The Top 15 Best Selling Items on Etsy To Sell To Make Serious Cash


Sell One of These Top 15 Selling Items On Etsy to Make Money Online

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This year, work from home is the new trend. Creating an Etsy shop is the perfect idea for looking for the best way to make a couple of bucks from home. Etsy can be a game-changer for those looking to make some extra cash in this modern digitalized era.

I have seen the competition between e-commerce sites getting higher each year. And I’ll be honest, the tough competition made me doubt whether it’s possible to make good money online by selling Etsy items. However, today we will discuss the best-selling items on Etsy that sell like hotcakes!

What is Etsy?

If you aren’t familiar with Etsy. Etsy is a popular e-commerce site that allows people to sell a range of items. It mainly focuses on vintage items made by hand and craft supplies. That includes accessories, home decor, bags, furniture, jewelry, clothing, and many more.

In December 2018, there were more than 60 million products available on Etsy. The sellers on Etsy are figuratively 2 million, while buyers are 39 million. Almost all Etsy business ideas promote handmade items. Among 1.6 million stores on this e-commerce site, some stores make more than 500 sales per day.

The top selling products on etsy

Is Selling On Etsy Worth The Effort?

The short answer to that question is yes! I recently opened my Etsy Store, The Rich Girl Designs, because Etsy is the perfect e-commerce site. It’s great for unique, handmade, vintage, and customized items. If your Etsy business ideas include original handmade items, you can earn a good profit. In my article 100 Best Etsy Shop Name Ideas, I share some profitable shop owners’ success stories. However, I will share more reasons to demonstrate why I think selling on Etsy is definitely worth it.

The fee is low, and you can start your business easily:

From my experience, you don’t need technical knowledge to set up your store on Etsy. All you have to do is get yourself registered and fill some necessary forms. Thus, starting a business is quite easy as there are no complicated formalities. 

Etsy does charge fees on each sale and for listing every item. It charges $0.20 for listing every item. The cost Etsy deducts from each of your sales is 3.5%. This makes it very profitable for you because the fee is low compared to what other sites charge.

It helps you can get discovered:

You can also list your products on Etsy if you are already selling handmade items on your website. That way, there is a high chance that your potential customers reach out to you on your website. You would not have put any effort into traffic building or do extra marketing. 

The community on Etsy is supportive:

Etsy has created a community that supports each other. There is a website forum on which sellers can engage in discussions and resolve queries. Members of the Etsy community try to promote businesses. I’ve seen those sharing videos that contain important information about one’s business. 

How Can You Sell Items On Etsy Successfully?

Besides selling and looking for the best items to sell on Etsy. When using this e-commerce platform, there are a few factors that can affect your success. Firstly, you need to make sure your items are priced at a reasonable rate.

If you are selling items that are too expensive, customers will be less likely to buy them. It is also important that you know which items are in demand. The higher the market for a product, the more potential customers you will have.

Another aspect that affects your success on Etsy is good reviews. Make sure that you engage with customers in a friendly and kind manner. Your products should be high-quality, so there are fewer complaints.

When customers have good experiences with you, they leave great reviews for your business. To get inspiration, you can look at other sellers, product descriptions, and photographs. 

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It is also imperative to be responsive. Customers like to buy things from sellers who accommodate them and are responsive. You should answer the queries of your potential customers patiently and give them feedback.

Try to suggest your best-selling items on Etsy to your clients and kindly interact with them. If you keep these tips in mind, you are likely to have a successful business on Etsy.

The Top Selling Items on Etsy

Are you also thinking about Etsy’s business ideas? You are not alone if you are indecisive about choosing one idea from many handmade craft ideas. Follow my guide to help you decide!

Handmade Jewelry

The top-selling craft idea on Etsy is selling handmade jewelry. From the research I conducted, stores that are making the most money on Etsy are selling jewelry.

Handmade jewelry includes accessories, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Customized jewelry is popular because it makes your jewelry more personal.

Handmade jewelry is one of the best-selling Etsy items in the United States because it depicts innovation. Customized jewelry is a more meaningful gift than the one that comes in a box at the store. This is because it symbolizes your efforts and emotions to make the gift more personal.

Supplies for making jewelry

If you don’t have a lot of time to make the jewelry yourself, you can sell jewelry supplies. Many people are getting creative these days and are unleashing their crafting skills. Every crafty person is trying to make their own customized jewelry.

They will obviously need supplies to make handmade jewelry, and you can be their seller. I have seen many people making a lot of money out of this Etsy business idea. A

Party Decorations

Celebrating lavish birthdays and anniversaries has become a trend. Thus, people willingly spend more money on elegant party decorations. These decorations include cake toppers, invitations, banners, and other unique accessories.

Selling party decorations for minimalistic weddings is also a profitable business. Top sellers on Etsy are selling decorations for weddings. In fact, one of the most popular searches on the site includes wedding decorations.

Printables and Digital Artwork Are Top Selling Etsy Items

If you do not want to get into the hassle of shipping, supplying digital items is perfect. Printables are anything that you can print. That includes customized notebooks, digital planners, stickers, and stationery products.

This category is my favorite. I started offering printables here on TheRichGirlBlog and then decided to sell them on Etsy. Planner printables are one of the best-selling Etsy items. It is a simple and hassle-free business that doesn’t require delivery through U.S. mail.

It is more profitable because you do not have to spend any money on the shipping cost. Besides, you may spend an hour or two on the printable design, but you can sell it over a thousand times if you like! If you do not know how to create and sell printables, some courses can teach you.

Watch below how this seller has mad 86,000 dollars selling digital prints on Etsy!

Vinyl Socks and customized mugs

Socks and customized mugs are a favorite of everyone. These are basic essential items that people buy more. I could say that for the fact that almost everyone has gotten a cute mug or even socks as a gift. I can say this because I have received a lot of these gifts. People buy it for personal use and also to gift it to someone else. It’s quite a practical gift.

Easy Things to Sell on Etsy


This is also one of the best Etsy business ideas because of its profitability. All kids love to play with toys. Wooden toys are especially famous for babies. Items like playdoh and slime also sell very well. You can be creative with the shapes and sizes to attract kids. 

Clothing for kids

If you are interested in selling knitted clothes for kids, you’re making the right decision. It is one of the easiest items to make and has become very popular. People buy knitted clothing because it is comfortable and has a soft texture. It is another best-selling Etsy item.


This category is another popular one on Etsy. Accessories include scarves, coin purses, leather goods, and wallets. People are also selling headbands and hair clips for babies. I think this category is extremely profitable as it is more in demand these days.

Supplies for pets

Pet owners treat their pets like their own babies. I am aware of this because I treat my cat just like a family member. Pet owners love to buy cute and random things for their pets. Items like leashes, toys, name tags, and collars are selling quite well on Etsy. If you want to make big money, then selling pet supplies is the best option.

Vintage products

Most people feel special with any vintage item. Vintage products have a different vibe altogether. It would be a great idea to sell vintage shoes, clothing, accessories, jewelry, and buttons. Vintage clothing is highly fashionable and is becoming more and more popular over the years. Vintage products are nostalgic, and people feel more connected to history and culture when wearing vintage outfits.


Recently, DIY products are trending. Everyone is trying to make items at home. The best sellers on Etsy are selling a variety of wallpapers and fabrics. If you want to make some decent money, sell yarn, fabric, sequins, twine, beads, and stencils. If you plan on selling creative supplies, this can end up becoming one of the best-selling Etsy items.

Handmade Candles Is a High Selling Item on Etsy

Candles are not only easy to make but can also customize them. You can get creative by adding fresh scents to the candles. I would recommend that you even make holders for your candles.

You can buy an attractive mug and fill it with a nicely scented candle. People love buying candles as decoration. This category is also going to sell well if you provide high-quality candles to customers.

Anything Customized

People love to buy customized items. You can put initials on the blanket of a baby. You can also sell customized key chains with a wedding date. People also love to buy personalized frames to hang on the wall.

Even if you sell a mug or a pillow with names or letters, that will sell well. Simple leather key chains are easy to craft, and people will buy them more if you add an option to get them customized. Customized items make perfect gifts as they are thoughtful. There are sites such as Printful that allow Etsy sellers to upload their designs onto products. From there, Printful handles the shipping for you.

Baby Bibs

Baby Bibs are an excellent and profitable item to sell on Etsy. You can be innovative with them and offer various styles. If you offer baby bibs with various options in colors, sizes, and shapes, they sell really well.

You just need to search online for a bib tutorial, and you can quickly learn this handmade craft. Baby Bibs are essential for babies, and most mothers tend to buy them.

Soaps is one of the Best Selling Handmade Items on Etsy

People are going crazy after soaps right now as they are trendy. You need to find a killer recipe for handmade soap and start making variations to it. This category is profitable as it is very affordable to make soaps at home.

The ingredients used are not very expensive. People are also considering giving handmade soaps as gifts because they are unique.

You can offer customers different scents and colors of the soap to attract them. The cute shapes of soaps also attract customers. You can sell soap holders in different sizes along with your handmade soap.

If you sell both items in the right package, most people will opt to buy these things from you. Learn below how to make your very own soaps at home!

Final Thoughts For the Best Selling Items on Etsy

I have seen many people growing their business through Etsy, and today they are making good profits. You need to choose one of the best-selling Etsy items so that you have more customers lined up. Top sellers typically sell multiple top-selling items in their Etsy shops.

If you want to be like them, quickly create your account on Etsy and start thinking about these homemade items to sell on Etsy. Even if you are a beginner, you can start selling on Etsy. All you need is a smart and innovative idea that appeals to customers. Check out more of Etsy’s best-selling items.

Don’t forget to let us know below if you have your own Etsy shop, and what are you thinking about selling!

Best Selling Items on Etsy