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If you are trying to learn how to make money online with print on demand you came to the right place we will show on how you can start a print on demand for free with free traffic methods rather than buying ads it can cost a lot just for one person. Here at linxtro we are here to help on how to do print on demand as many people want to start selling t-shirts or sweatshirts. In this article, we will teach you to apply to these sites to start an Instagram or Pinterest account.

Best sites to promote your T Shirt design

As of now, we were searching around on the best sites to promote your t shirt design and stumble across lots of them but we realize some sites aren’t getting a lot of traffic until we found 4 of the best places to sell a t-shirt with your design. These four are Redbubble, Merch by Amazon, Teespring and Teechip each one of them are free to promote your design on their platform, but with Merch, by amazon, you must apply in order to get in and once you get accept with merch by amazon it is completely free and market your t-shirt design for you. With the other three, it is completely free all you need is PayPal and your Gmail. Here is a tip from us Upload your design in all the four platforms. The reason why is for you the owner of the design you allow to do that.

A great thing is you can market all of them but our suggestion will be to leave Merch by amazon and Redbubble alone as they will market for you but will Teespring you must show them that you can make at least one sale and Linxtro will guide you on how to market Teespring for free and also market the other 3 if you are serious on actually starting this is no joke as of now Social media a great platform to promote your Tshirt design.

Instagram- Is a huge app that hundreds of people are liking picture or shop

Facebook- Most known as one of the biggest social media platforms as people are buying products, making huge Facebook groups.

Pinterest- allows users to share images associated with projects, goods, and services, and to visually discover new interests by browsing images others have posted.

All of them are free and you can use them right now and promote your t shirt design. The safe way only promotes the social media that you know the most in case you never use social media before then maybe check out Instagram or Pinterest. While you picked the social media platform it’s time to decorate your page as amazing as possible but don’t stress out too much in case if you’re sure how to make it professional there are many images in this artcile to get you an idea

Right after that, you’re wondering okay what should I post to make it look alive and not die well. The key is just to be active in the Instagram account. For posting on your page don’t be posting every Shirt you made be a little different as post your shirt then post a picture around your niches and then quote with the background of your niches. Here is a demo on how it would look like.

When you are making money online with print on demand it can be easy but you must post Great design or outsource your design on Fiverr or on Upwork. Overall anything can be done right with print on demand. Anyone can make money online with print on demand just need your creativity and time on doing it. As of now hope you are taking action as this can be made with passive income as you don’t need to work on this forever you can have two jobs. One you are making 2x more than your work you can focus on your Print on demand store. If you’re low on cash to outsource a design counite more to discover how you can make a design for free.

Don’t know how to make a design

Photo by Aaron Weiss on Unsplash

If you don’t know how to make a design you are in luck now you can use your phone or laptop. These apps are paid versions but with free versions, you will be completely fine as they give you some features to use, don’t worry they are commercial use. Meaning you can use their fonts without getting in trouble.

Typorama: This app does have a Pro version but the free version will be just fine but a downslide will have a watermark but you can remove the watermark with their software. With the free version, it does allow you to have fantasy text messages for your Tshirt design. Works only on Apple 

Over: is similar to typorama. It also has a pro version but what makes it unique from typorama is that every day Over sends free design to their store and you can download it and create something with it. Works on iPhone for now

Canva: is one you’re allowed to use to make t-shirt design as there is a paid version but with the free version, you should be set as it has everything you need as images and text fonts. If you are using the free version I suggest when you are done with your design head over to LunaPic as it is a free place where you can make your background transparent. Works with Laptop, iPhone, and Android. 

Word swag: is an app for android but Note that some of the fonts for texts are Not commercial use it almost like a risk in using the app but if you can use your laptop or desktop use canvas. If you are still going to use word swag it’s similar to Typorama and Over as they give multiple texts font. Work on an iPhone, Android.

Best way to get traffic with print on demand

 If you are trying to pay people to promote your t-shirt one way can be by Facebook ads or with an influencer or Instagram page with a lot of followers. What works best is the Instagram pages that have active followers. In case if your not sure if the page is active check out the number of follower they have next check out if they have a lot of likes and if the video has a lot of likes as well then it safe to say that you can send them a message and if the replied you ask if you can market your t-shirt design on their page for 24 hours and pay them it usually goes for 60 to 200 dollars. As it can be successful or be a bad investment there is sometimes that people won’t buy at all and that money is wasted. As we will show you how to do free traffic as that is very important if you don’t have the budget for ads

 It is risky but can be with a lot of results but here we will show you the best way where you can promote for free and get traffic from. As we will use the power of Social Media. Such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook are some of the best places to promote for free. As it can take a while to grow your social media page but the results are a huge Win as it can be very passive as people will come to buy and may click and buy the T-shirt. 

Depending on what route you will take with what social media you will go with it doesn’t really matter as long as you know how to use it. Each one of them has strengths and weaknesses but in case if you start out best to pick Instagram or Pinterest as Facebook algorithm is a little mess up at the moment but if your good with the Facebook page stays there. As we cannot show you how to print on demand with Facebook as linxtro doesn’t have a piece of great knowledge when it comes to Facebook pages.

Print on demand with Instagram

Did you know you can use Instagram to start print on demand as it may be hard but using these steps you can start print on demand with Instagram very successfully? First, you start by making an Instagram account for your t-shirt design. As now hopefully, you upload your design to any of the other sites now chose one of the four to get and promote your link. Linxtro recommends picking teespring as with teespring they don’t market your t-shirt design until you make 2-10 sales. 

Time to sell your shirt with Instagram, your goal is to get people from your niche. As this is a great tip, don’t post pictures only about your shirts, instead, add pictures and videos or quotes then add pictures. If you are not sure then here is a great example of how you want to consider doing an Instagram page. 

Seeing the Page notice they upload pictures of the beach or have a picture of a quote and a video. Be dynamic as possible uploading only t-shirts will look odd as now try to upload pictures and video around the niche your prompting. As always do hashtag to get traffic to your page related to your niche. Here is a tip when doing hashtag for a huge number and medium range. Here is an example of how to mix your hashtag.

Print on demand with Pinterest

Pinterest can be a great way to promote your t shirt if your starting print on demand with Pinterest you came to the right spot as did you know a lot of people promote products not just t shirt. The point is its very similar to Instagram traffic but gets different as Pinterest has these things called boards and it’s a category where you can post a shirt in one section and another like quotes or something. 

Here is a tip you can make two categories about one about quotes or something related to your niche, then the other category post your t-shirt design only with keywords as Pinterest is sort of an SEO which is search engine optimization.

In case you are not sure how to do a Pinterest t-shirt start-up here are some perfect examples on how to get an idea and get you started on your own t-shirt company.

Hopefully, you learn a lot more on how to start print on demand for free as you can start your own store and sell shirts. In case if you need help make sure to leave your question at the bottom or Dm on instagram and we might respond. We highly recommend starting selling shirts soon as there are more people about to start.

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