2019 “Something Different” Fall Home Tour

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2019 Fall Something Different Home Tour

Thanks so much for joining in on this “Something Different” Late Fall Home Tour. If you are here today it is likely because you like design that is unique, beautiful, and thought provoking. While each of the home tours so far have been extremely different from each other, they have all be “something different”…In the very best way possible.

When you wrap up here, don’t forget to click the links at the bottom to see all of the other homes.

Busy, Busy!

It is so hard to believe that we have only lived in this house for 15 months. Sure, 540 days SOUNDS like a long time, but 11 rooms in a year and a half has been bonkers!…No wonder I could use a nap. :). With that thought…let’s start the tour in the master bedroom. Hey, that’s something different, right? I live for the unconventional ?.

Note: Most of the products featured in the Fall Home Tour were originally sponsored. I appreciate the support of the sponsors, and together we are teaming up to bring you unique design ideas. Opinions are always 100% my own.

Master Bedroom

After finishing our BIG ONE ROOM CHALLENGE REVEAL so many of you have kindly mentioned that I deserved some sleep now. While I do feel less stressed, sleep has still been evasive as I continue to tie up all of he loose ends. But HEY! What is ALMOST as good as quality zzzzzz’s? A pretty bedroom of course.

Oh man! I was so pumped to walk into the bedroom two days ago and catch the softest sunset light. This moody vibe somehow feels fitting for a Fall Home Tour, does it not?

Need a complete list of sources to our master bedroom? CLICK HERE


Let’s head down the stairs and start the rest of the tour at the begining, shall we? Welcome to our entryway. That definetely sounds more conventional.

Need a complete list of sources to our Entryway? CLICK HERE

Half Bathroom

This bathroom is hands down the most stylish space per square inch in our home!

We completed this space this summer as part of the Bathroom Primp and Pamper blog hop.

The combination of elements gives me all the feels!

Click HERE for the complete list of sources


Welcome to our kitchen, our most recently completed room.

By most recently, I mean REALLY recently…as in Saturday. LOL.

That’s right! This space, completed for the Fall 2019 One Room Challenge, was a total “HOT MESS’ 10 days ago. I’m still in disbelief by the transformation.

Honestley, there are still things in this space that we are working on, but I am happy to live in a construction free zone for a few days.

I can tell already, there will be many family memories made here over the years

Need complete kitchen sources? CLICK HERE!

Eat-in Area

Our eat-in was also part of the big One Room Challenge Makeover.

We ate our first meal there last night and it felt so nice!

With a room this maximalist, a simple tablescape does the trick.

Need links to any of the products featured? CLICK HERE!

Living Room

Speaking of freshly minted rooms, this living room was the third and final part of the One Room Challenge Reveal.

I was surprised to hear how many people became “emotional” when they saw the reveal of the living room. I imagine this response was generated because these kind souls knew how invested I was in the space, how much I needed to accomplish, and how little time I had to finish it all. The fact that we actually pulled it off still blows my mind.

Last night we turned on the fireplace and enjoyed this space. Truly, I too am almost emotional about it all as well.

I honestly can not wait to set up the Christmas tree in here! I am predicting a little magic in the future.

Need living room links? CLICK HERE!

Sitting Room

On the other side of the house we have our sitting room.

This space was completed as part of the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge.

I am still a big fan of the leopard chairs.

You may be noticing repeating themes throught my home. Burl is definetely a theme worth repeating. Well, burl, black and white stripes, animal print, a mix of old and new, and lot’s and lot’s of color and moulding… There you go! My recipe for design happiness.

Need sources to the living room? CLICK HERE!

Dining Room

This is our dining room, arguably the most maximalist space in our home.

Photo Cred: Amy Greene (IG @ContactAmyGreenePhotography)

Over the top wallaper is the perfect conversation starter for dinner guests.

Photo Cred: Amy Greene (IG @ContactAmyGreenePhotography)

Now that our first floor is ALMOST complete, I plan to be hosting a lot more dinner parties here in the near future.

Photo Cred: Amy Greene (IG @ContactAmyGreenePhotography)

Living and dining room | More images and COMPLETE LIST OF SOURCES

Teen Bedroom

You may remember that the VERY first room make over in the home was promised to my oldest daughter last summer. She was inspired by the teen bedroom designed by Jennifer from Dimples and Tangles, so we had to come up with a play on her daughter’s room, but in a customized way.

The DIY headboard was completed in one weekend, and it adds so much personality to the space.

One of my favorite parts of this space is how I DIY’ed the stripes on the walls AND the desk.

Do you want a complete list of sources and pictures with a cute Dalmatian print duvet and palm sheets? CLICK HERE for the full reveal.

Bunk Bed Room

Ever seen an upholstered bunk bed?

Wondering how in the world I got the bunk bed to look like that? I’ve got you covered my friends (no pun included)! I have a complete upholstered bunk bed tutorial. I think there is one step in there that would really surprise you.

Also, HERE is the complete source list for this space!

Guest Bed

Technically this pic is taken in the living room. The bed actually lives in our basement, but the lighting is much better here.

Need a complete list of guest bed sources? CLICK HERE!

Sun Room

This summer we finally got around to putting our sunroom together.

Need a complete list of guest bed sources? CLICK HERE!

What’s Next?

Next on the list? Holiday decor! I have to say…As a maximalist, I put together a MEAAANNNN Chrismtas tree. Click here to follow me on Instagram.

Now, if you are anything like me, you are anxious to click the other participants’ tours. I bet that they are going to be soooo good. Let’s go check them out, shall we?

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