How to Use SendOwl to Easily Sell Your Digital Products


Let’s face it, whether you start out with the intention or not, most of us want to make some money from our blogs.  It doesn’t need to be a huge income, enough to cover those expenses and maybe have a bit left over.  But you want to see some return on the time and love you invest in it.  A popular way to make money is by creating an eBook but that means you need software to distribute it.  And if you want my recommendation, the software to try is SendOwl.

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What is SendOwl?

There’s a good chance you have already encountered SendOwl even if you didn’t realise it.  I’ve bought a lot of eBooks and a good number have been delivered through it.  Also, things like Pinterest template subscriptions and other blogger’s affiliate programs for their products may also have led you to it.

SendOwl lets you sell digital goods online.  It connects with a number of payment providers so you can collect money without needing a secure cart system on your website.  It delivers the files or other items purchased automatically to ensure customers receive their purchase without you needing to do anything.  This creates a great customer experience and is more secure than sending files via email.

What can you sell?

While SendOwl is primarily known as a digital product platform, that’s not all you can do with it.  In fact, their website lists a huge range of things you can sell including software, audio files, videos, dress patterns, codes and anything that comes in a digital file.

You can also use it for membership services, and it integrates with other membership software such as S2 Member Pro, WishList Member and MemberMouse.  You can use it for recurring fees to access products or a one-off standard fee when you release a specific product.

And that’s not all.  You can also use it to sell your services.  For me, I use it to process the payment for my Pinterest management services.  It is easy to set each service up on the platform and create a simple ‘Buy Now’ button then the person goes to SendOwl for the actual payment processing.  It is safer and easier to use plus you can give discount codes or special offers via the platform (and this is easier to do than directly with PayPal, I’ve tried!)

SendOwl pricing

Obviously, there is a charge for using this service because SendOwl is a business and needs to make money.  But there is a variety of different plans to help you find the one that works for you.

The basic plan is $9 a month and lets you add 10 products or services and up to 1GB storage.  There are limits to what you can customise but if you want to sell just a product or two and keep it simple, it is ideal.

The next tier is $15 a month, and this is the one I currently have.  You can have up to 30 products or services, 3GB storage, customisation and most importantly, run an affiliate program through it.  there is a $24 a month program for 100 products and 1 subscription service with various upsells and car abandonment features while the top level is $39 a month for 250 products and 3 subscriptions plus a boat-load of features.

When looking at SendOwl pricing, think about how many products you need to sell at what price point.  So for me, I have an eBook that sells at $27 so if I sell one of them a month, I’ve covered the cost of SendOwl and have some profit.

SendOwl integrations

One of the most important things for any software for me is how it integrates with other software.  You don’t want to be doing tons of manual stuff like adding people who buy from you (and agree to it) to an email list so you can send them emails. 

The first big category of integrations is with payment providers.  No point in selling something if you can’t get paid!  SendOwl integrations include all the big payment processes such as PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay and Shopify as well as several more.  Yes, you will have to pay any fee from these providers but that’s sadly just part of life.  SendOwl doesn’t hold your money either – when someone buys it, the money goes straight to the payment processor.

Another big area of integrations is with email marketing software.  For me, that’s ConvertKit and there are lots of others that it integrates with including Constant Contact, ActiveCampaign, Drip and MailerLite.  You can select which form and tags are added to someone to effortlessly have them opt-in to your email marketing.

Another handy area is via Zapier.  That clever tool lets you collect SendOwl with some 1500 apps and automate your workflow, so you don’t need to do things yourself.  Integrations include with Gmail, Google Sheets, Teachable and many more.

SendOwl affiliate program

Getting help with selling your product is always a good idea and that’s where the SendOwl affiliate program comes in.  Once you are on the $15 a month or upwards tier, you can easily set up an affiliate program that lets people help you sell your stuff.

You can manually add people or provide a link for them to sign up.  The program shows clicks and earnings for each person, allows you to create custom codes for affiliates to use and most importantly, automatically pays them.  You set up the terms of the program when you start such as payment once a month and the software does the rest for you.

Why I use SendOwl

Knowing what it does is one thing, but what makes it my choice to sell my products and services?  Because there are other options out there.

Simple to use

First up, the software is easy to use.  You don’t need much time to set it up and start selling, you can amend things as you go and there are plenty of help documents to support you.  This saves time and provides good customer service for your customer.

You can limit the number of downloads to stop mass distribution

One of the problems with selling a digital product is that people can downloads loads of copies and mass distribute it.  But with SendOwl, you can limit the number of times someone downloads the item.  I set it at three.  If someone goes a little nuts and downloads it all three times but still can’t find it, you can easily reset this for them.

Good analytics and a weekly report

The program has plenty of information inside it for analytics including sales, started and abandoned carts and more.  You also get a weekly email telling you what’s happening, even if there are no sales so you get a prompt to check things.

Bundles and discount codes are simple

This was one of the deciding factors for me.  I used PayPal buttons for my services originally and while they are great, adding discount codes are a nightmare.  However, with SendOwl, it is easy to create codes and give them to customers to use during the cart process.  It gives you more control with less work!

Very reliable

Finally, the software is extremely reliable and has almost no downtime.  Some services such as Teachable have a little reputation for not always being up when customers visit.  But there are no problems like that with SendOwl, so you won’t lose a sale or irritate a potential customer.

A great solution

For me, SendOwl is a great solution to the issue of selling digital products and services.  It is easy to use, offers good features and a sensible range of payment plans and is reliable and trustworthy.

Plus did I mention you can make money by referring people to them?  Give people your affiliate link like this one and you can get paid if they start using the service too!

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