooden doors and window frames, almost anything can be worked into these home offices. If you have a distressed table or an old chair that was recently given a cool makeover, even better! Gallery walls filled with classic artwork or old black and white prints also make for lovely decorative options here.

Empty frames used to create dramatic wall art in the home office
Stylish picture wall steals the show in this home office
Vintage sign adds color to the white home office
Unassumingly elegant shabby chic home office of New York home
Vintage wooden doors bring shabby chic charm to this home workspace
Structural beam in the attic turned into a shabby display board!

Space-Savvy Solutions

Space is definitely not a constraint with shabby chic style, and since white and its various shades are the most-oft used hues here, one can create a sense of cheerful lightness with ease. As with any other small space, using a single color helps immensely, and you can take a tone-on-tone approach to painting various zones in the home office to usher in some contrast. Smart shelves, wall-mounted cabinets and sleek desks ensure that your home office is both organized and clutter-free, while the enduring appeal of shabby chic gives the tiny space a calming vibe.

Tiny shabby chic home office makes most of the available closet space
Small home office with distressed door frame
Sloped roof for the cool home office
Distressed home office table
Attic home office is all about simplicity

Color and Pattern

Adding color to the shabby chic home office is pretty easy, and you can look for options beyond paint that allow one to switch between trendy seasonal colors with ease. Pastels are the perfect fit for the shabby chic interior, but bright shades of pink, orange and at times gray can also be used moderately. Too much color can quickly turn the shabby chic workspace into one that is eclectic and might also end up creating visual clutter. Make sure that you find the right balance here, and for those looking to spice things up with some pattern, note that wallpaper, rugs and drapes provide an easy alternate.

Chevron pattern rug adds color and pattern to the home office
Custom-built desk for the small home office
Pale pink for the home office and crafts zone
Gorgeous shabby chic crafts room is all about smart organization
Vintage elements and contrasting textures create a fabulous home office
A touch of gold for the elegant home office

Mix and Match with Ease

We always encourage our readers to mix and match styles so that they can come up with a room that reflects their own unique personality. If you are one of those who wishes to move away from rigid lines of convention, then add a hint of contemporary panache or Hollywood Regency glam, or even rustic warmth to the shabby chic home office. Boho chic and eclectic are two styles that blend effortlessly with shabby chic, while midcentury is another cool option for those who own iconic pieces like the Eames Lounger or the Swan chair.

Contemporary and shabby chic styles rolled into one
Elegant home office combines traditional and shabby chic styles
Shabby chic combined with Hollywood glam
White is the color of choice in the shabby chic home office
Boho chic home office with wallpapered beauty
Eclectic home office with shabby chic overtones

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