53 BEST DIY Vertical Garden Ideas


These 53 vertical garden designs are epic space-savers and gorgeous, too…

Have you heard of Patrick Blanc? If not, I’m betting you know about his brainchild. The vertical garden. Patrick is a French botanist who is the inventor of green walls.

The first of which he constructed and erected at the Paris Museum of Science and Industry in 1988. Blanc holds several patents for his vertical garden design.

And since that first green wall went up in Paris, the whole world has been catching on to the concept of vertical planters and gardens.

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Here’s a little peek at some of the insanely awesome vertical garden goodness we’ve got for you to see here today…

Here’s what we’ll cover today in this vertical garden article:

What is a vertical garden?

So just what is a vertical planter or a vertical garden? That term is used to describe the flowers, herbs, plants of various types to include succulents, as well as vegetables planted on a vertical surface rather than a traditional horizontal planting technique. The term vertical gardening can also describe cultivating plants that grow naturally in a vertical direction, such as vines.

What is the difference between a Green Wall, a Living Wall, and a Vertical Garden?

The term green wall and living wall are used interchangeably. The terms refer to a self-contained type of vertical garden consisting of plants, flowers, etc. installed on a vertical surface.

Living walls or green walls often seen in commercial spaces have their own internal irrigation systems, making them low maintenance to maintenance-free.

Green (Living) Wall at Leamouth North, Bow Creek, London, UK – Gordon Joly

They are also usually “hydroponic” meaning, no soil. Being hydroponic makes these systems much cleaner to operate…no dirt falling off the wall onto the floor.

By Daderot – Own work, CC0

Hydroponic systems with irrigation systems are commonly used for interior spaces.

BHG Stylemaker event 2016

The typical homeowner interested in this unique type of gardening is looking to DIY a vertical garden, which usually does require soil, as well as watering.

BHG Stylemaker 2017; 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

What’s so great about vertical gardening?

The vertical garden movement has picked up steam very quickly within the past several years, and with good reason! Many people are apartment and condo dwellers who have very little to no outdoor space. Vertical gardening allows people living in tight quarters to enjoy gardens in and outside of their homes.

Vertical planters take up significantly less space than traditional gardens and don’t require a parcel of land.

People vertical garden on balconies, along fences, interior walls and more. If you have a vertical surface of any kind, there’s likely a way to create a garden for it.

53 DIY Vertical Gardens, Perfect for Spring:

So now that you’re as jazzed about buying or building your own vertical garden at home, let’s give you lots of ideas for different options for your new “grown-up” garden! These are all DIY options.

If you’d rather buy than DIY, no worries! Skip to the bottom for great sources where you can find pre-built/pre-made vertical planters available for purchase!

1. Cable & Metal Pail Vertical Garden | Heathered Nest

We built this relatively easy vertical garden with airplane wire and hanging pots as a way to create a kitchen garden, and also provide a bit of a privacy screen to help hide our AC units (which are now further covered thanks to this easy lattice AC screening project).

While you’re at the DIY gardening projects, try these easy garden markers, too! Have your kiddos write the names of the plants onto some inexpensive wooden spoons, and the rest of the how-to is in this DIY plant labels post.

2. Monogram Planter | Ellery Designs for Remodelaholic

Talk about a gorgeous outdoor statement piece! Make a monogram vertical planter for your entrance way, or outdoor living area with this tutorial by Ellery Designs at Remodelaholic.

3. Tin Can Fence Vertical Planters | Ciera Design

Inexpensive vertical gardening at its finest! Grab some old tin cans and check out Ciera Design’s tutorial for how to make a vertical garden attached to your fencepost.

4. DIY Vertical Garden with Conduit Pipe | Homestead.com

Conduit piping…who would have thunk it? Cool vertical planter design and tutorial over at homestead.com.

5. Modern Vertical Garden from cedar | Man Made DIY

A cool, linear modern vibe happening here with this vertical garden design by Man Made DIY.

6. DIY Ladder Style Garden | Ana White

Ana White shows you how to build this ladder-style vertical garden. The post also included free building plans.

7. Cedar Box Vertical Garden | Ana White

Here’s another great Ana White idea, this one made to attach to a pre-existing vertical surface like a fence.

8. Wire Netting Free-Standing Vertical Garden| Homemade Lovely

You could create this as a free-standing element, or add it to an existing gazebo or porch.

9. Vertical Planting Boxes | Dremel.com

Great idea for a small space. This concept could be modified for a larger or smaller area, as well.

10. Terra Cotta Pot Garden on a Fence | Nice Decors

A really easy, inexpensive and colorful approach to a vertical garden.

11. Rolling Planting Pyramid | Remove and Replace

This is one of the more complicated builds on this list. It’s a space saver, though, and another great feature is that it rolls.

12. Mason Jar Fence Planter | Rebecca’s Bird Garden Blog

Love this really attractive concept using old, reclaimed wood posts, and chalk-written plant labels.

13. Repurposed Shutter | The Succulence

I love repurposed old shutters (have you seen the one we use for displaying our Christmas cards?). And this concept is not only genius but so pretty as well!

14. Easy DIY Vertical Garden | Growing Your Greens

John provides a great tutorial to watch on creating a DIY vertical garden and shares some wonderful reasons at the very beginning to consider trying your hand at vertical gardening. Several styles of vertical gardens are discussed. Some of which attach directly to a vertical surface, and others that don’t need direct attachment, but rather hang so as not to harm the vertical surface in any way (great for renters).

The small business discussed in this video manufactures vertical gardening kits for purchase, but you could construct something similar completely DIY. The owner originally created these vertical planters as a way to help his aging parent continue to garden without having to crouch down to ground level to do so. It’s a long video, but has a lot of helpful information for you!

15. Stacked Wood Planter Box Wall | Little Green Dot

There isn’t a tutorial for this project, but I loved the design so much I wanted to include it for you especially handy DIY’ers who could probably figure out a building plan based on the pics in her post, so head there to see more.

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16. Using Soda Bottles and Ikea CD Racks | Dream N’ Grow It

Many people won’t even remember what a CD rack is at this point, but if you happen to have any stashed anywhere, or see some at the thrift store, here’s a great upcycle project to try.

17. Ikea Bjuron Hack Vertical Garden | Ikea Hackers

Ikea lovers take note! Take these Ikea planters and stack them to DIY a vertical planter. These particular planters are no longer sold at Ikea (though you can still find them online elsewhere). But nowadays, if you don’t care to DIY, Ikea does sell a ladder based pre-made vertical garden called the Satsuma that you can check out, as well.

18. Leaning Tower of Parsley | Ginger Snap Crafts

Another ladder-type variety that leans. Build as narrow or wide as you like based on available space.

19. Ordning Vertical Garden | Ikea Hackers

We’ve written a whole post on Ikea Ordning hacks, and this another one to add to the list. Because of the holes in this container on the sides, you’d have to keep the plant inside another pot, and add drainage at the bottom.

20. Complete Guide to Vertical Gardening on A Budget | Roots and Refuge Farm

Guys, this video is GREAT. Jess from Roots and Refuge Farm walks you through her enormous garden and will tell you all about the ins and outs of vertical gardening.

21. Using a shoe pocket organizer | Instructables

A very popular way to create a vertical garden is using over the door shoe organizers like shown in this Instructables tutorial.

22. Keg Vertical Planter | Instructables

Vertical garden planters made from old kegs! What’s not to love?

23. Vertical Hydroponic Garden from Rain Gutters | Instructables

This tutorial will show you how to transform traditional gutters into vertical gardening systems.

24. Cedar Wall Planter | Rogue Engineer

Jamison shares the building plans for this trough style wall planter made from cedar.

25. Chicken Wire Fence Planter | Stow and Tell U

A cool looking cornucopia-esque planter attached to a fence.

26. Stair Stringer Vertical Planter | Helpful Homemade

Such a smart use of a pre-cut stair stringer!

27. Hanging Gutter Vertical Planter | Her Toolbelt

Another build using gutter, but this time hung horizontally and stacked instead of vertically as previously shown.

Vertical garden made with three tiers of rain gutter hung stacked and horizontally with s-hooks from the free-standing wood frame.

28. Framed Chicken Wire Mason Jar Garden | Kleinworth & Co.

A simple and decorative planting option made with chicken wire and mason jars.

29. French Garden Tuteur | Garden.org

Try building this popular type of structure for creeping-type plants like cucumbers and tomatoes.

30. Large DIY Trellis frame with hanging pots | BHG

A simple DIY trellis coupled with colorful hanging pots makes for a great kitchen garden.

31. Upcycled File Folder Holder | Inspired by Charm

Here’s a brilliant upcycle for something that starts out as a not super duper fun item. I like Michael’s use much better than the original purpose, don’t you? And what a great way to spruce up those typically blank walls around the garage!

32. Upcycled Wire Spice Rack | Laughing Crow & Co.

Sure, they call it a spice rack, but Laughing Crow & Co. have a better idea!

33. Balcony Garden | Love my DIY Home

Isn’t it impressive how many plants were fit into this small balcony area thanks to this smart vertical garden project?

34. Ammo Container Vertical Garden | The Horticult

Quite possibly some of the best looking DIY vertical gardens on this list are the ones below from Ryan at The Horticult. He shows you how to create planters from old ammo containers. So good.

35. Clay Pot Vertical Garden | The Horticult

And here is another one of Ryan’s brainy vertical builds, this time with terra cotta pots. Check out the tutorial for this lovely green wall system on The Horticult blog.

36. Paint Can Garden | Simple Stylings

Isn’t this coastal style paint can upcycle concept adorable? She uses hers for herbs, but you could plant flowers or other plants in lieu of herbs.

37. Industrial Wall Planter Ikea Hack | Grillo Designs

Medina makes a lovely, industrial chic from Ikea goods for Remodelaholic.

38. Lattice Privacy Screen | Pretty Handy Girl

Brittany uses this DIY primarily for privacy screening and opts for cut flowers on hers, but real plants could easily be swapped in.

39. Lattice Planting Frame | Decor and the Dog

This post from Michelle is part of a multi-post series that covers how to build and plant a vertical garden frame like this one.

40. Shower Caddy Vertical Planter | Dazzle While Frazzled

Do you have an old or unused shower caddy? See how Victoria used one to create a vertical succulent garden.

41. Easy Vertical Herb Garden | Two Purple Couches

Another easy option for hanging various potted plants, veggies, and flowers.

42. Free-Standing Vertical Garden Planters | The Craft Patch Blog

A great option for a narrow space. And the colorful pots make this pretty to look at, too!

43. Hanging DIY Succulent Frame | Jaime Costiglio

Jaime created a beautifully framed planting wreath to create an indoor vertical garden with succulents, but this could also be a planter for flowers or veggies that could be mounted outside.

44. Free-Standing Wood “Crate” DIY Vertical Wall Planter | Jaime Costiglio

Jaime shares the build plans for this option, and it can be altered to be larger or smaller.

45. Upcycled Crib Turns Vertical Planter | Behind The Big Green Door

Check out Alaya’s DIY at her crib. Made with…a crib!

46. Planked Vertical Garden | Homemade By Carmona

Ursula creates a vertical garden right outside her front door that’s not only functional but welcoming too!

47. Pallet Garden | Jenron Designs

Like the idea of reusing a pallet, but don’t want to necessarily plant your veggies, etc inside the actual pallet wood? Give this option from Jenron Designs a look!

48. DIY planter boxes on a fence with french cleat | Thrift Diving

Another lovely fence post version of DIY vertical planters, this one created by Serena. Her attachment method is a great one which makes the boxes easy to remove and replant whenever desired.

49. Upcycled Wood Bowls To Vertical Container Garden | Reality Daydream

Leave it to Bethany to come up with a completely novel and gorgeous approach to a DIY project. This green wall is unlike any other on this list. And the final project is not only functional but very attractive and super unique.

50. A Vertical Pallet Garden on Wheels! | DIY Showoff

Are you a fan of pallet projects? Then you’ll want to see how Roeshel creates a gorgeous rolling garden from a pallet.

51. Hanging Succulent Pot Planter | Brooklyn Limestone

No wall to lean a planter on? No problem. Stefanie will show you how to build a vertical garden that hangs, and makes it beautiful to look at, too!

52. Repurposed Stair Railing | Just Call Me Homegirl

Do you have an old staircase you’re dying to renovate? Check out how  Tara makes use of her old railing to create a great place to plant creeping veggies like cucumbers, tomatoes and more.

53. Upcycled Soda Bottle Wall Planters | The Dirt

Last but not least, isn’t this a brilliant upcycle? Repurpose, recycle and reuse soda bottles to create a gorgeous and green vertical wall garden. Inexpensive and great for the environment. Win-win.

DIY not your thing, but a vertical garden IS your thing? No sweat. I’ve gathered a bunch of awesome vertical garden kits that you can buy! Simply click on any of the options below to learn more about the planters and shop!

Pin these vertical garden ideas for later! And if you make one, leave a comment (or better yet, a photo) on the pin! That helps others know whether they want to try this project, too!

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