11 Ways To Promote Your Etsy Shop


Ready To Increase Etsy Sales?

Are you brainstorming ways to increase sales on Etsy? Below are eleven Etsy tips and tricks to promote your Etsy shop right now. I’ve included tips that have brought me success in my shop and what some of the most successful Etsy sellers do. All of these tips will give you an instant boost of traffic!

Include A Thank You Note and Coupon Code In Your Shipment

In each package, send a business card that features your logo on one side and on the reverse side a handwritten thank you note. Handwritten notes go a long way because customers appreciate the personalization and attention to detail. The business card can also feature a special coupon code or upcoming sale to get customers excited about coming back to your shop. Use the business card to build repeat customers and promote your shop.

Build Your Brand

Your brand logo will be how customers will find you across social media platforms and outside of Etsy. IF you need a brand refresh, think about the themes that are most important to your shop. Also incorporate themes associated with your top selling products. Check out how to make an effective brand logo in this article.

Refine Titles, Tags and Photos

The best way to promote your Etsy shop is by revising titles, tags and photos!

As you gain more stats on each listing, make a habit of optimizing the titles and tags on low performing listings. Use frequently searched keywords from your stats and listings to form your titles and tags. By refining the keywords on a regular basis, it will become easier for customers to find your product. As a goal you can shoot for fixing one listing per day.
As you refine listings, think about how the photos impact your customer’s impression of the item. The photo will be the first thing the customer notices and gives an overall impression of the shop’s professionalism. Is the item in natural light? Is the item free from pixelation? Look at the most successful Etsy sellers for photography ideas. As a bonus tip, make your photos are Pinterest ready. Look at Pinterest for inspiration and see which product images perform well. Usually these products have a white background and often times are vertical images.

Build Up Social Media

If you haven’t already started setting up your social media then do so today. Once you have your brand established, it’s time to do some Etsy marketing via the major social media hubs such as Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. My in-depth tips for each social media platform can be found in this article. Social media platforms are the best places to promote your Etsy shop for free.

How to Promote Etsy On Instagram – The goal of Instagram is to promote your entire shop. Don’t fall in the trap of promoting single items and sales all the time. Create content that people will want to engage with such as a Tip of the Day, Friday Funday or Monday Motivation.

How to Promote Etsy On Facebook – Similar to Instagram, set up a Facebook page that engages with customers and does not constantly push products and sales. Think about what your customers like and post content that your audience will want to read and share. Also think about problems they your target audience has and post useful articles that will solve a problem. As you start understanding what your customer likes, you can explore Facebook advertising. Find popular magazines and blogs that have a similar demographic as your audience, and target that group of users with your content.

How to Promote Etsy On Pinterest – Once you have created a Pinterest business page, create long vertical images of your products. Post the vertical images to your Pinterest boards and don’t forget to post these images to your Etsy listings. Adding vertical images to your product listings will encourage customers to pin the items to their personal Pinterest pages. Also, ask to join group boards! Look around Pinterest for group boards that are associated with your products and ask the owners if they would be willing to add you as a collaborator.

Etsy Shop Updates

Getting traffic to your Etsy shop is as easy as posting an Etsy Shop Update. These updates post on the Etsy home page and can bring lots of new traffic to your shop. Etsy shop updates are a great way to show customers that wouldn’t otherwise know about your shop explore your shop listings. Etsy has a great tutorial on how to make a shop update.

Cross Promote With Other Shops

Reach out to other Etsy shop owners and see if they would be willing to cross-promote with you. There are many ways to cross-promote. One simple method is to partner up with another shop and post each other’s items on social media. Another method is to do a product swap with another shop owner. You can use the swapped items to showcase projects that can be created with both products. Finally, connect with a group of Etsy shops and create a sale that uses a similar Etsy tag. Every shop in the group would promote the unique tag on their social media feeds.

List New Products Regularly

The best way to get more traffic is to add one new product everyday. If you only have 20 products it is less likely people will find you than if you have 200 products. If you are stuck on what you can add to your shop, refer to the keywords that customers search for insight. You can also create a new listing that uses different colors of the same product.

Get Featured on Blogs and Websites

Blogs are the best places to promote an Etsy shop! Reach out to the Blog owner and ask if they would be willing to feature your product if you send them a freebie. Often times blog owners look for content ideas and this is a great way to introduce your product to new customers. Look for blogs that have an audience with a need for your product. For example if you sell soap, reach out to home organization and family blogs. Don’t reach out to blogs that discuss how to make soap because these blogs do not target an audience that will buy more soap.

Discover A Niche

In your shop stats, you will notice trends within your keywords that customers frequently search. You may also discover new product ideas based on the keywords that customers are actively searching. Experiment by creating new products associated with these keywords and see if they sell. If you find success with the experimental listings, you can branch out and create a new line of products. As you create new products, you’ll be developing a unique niche that your customers want.

Be Customer Focused

Grow your repeat customer base by providing the best possible customer service. Opportunities to provide awesome customer service include: making purchases in your Etsy shop an experience, responding quickly to customer messages, and making returns easy. As you start building customers, they will want to share your store with their friends. Building by word of mouth takes time, but it will gain long lasting customer traffic down the road. Also, listen to the feedback of your customer whether it be positive or negative. Use any constructive criticism to improve products. As a bonus, offer VIP customers bonuses and freebies. VIP customers are those that push your products on social media and are frequently buying your products.

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