5 Indoor Product Photography Staging Ideas


Great product photography is possibly the most important component of your business if you sell online. Yet, it’s one of the trickiest skills to nail! What works for one person may not work for you, especially if you’re shooting indoors because lighting is everything. Without equipment, you want indirect, natural lighting which means that it comes down to where your windows are located and how much sunlight comes through them. However, there are tools (like light boxes) that you can use to get indoor pictures.

1. DIY Folding Photography Stage

This ingenious setup was built for a tight living space, but the great part about it is the size. Due to being 4 feet deep, you can move the product forward, get a close shot, and have the background slightly blurred. A smaller stage or light box prevents you from obtaining any depth in the picture, which is why people usually use them to take photos with white or solid backgrounds.

2. Transforming Light Box

This ingenious setup was built for photographing small items and the great part about it is the interchangeable backgrounds. You can easily take pictures that match your branding style. But the great features don’t stop there. It also has an attachment that holds your phone for the pictures.

The box comes with standard background colors, but the textured backgrounds (like stone and tile) are sold separately.

Price: $184

3. Paper Backdrop

Sometimes simple is better and a large piece of paper may just do the trick for you, especially if you’re wanting the infinity look (no visible background). If that’s the case, you can use a chair, table, or a wall and tape the paper in place to form a background with no creases. Remember that you want a lot of indirect light, so placing it next to a large window is ideal. You can also use a photography lighting set to help add extra light.

Source: pixc.com

4. DIY Cardboard Light Box

We love anything DIY and this simple light box looks pretty easy to make. Just remember that lighting is still important. Getting this close to indirect, natural light will still make a difference and so will a high-quality daylight bulb.

Price range: DIY

5. DIY Moving Wall

Are you photographing people or large objects? If you have a lot of space, you may be able to construct a wall that you can move around and use for all of your photos. Of course, you don’t even have to build it this big! Just make sure you’re able to move it near natural lighting once it’s constructed.

Price range: DIY