Episode 011: Why Etsy Still Matters + How to Change Your Approach to it


Benefits of Etsy

Okay, let’s get this straight. Etsy is a tool. This episode is all about Etsy: the best tool available to handmade shop owners. Yes, still. Let’s discuss how you can use Etsy to grow your business.

In this episode:

  • I explain why Etsy is the number one most powerful tool currently available to handmade sellers.
  • You’ll learn what Etsy offers that no one else does.
  • I will discuss how you can approach Etsy with a fresh perspective.
  • How to use Etsy to your benefit and to find new customers.

Etsy Training Course

Learn the exact steps to a more visible, profitable and enjoyable Etsy experience with the course that has taught hundreds of sellers to make thousands of dollars. It will work for you, too! Join us inside of the Etsy training course!


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