6 Must-Know Tips for Running a Successful Print on Demand Business


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What is Print on Demand exactly? AWESOME! Lol, it really is, but let’s get into the specifics. Print on Demand is when you create a design, pattern, graphic, etc. and upload it to your print-on-demand platform. You choose an item to place your design on (such as a shirt, socks, bag) and the manufacturer makes and ships your item when someone orders from your shop. I love my print on demand business because it is an amazing form of passive income. With print on demand, you don’t have to store inventory and wait for it to sell and you don’t have to handle shipping or packaging.

If you’re new to print on demand and you know you want to get off on the right foot for a successful business, I have an entire course where I share the best print on demand providers, platforms to sell on, money-making niches, and step by step tutorials for creating and uploading designs. I’ll link it here so you can go check it out if you’re interested.

More of a visual learner? Check out my YouTube video here for the same tips!

Now that we know what print on demand is and I know you’re ready to get started with your business ASAP, let’s go over some must-know tips to help you run and have a successful print on demand business. These are all of the tips and tricks I use that have helped me to create daily sales in my Etsy shop and continue to grow my business monthly

  • Research the print on demand providers. You’ll want to review some providers because each one has variation in prices for certain items, customization tools, and shipping customization as well. My two favorites are Printful and Printify, but there is a whole slew of others you can create on as well.
  • Find your product. Think about finding a unique item that people are in need of or would want to purchase. There is a never-ending list of print on demand products from bath mats, computer cases, clocks, bags, socks, and a ton more. Pick one that excites you and that you love creating for!
  • Create unique designs. How will you come up with your designs? Will you create them yourself? Purchase a bundle from a supplier? Hire someone to create them for you? You do not have to be a graphic designer to make print on demand items! You can find inspiration everywhere and stick to simple designs and patterns if you so please! I share in my course my favorite places to find fonts, clipart, patterns, and pieces to use in my designs!
  • Choose your audience. Who will you be creating these products for? Moms? Pet lovers? Teachers? Engineers? Teenagers? Choosing a group to market to will help niche down your shop and actually lead to more sales over time versus trying to sell to anyone and everyone.
  • Pick a good platform to sell on. Etsy is great for a new store as it provides a lot of traffic from people already on their trusted page. Shopify may be a good route to go if you already have any sort of following as the profit margin is much higher.
  • Create, create, create. The key to print-on-demand success if creating as many options as possible. The more items you have, the more chances you have of making a sale.

Starting a print on demand business does require some upfront work of building your shop and creating a library of new designs, but over time it builds and compounds into something amazing. It’s the perfect source of passive income and a great option for someone looking to work from home.

These are all tips and tricks I have applied to my print on demand store and seen success with.

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