Decorative Push Pins Made from Hot Glue


I am kicking off Craft Lightning by showing you how to make decorative push pins from hot glue. Say what?? Yes, you can make things out of hot glue! In fact, I wrote a book to show you how to make 50 projects just like this one. Want to learn more about the book? Be sure to read on to find out where to get your own copy and see even more great hot glue crafts from our partners for Craft Lightning this week!

Supplies needed to make decorative push pins:

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Place a non-stick hot glue mat down on your work surface. A silicone baking mat will work as well but be sure not to use it for food after using it for crafting. Then add your green hot glue sticks to your glue gun and squeeze until green starts to come out. Freehand cactus shapes right onto your mat as shown below. Don’t want to freehand them? Print some images from your computer and lay it under the mat as a guide.

Allow the glue to cool completely then you can peel your cacti up from the mat. Use some white craft paint to add some polka dots to complete the look. I use the wrong end of my paintbrush whenever I am painting dots. Just dip the end in the paint and apply to the hot glue cactus.

Then just use a bit more hot glue to attach each cactus to the thumbtack. Allow everything to dry completely. You now have a collection of decorative push pins for your cork board.

You can use this same technique to make decorative push pins in any shape that you desire. Imagine seasonal push pins or just ones to match your mood.

Will you be making some cactus push pins for your home?

Hot Glue Hacks and Crafts

Do you love how easy this project is? Perhaps you want even more project ideas with hot glue? Well, I have the book for you! I partnered with Carolina Moore to write a book all about hot glue to bring you projects just like this one. We are using hot glue in ways that you never thought possible. Hot glue shoes? Oh yes! And so much more!

So are you ready to dive in and use your glue gun like never before?

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