The 10 Best Greige Paint Colors For 2021


Tried and true greige paint colors that you need to know about for 2021!

What is Greige?

Simply put, gray + beige = greige. If you love gray paint colors but find them tricky (those dark blue/purple/green undertones!) then greige is probably the perfect choice for you.

Where to Use Greige Paint

Because greige paint colors are gray colors with a beige/brown undertone, they work well in both cool and warmly lit spaces. They warm up cold, northern light and complement already warm spaces really well (I’m talking Southern exposure but also spaces with lots of wood tones).

Revere Pewter – Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter has been an insanely popular greige paint color for many years now. Personally, I’ve always found it a little dark and muddy, especially in low-lights rooms, but it’s one of those colors that actually looks much better on the whole wall that when you just paint a swatch.

BM Revere Pewter Master Bedroom via Claire Jefford

Classic Gray – Benjamin Moore

Technically speaking, Classic Gray is more a warm gray than a true greige…but that’s semantics, right? It’s a beautiful color that will both brighten and warm up any space.

BM Classic Gray Living Room via Studio McGee

Edgecomb Gray – Benjamin Moore

Dare I say the perfect greige? Edgecomb Gray is light enough to feel airy, but still has enough saturation to make trim pop.

Edgecomb Gray Foyer Walls via Young House Love

Agreeable Gray – Sherwin Williams

In my opinion, Agreeable Gray is one of the cleanest greige paint colors with virtually no unwanted undertones.   This is why the color tends to coordinate with almost everything.

It’s a lighter greige – light enough so it doesn’t take over the room yet still has enough contrast against white trim. A really great choice for a light and airy/beachy/fresh feel.

SW Agreeable Gray Built-ins via The House of Silver Lining

Balboa Mist – Benjamin Moore

BM Balboa Mist via Home Bunch

Anew Gray – Sherwin Williams

Repose Gray – Sherwin Williams

Compared to anew grey above, you can definitely see that Repose Gray is in fact a gray and not technically a greige. But, it is a warm gray and a really beautiful one at that. I’ve used it throughout my home and simply adore it. Here in my kitchen it looks decidedly more gray but in darker spots, the warm tones really come out so that it never looks cold.

SW Repose Gray Kitchen with BM Decorator’s White Wainscoting

Silver Drop – Behr

I’ve never personally used this color but I’ve seen it in countless home and it always looks fabulous. Similarly to Repose Gray, it’s not really a greige but instead a very light warm gray. It contrasts beautifully with bright white trim and looks very bright and fresh.

Behr Silver Drop via Studio McGee

Mineral – Behr

Behr Mineral can lean the teeniest bit pink but don’t let it scare you. It’s a beautifully soft greige that looks wonderful in a well lit room.

Behr Mineral via Live Love DIY

Collonade Gray – Sherwin Williams

A wonderfully warm and versatile gray. I used Collonade Gray on our patio bulkhead this past summer and instantly fell in love. It’s a wonderful color for a dark room, too and really pops against white trim.

SW Collonade Gray Kitchen via Maison De Pax

How to Pick The Perfect Greige For YOUR Home

First decide whether you want a light and bright color or a more saturated shade. Research the color online and narrow down your picks to three or four choices. Paint swatches on large foam board so that you can move it around your room and see how the color changes as the day goes on. You’re looking for any weird undertones that might become apparent in the room. Luckily, with a greige paint color this should be very minimal as the dominant undertone should be beige/brown.

What Colors Go With Greige?

Greige paint pairs wonderfully with crisp white trim to add contrast. The beauty of greige paint, however, is that it really works with everything. Whether you have a lot of warm wood furnishings or lighter colors, you’ll find the perfect shade of greige for you.

What if I Don’t Have a Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore near me?

Don’t forget that most stores can mix the colors you like from other brands. I often do this at Sherwin Williams since the Benjamin Moore store is a longer drive for me. Home Depot and Lowe’s will also do this for you. They can look it up in their computer and mix the color for you! I also included two Behr paint colors above that are really beautiful choices. Behr is available at The Home Depot.

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