7 Digital Products You Could Create In A Weekend


7 Digital Products You Could Create In A Weekend

by Beatrice Ekeroth

If you striving for creating a digital business, digital products seem like the right thing to do.


Digital products seem to have a lot of opportunities if you just are creative enough to come up with the idea of creating one.

So, is there more alternatives than just one?

You bet! Don’t fall into the e-course trap, we all might do that.


There are plenty of different types of digital product you can make and I promise there is more than just creating an e-Course.

Even if e-Courses might be the right thing for you, I always recommend my clients diversify the income into more than one source.

In fact, you could benefit from creating different income streams within your business.

If you add a small collection of low-priced products, your audience could experience you paid content and get to know your education style.

Best part?

To help you get going and get you excited to create some juicy stuff to your tribe, I’ve gathered 7 digital products you can create in a weekend.

Let’s check them out!

There are plenty of different types of digital product you can make and I promise there is more than just creating an e-Course.

7 Digital Prodcts You Could Create In A Weekend.

1. Mini e-Course

If you thinking about digital products a mini e-course might be the first thought that comes to your mind. It’s a wonderful way to help your students make progress on a certain topic.

Remember that you keep it simple and create a smaller course with short and helpful lessons.

Works well for; pretty much every niche.

2. Video Series

One option if you want to create a digital product is to create a video series for your students. This is a good opportunity to share smaller pieces of your subject and at the same time get visual and show your students how.

One option is to record a video where you talk to a powerpoint and show slides with valuable content.

Helpful for: To give your student a clear vision and clarity.

3. Audio Series

Another version of series is to create an audio series about your topis with additional information that could help your student see results faster.

You can simply read blog posts or any scripts your student could benefit from. If you could put your pieces together without too many edits, you could record your audio series during one day.

Helpful for: students that commute or spends time out and about or going for a daily run.

4. Planner or Spreadsheets

To help your student make progress you could create a planner or a spreadsheet, this could be more of an implementation plan.

This could guide your students step-by-step in a difficult or unclear task and will keep them motivated. Planners and spreadsheets are truly productivity boosters but can be difficult to set up. So, if you’ve created a planner or spreadsheet that’s golden for your business, consider this as a part of your income stream.

Helpful for: Planning out unclear tasks for your students.

5. Masterclass

A masterclass is usually a longer training where you share your expertise on a specific topic. Usually, a masterclass is a recording with a 1-2 h video where you share a presentation with slides or share your screen to show a certain technique.

Masterclasses aren’t difficult to set up if you create the content and have the right tools. To give access your masterclass your could host it at your webpage and send the link to your student.

Works well for: Pretty much any niche.

6. Workbook

Another digital product you can create is a downloadable workbook. You could fill the workbook with a variety of action step or homework to help your student stay on track.

If you have a certain process or strategy to teach, you could map out a workbook that walks your audience through that progress.

Helpful for: Get a clear strategy and map out decision-making and brainstorming.

7. e-Book

E-books might be the most common types of small digital products. You can create an eBook to give your students more detailed information about a certain topic.

This is a good complement for the student who prefers to read instead of watch or hear your content.

Works well for: Pretty much all niches.

See, there are many other options than just e-courses and you might consider to add some new income streams into your digital business.

This doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task either.

Also, this could be a perfect opportunity to build a low-priced product to give your audience a taste of your more expensive products later on.

Because if your audience loves your low-priced product, the chances that they’ll come back, increases.

So let me know, do you have any favorites of the products I mentioned above or do you have another idea in mind?

Let me know in the comments!


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