How to Design a Workbook in Canva + Video Tutorial


In this article you’ll learn how to make a workbook in Canva. We will discuss workbook design and you’ll be able to see exactly how I use the features inside of Canva to design a workbook! Workbooks are great to create for any blog, they can be lead magnets or even digital products. Let’s start creating!

Ever wonder how so many people are able to create these awesome looking workbooks in Canva?

Or how they make them at all?!

Well, product creation is one of the things I literally cannot get enough of. It’s my jam and I’m totally fine with that because I get to show you exactly how you can do it too!

The very first workbook I did was for a client with a very large audience. She created a very long, 60+ page workbook and she totally rocked the launch.

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I was nervous. I had just started dusting off my graphic design skills, all I had to work with was Canva and it probably took us over a month to design it between the design, the edits, the testing of usability, even more edits, etc.

But my jaw almost hit the floor when I read her income reports shortly after because I found out that she was able to generate 6 figures from this workbook in the 3 months after the launch. WOW! She seriously rocked it.

Why make a workbook in Canva?

Product Creation is where it’s at!!

Workbooks, ebooks, courses, you name it. Product creation is the best way to monetize your blog and make a recurring income from it.

Here are some key points:

  • Make sure you have a pretty solid audience and survey them to find out what they want and need (bonus: you have people ready to buy it once you get it created)
  • Determine what method works best for them: writing it out (workbook), watching it (vide0) etc.
  • Don’t just launch it and let it go, turn it into a tripwire or add it to an automated sequence of emails so that after your launch is over, it still works to make you money with your blog.

By the way, I have a pre-product creation checklist that will list out all the things you should do before launching a digital product! You can grab for free in my Product Creators QuickStart Kit!

So today I wanted to do a tutorial about creating a product (specifically, workbook). The thing is, I know this is kind of a “giving too much away for free” type of video but I don’t really care. I started this site to help you learn and that’s what I’m going to do.

Here are the nuts and bolts of it: (make sure to watch the video at the end to see how it’s done!)

Start with the cover design

  • Keep it simple! White space is your friend. A busy cover is just going to overwhelm the reader and make them pass.
  • They say, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but people do it literally all the time.
  • Keep it professional and clean. A minimalist style is best even if you have a colorful, busy brand like mine.
  • Stick with your brand colors and fonts for consistency.

When designing a workbook or other digital product, it’s important to choose the style that you want to carry through the workbook

In the video, I choose a simple border and a few of my brand design elements (like banners) to carry through my workbook. Keep the look consistent for a more organized feel.

Most of the time when designing a workbook, I start by outlining all my sections and what is going in those sections. This is helpful when it’s time to plan the layout of each page. You can do this in something like Google Docs or whatever program you use for your content creation.

Use the same type of layout and style throughout the book and decide whether it will be appropriate to add page numbers.

For example, planners may not need page numbers because people may need to print multiple copies of one page. Workbooks may need page numbers because the order is important and the person can follow it easier if they print it themselves and the pages get out of order.

Tip: Don’t worry about adding page numbers in Canva, you can do it instantly using – so much faster!!

By the way, if you need extra help with Canva check out my free Canva 2.0 Quick Start course!

Start creating your workbook layout design

After you add your border, header, and any subtitles you might have it’s time to start laying it out.

Like I said, I generally try to map this out on a large piece of paper prior to putting it on the screen. Be sure to use a pencil for this step because you may need to erase and adjust as you go. It’s much easier to work out how things are positioned on paper first rather than on the screen.

I’m a big picture type of person.

You can use shapes to create writing space for people to ask questions. You can also use things like bullet points or checkboxes to help organize the space that your potential customers will be filling out.

Watch the video!

AS ALWAYS.. showing is easier than explaining, so please watch the video below. Resources discussed in the video will be linked beneath it and make sure to join our Facebook group!

Resources discussed in the video:


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