Mason Jar Tissue Holders


These mason jar tissue holders make fabulous gifts for neighbors and teachers. If you want to knock out a lot of jars, you will definitely want to use a paint sprayer!!


There’s a video showing all the steps at the end of this post.

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Using the Super Finish Max for this project was the easiest way to get it done! Want to see more great projects?

Now, I’ll share my secret for painting 2 dozen jars with four different colors in record time!

How to Paint Mason Jars with a Paint Sprayer

The Super Finish Max comes with three tips. This green ( tips is what comes on the sprayer, and it’s the one I chose to use for this mason jar project.

I recommend dialing back the flow control until you see how much paint is going to flow. Every container of paint is different. As always I used my mesh paint strainers for each of the paints.

Prep Mason Jars Before Painting

Please don’t skip this step. You will definitely need to clean your mason jars before painting.

So many mason jars, in FOUR colors! I only cleaned the sprayer once, at the very end! How did I do this? I started with the white paint, then moved to the light blue, dark gray, and finally the navy blue.
I actually ended up adding too much gray paint, and removed some of it by storing it in a water bottle before pouring in the navy blue paint.

Isn’t this the best way? I didn’t have to clean the sprayer nor, empty the cup in between colors. This is the pickup tube when I completed the entire painting process. Do you see that I had way too much gray paint?

Here’s a short video showing how I painted the jars on a cold and blustery day!

Materials for Making Mason Jar Tissue Holders

I bought Anchor Hocking Quart Mason Jars. Why did I choose Anchor Hocking instead of Ball Jars? Because these have NO impressions or writing on them. In addition to the jars, you’ll need alcohol, paint, Super Finish Max, tissues and vinyl stickers of some sort. I used canvas to replace the lids for easy dispensing. You could use cardstock, fabric and more.


I began by tracing and cutting circles out of canvas material. Originally, I used the lid to trace the circle. But after assembling some of the mason jar tissue holders, I realized that tracing the outer ring worked a little better.

How to Wax Painted Mason Jars

Over the years, I’ve learned that if you dampen a sponge, the wax applies a little easier.


Does Wax Change The Color of Chalk Paint?

Yes, the wax darkens the color, and gives a little bit of sheen to the paint. Without a sealant, the very flat paint would easily chip off the glass. I buffed each painted/waxed jar with a soft cloth.


Here are the blue, gray and navy jars with and without wax. I had a little issue with the white jars. The paint didn’t want to adhere very well, so I only had a few of them.

Can I use Mod Podge over Chalk Paint?

Yes, you can use Mod Podge over Chalk Paint! Using a cheap chip brush, I applied Mod Podge to a few of the jars. Overall, I prefer the waxed jars for sure!

Applying Vinyl to Mason Jar Tissue Holders

I made some vinyl wording with my Silhouette Portrait.


The vinyl adheres well even on the waxed mason jar tissue holders!

Mason Jar Tissue Holder Tops

After folding the circle in fourths, I cut it in two directions to make sure the tissues “pop out” easily. Not shown, I added hot glue around the edge of the canvas, placed it on the lid, then set it into the ring. Using the lid to press it into the ring, helped save my fingers.


Which Tissues Should I Use for Mason Jars?

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That’s a great question! I ended up trying FOUR different kinds of tissues for the mason jars. Not shown is an off brand that I could NOT get to dispense at all. In the end, the Perfect Fit Kleenex is definitely the easiest type of tissue to use. You probably know I’m pretty frugal, and those are the most expensive option, so I found a work around. Some people use the square box tissues and fold them. Others use the regular rectangular box of tissues and fold them as well.

After using the Perfect Fit Kleenex, I figured out a way to use part of a rectangular box of tissues to mimic the way the tall container of tissues work. I removed about an inch of tissues and folded them lengthwise with the “pop up” tissue on the inner part of the fold. Sliding the tissues into the quart mason jar is easy.They are a little tall, so I had to stuff them down slightly. In my opinion this is by far the best option when making these mason jar tissue holders.


Be sure to hop over to the Homeright DIY site to see how quick and easy it was to paint nearly 2 dozen quart mason jars.


You can embellish the mason jar tissue holders with charms, twine and more.




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