189 ~ Running A Successful Digital Downloads Etsy Shop w/Jade of Paper Sphinx


My guest this week is Jade and she’s the creative proprietress running a successful digital downloads Etsy shop ~ Paper Sphinx.

It’s not often that you think “passive income model” when you think of selling on Etsy, especially when you know it as the “home of all things handmade” (I just made that one up myself right now) 🙂

Your first thought is probably of someone working with their hands to create something physical and tangible and then lovingly packaging and shipping their creations once they are sold.

But did you know that you can run a very successful Etsy shop that can be a good source of passive income?

Well, that’s exactly what Jade is doing!

This shop isn’t Jade’s first foray into selling on Etsy and she’s yet another example of how one can start off on Etsy, change course, regroup, and then come back onto the platform, using the lessons learned the first time around and be successful!

Never give up… Jade didn’t, and in our conversation here are some of the topics you’ll hear us talk about:

  • Jade’s background and training and how she parlays her education and work experience into her creative business
  • Her first experience on Etsy… Lessons learned and how she applied her previous and new knowledge to her new shop
  • The ins and outs of selling digital products on Etsy and running an exclusively digital Etsy shop
  • Pros and cons of selling physical products vs. digital products
  • Different types of digital products that can be sold on Etsy… Good news, you don’t have to be an Adobe Suite expert to run a digital goods shop on Etsy!
  • Etsy Promoted Listings and strategies Jade has used and been successful with

I absolutely loved talking with Jade and her experience and the information she so graciously shared has encouraged me to give my defunct digital downloads Etsy shop another whirl… Thank you Jade! 🙂

Resources Mentioned

  • Creative Market – marketplace for buying (and selling) digital graphic design products for creative projects
  • Etsy Promoted Listings – Etsy’s internal advertising platform
  • Handmadeology articleEtsy Promoted Listings: How I Turned $600 Into $3000” by Mike Adams – a deep dive explanation for optimizing Etsy Promoted Listings; Jade found this article very helpful and a key piece in her success with using Etsy’s Promoted Listings. I think I’m going to try re-doing my own promoted listings for my craft supplies store using the tips in this article… I’ll let you know on the podcast how it goes 🙂
  • Marmalead – Etsy search optimization tool
  • GoDaddy Bookkeeping – accounting and bookkeeping software for tracking expenses and sales in your Etsy shop

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