10+ Fabulous Floral Embroidery Designs


10+ Fabulous Floral Embroidery Designs

Embroidery is my newest passion! Floral embroidery is especially beautiful in my opinion. I just love the way the thread looks when it is layered to create the flowers. I have put together a fun collection of some of the prettiest floral embroidery designs. Click the title or the image to be taken to the pattern. If you are new to embroidery you should definitely check out these embroidery classes.

10+ Fabulous Floral Embroidery Designs

How do you do Embroidery by Hand?

Hand embroidery is such a beautiful art. It has made a huge comeback in the past few years and I am over the moon excited by all the beautiful patterns! The flamingo pattern below has a great how to from The Kitschy Stitcher. She gives us so many great tips for hand embroidery. Click the link below but here are a few of the must know tips.

  • Stretch your fabric tight in the hoop. It should be tight enough that it makes a sound when you flick it, almost like a drum.
  • Put the fabric in backwards and use a window or light box to trace the pattern. Then flip it around and tighten it when you are ready to embroider.
  • To tie a knot wrap the floss around your finger several times and then slip it off the edge of your finger.
  • The typical embroidery floss is made up of 6 strands. Most stitches use just 3 strands of the embroidery floss.
  • Use watercolor pencils to add even more color to your embroidery.
  • Check out these must have supplies for embroidery beginners.

Flamingle Pattern

The Kitschy Stitcher gives us some great techniques for floral embroidery in this post. I just love all of the beautiful flowers that go along with the flamingo. Plus you can also get some great tips for stitching the script to make it much more noticeable (as seen in the picture below.)

Love Blooms Pattern

The use of negative space in this pattern is so pretty! This technique is so popular right now and I just love it. Plus we could all use a little more love in our lives right? When you are looking at this pattern don’t miss the adorable embroidery scissors in her Etsy shop, a stork and a unicorn…so freaking cute!

Floral Leaf Heart

This is another technique that I am totally loving right now. Using small images to create the shape of a larger image, so fun! The foliage and tiny blooms are so pretty and I love the muted color palette. This seems like it would come together pretty quickly which makes it a nice weekend project.

Floral Embroidery Pattern

I am all about the bright colors in this hoop. The pattern looks fairly simple and I am loving the message. If you are new to embroidery or have trouble reading the pattern you should make sure and find the videos to go along with this pattern on Youtube (you can find the info in her Etsy shop and with your pattern.)

Modern Floral Pattern

Stop it! I love absolutely everything about this pattern. Starting with the blue fabric it was embroidered on. It has a geometric feel and the variegated colors of yarn are so stinking pretty. Maybe if I ask nicely she will just send me this because I couldn’t do it any better and I NEED it!

I’m Amazing Embroidery Pattern

It is true, I am amazing! We should all be telling ourselves this more often! You are amazing too. I love the uplifting message of this pattern. You could use the frame for any saying though which is the beauty of the pattern.

Be Kind

Just wow! This pattern is fantastic. There are so many little details that make it amazing. The bird is fantastic and the tropical flowers and foliage make the pattern really pop. Plus 2018 is the year of kindness, for me anyway, so I love the negative space message.

Blossom Pattern

These little flowers are stunning. The soft pinks are beautiful and the dual tone flowers are fabulously done. This would be a great addition to any hoop gallery wall, especially one filled with floral hoops!

Home Sweet Home Floral Design

These flowers are seriously stunning. How clever are the fringed flowers? I need this pattern just to learn these techniques! So many wonderful little bits in this beautiful hoop.


Floral Banner

This banner pattern is great because you can customize it with any wording that you choose. These flowers are bright and colorful and beautiful. This makes me wish for spring and all the beautiful flowers.

Posy Pattern

This is such a sweet little pattern. The face is so simple but it really adds a touch of whimsy. This would be the perfect addition to a sweet little nursery or a little girl’s room.

Floral Burst

This floral burst pattern is a great all over flower pattern. There is a randomness to it that makes it perfect for adding to the bottom of a skirt or a tote. This is such a beautiful pattern.

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What is your favorite floral embroidery design? Share with me in the comments below.

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