12 floating desks that look great and take up minimal space


A floating desk is a great solution, if you’re in need of a home office or study space and short on square footage. We have looked at design, price and reviews and picked 12 excellent options. Check out our round up.

Wall-mounted folding desk ($472.00). When the top is not being used as a desk or extra surface, it folds neatly out of the way, leaving everything looking tidy and freeing up valuable floor space. Space box is also a practical storage unit with open-front compartments, perfect for housing household knick-knacks, books, and keepsakes. Find it here 

Rustic industrial-style wall-mounted desk ($115.00). A sturdy desk made of hand stained wood and metal. Find it here

Black drop-leaf desk ($198.41). This hinged desk folds flat and saves space when it isn’t in use. Find it here

Drop-down secretary desk ($479.00). This wall-mounted desk  is made from lumber salvaged from barns in rural Missouri. It’s a great project space where you can just close it and hide the mess when it isn’t in use.  The fold down lid can hold up to 40 pounds and is very sturdy. Find it here

White floating desk with storage and keyboard tray ($475,74). With its distinctive asymmetrical design, the floating desk with shelves is the perfect solution to all your space saving needs without compromising on style. The top shelf and spacious side compartments provide the perfect place to keep anything you may need close at hand. Hidden wire management is integrated into the design of the desk, keeping cables and wires out of sight and out of mind. Find it here

Minimal floating desk ($519.99). The minimal float wall desk mounts easily to any wall to create a multi-use desk or display shelf. Perfect as a laptop station, full desktop station or writing desk. Design accommodates use at standing height or traditional sitting height. Clever use of geometry and physics eliminates legs while providing a full surface slide out tray and wire management slot. Find it here

Wall-mounted wood desk ($229.99). Optimize your small space with this wall-mounted floating desk. The wall cabinet opens up to reveal a pull-down desk with hinged legs, that neatly folds away when not in use. Features 3 adjustable shelves. Find it here

Floating wall desk ($136.76). Small spaces become more efficient and organized with this wall-mounted floating desk. The front folds down to create a workspace fit for a laptop, while four compartments keep you organized and one angled paper organizer keeps active projects easily accessible. Pin reminders and pictures to the corkboard, and keep pens and markers together in the drawer. Find it here

Kapono floating desk ($171.99). This folding wall desk is great for small spaces, whether it is a college dorm or a small studio apartment it will give you the perfect place to take some notes or write a paper! With a chalkboard face, it also allows for a quick place to jot down reminders. Find it here 

Floating cherry desk ($515.00). Modern floating desk with a distinctive design and stunning cherry grain pattern.  Find it here

Hideaway Wall Desk and Display Shelf ($399.00). This floating desk mounts easily at standing height or traditional sitting height to create a multi-use worktop or display shelf. Clever use of mechanics provides an extendable desk surface that rotates outwardly revealing items hidden inside the desk. Find it here

Solid wood floating desk ($1,099.99). This oak wood wall desk has it all. Use the drawers for holding mail, bills, notes and more. The two upper shelves will hold decorative items or other necessities. For the true hidden jewel of this piece, lower the bottom front door to create an instant desk for writing bills, working, doing homework or just doodling. There is room inside to keep a container full of pens, stapler, tape, markers or whatever desired. Find it here

Updated May 2020

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