20 Ways to Reuse Fabric Scraps


There is nothing worse than having left over fabric after your project is complete. This list of 20 ways to reuse fabric scraps will help you use every bit of fabric you purchase!

Sunlitspaces.com is all about creating projects and decor you're sure to love. If you're left with loads of small fabric scraps after some of your projects, don't let them go to waste! Try out these creative ideas for repurposing fabric pieces.

Ways To Reuse Fabric Scraps

1. It doesn’t take much of a scrap to make this handy little coffee {or hot cocoa} cozy. This one is actually put together from several coordinating scraps. Love the button detail!

2. Put together some colorful scraps and turn them into this adorable flower pillow. Love!

3. Isn’t this about the cutest rag rug you’ve ever seen? See the tutorial here.

4. These plush alphabet letters are SO much cuter than the alphabet magnets you can buy.

5. I know I’d love fabric scrap potholders in my kitchen.

6. Wouldn’t these DIY fabric scrap magnets be adorable on a magnet board or even your refrigerator?

7. Here’s a really unique and cute idea: turn those fabric scraps into key chains! What a great homemade gift idea, too.

8. Reusable pocket warmers. The little hands in your family will thank you every winter!

9. Make some easy fabric scrap bows. They look great as headbands and bow ties.

10. Your favorite book lover will love a fabric bookmark.

Ways To Reuse Fabric Scraps

11. Turn some cute scraps into DIY Headbands. Sweet Teal shows you how.

12. Who thought of making fabric scrap bandaids? Easily cover a plain bandaid with cute fabric, using just 3 glue dots.

13. How about some cute potholders that protect your fingers but leave the rest of your hands free?

14. Turn your cute scraps into an even cuter belt. Little girls will love this idea!

Ways To Reuse Fabric Scraps

15. Make a quick and easy sunglass case and stow it in the car to protect your sunglasses when you’re not wearing them.

16. You can’t go wrong with a cute DIY banner. This one was made for a girl’s nursery.

17. Take a plain muslin or canvas tote, and make it your own by adding fabric scraps cut in hexagon shapes.

18. Another pillow project brought to you by DIY Joy.

19. This is probably the cutest wallet that money cannot buy! Tutorial from Modest Maven.

20. Finally, turn plain bobby pins into a cute accessory by adding a fabric scrap button to the top.

Want more ideas on what to do with your fabric scraps? Check out my post on 8 easy-peasy DIY fabric scrap wreaths!

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