The BEST colors for SELLING your home in 2020!


Each year all the paint companies announce their “The Color of the Year”. This marketing promotion is a chance to get brand recognition and to hopefully get people thinking about redecorating and painting their walls! Benjamin Moore’s color and design expert Andrea Magno says “We spend months researching and traveling around the world, attending design shows, and picking up cues and influences from different industries, including fashion, art, and even politics.

While trendy colors are fine for decorating, they are a poor choice for staging.
So WHAT are the best paint colors to sell your home?

When you are choosing colors for living in your home, you may want to go with a trendy, unusual, or dark color depending on the room and your taste. However, for staging a home for sale, you want a color that is dark enough to have some contrast with the white ceiling or woodwork, but is still light enough to make the wall appear to recede, so the home looks as large as possible. Remember the buyer is interested in how big the home is…not how good the unique wall color looks with your furniture.

…but greige, a warmer more welcoming color, continues to be versatile enough to be used in most homes.

Cool gray is out as a neutral paint color for homes as home owners move towards warmer colors

Neutral colors work like magic…they make your home look spacious, and up-to-date (two things that buyers are ALWAYS looking for), and because neutral colors are calming and non-offensive they can easily go with any design theme or furniture the buyers might have.

Neutral colors are not distracting and allows potential buyers really ‘SEE’ the features of the home and most importantly…to imagine themselves living in the home.

And even if you think neutral colors are boring and bland; they are the colors add value to your home by making your home look inviting and up-to-date to the demographics of the potential buyer.

Home Staging Colors of the Year

2020 paint colors are continuing to move into the warmer colors and my Home Staging Colors of the Year have been chosen to answer the question…What are the best paint colors to sell your home?

Painting your home a current on-trend neutral is a relatively easy way to increase the value of your home …but only if you paint the right color.

Not sure WHAT color will add value and attract buyers? My Occupied Staging Consultation always include paint selections to help you find the perfect color for your home for sale!

Call me now and find out how you can sell for more money by having a home that will appeal to the buyers that will be looking at your home!

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