The Best IKEA Kura Bed Hacks


My husband recently constructed an IKEA KURA bed for our best friends.

His top tips include not saying at 10 pm “honestly Jo, it will only take an hour” (it took a lot longer); use an electric screwdriver and not the teeny one on your Swiss Army Knife and finally, choose a good couple of beers to get you through the ordeal.

Besides these considerations, we all agree that the IKEA KURA reversible bed is one of the best buys for kids’ rooms.

Looking for an IHEA KURA bed hack?

Have a look through these practical but inspirational ideas and let us know in the comments if you’ve pimped your KURA!

IKEA Kura bed inspiration


Read the full story behind this fabulous, eclectic bedroom in Brooklyn on Domino.

Molly Guy used a few brilliant techniques to create a gorgeous ‘botanical dreamworld’ bedroom for her daughters, and you can be inspired by them for your own space-challenged home as it’s perfect for younger children.

Kura plus reading nook
  1. Wallpaper on the side of the KURA adds personality to the bed. In Molly’s case, she used the Garden Creme wallpaper by Nathalie Lete available from Made in Design. For a more affordable version, consider the peel and stick vibrant floral wallpaper from Kids Coloray on Etsy.
  2. Hang curtains from the bed frame to make a hideaway that can cover the KURA mattress. This is such a fun and easy way to give your child a cosy reading nook and is an extra space to use when friends are visiting. Pile up the cushions, provide some useful storage and add photos and artworks to personalise the space. Cushions from Urban Outfitters, pom pom basket from one of my favourite new discoveries, Olli Ella and artwork from my talented friend Emeline at ProjectM via Society6 who is herself a mum of two beautiful girls.


This is an inventive way of adapting the KURA to accommodate two kids.

The ‘chateau fort’ has additional wooden boxes and framing, so one child sleeps above and one below but with extra storage and interest.

See the behind the scenes photos and directions on how to achieve this on the french blog Bidouilles IKEA.

Make your kura stretch
  1. These cloud shelves can be made by adding painted plywood to the IKEA MOSSLANDA picture ledge.
  2. I used this paint recently when styling a friends house and I will warn you – it’s sloppy and gloopy but looks fab when it’s done! Rust-Oleum black matt chalkboard paint.
  3. Bright Lab Lights can be custom designed to suit your colour scheme and the length you’d prefer. Love ’em. Go crazy.


This London family simply arranged two KURA side by side and customised one of the beds to sleep two children. The space under the other bed is a great option for creating a play corner.

Extend your kura
  1. When kids share a room, take a bit of time to create individual zones for them. In this London room, each child has their own bookshelf. Use a mixture of wooden boxes to create a personal area of the room for your children.
  2. Keeping the room tidy when there are already three beds in it is going to be a challenge and toy storage is key. This wooden storage trolley from Vertbaudet can be pushed under the KURA bed and brought out into the room for playtime.
  3. Use a vibrant play rug to anchor the space under the bed. This one is from JoJo Maman Bebe.
  4. We’ve used the IKEA LUROY bed slats to make a bottom bed; be sure to allow enough room between the floor and the KURA mattress to avoid mould.


This project won’t take an evening so plan ahead and go for it – imagine how happy you’ll make your kids! Bedtime will be a breeze.

I love the circular windows and the hanging animals!

  1. An advantage of the KURA is the soft wooden frame; add interesting items to the bed such as this bug hotel from Tiger – the spider is optional.
  2. This beautiful decal from Etsy seller Chocovenyl is gorgeous and will easily transform a room.
  3. I love the combination of white and green in this room. Check out this Ikea KURA painted in Rust-Oleum chalky white.
  4. Having a few different lighting options in a shared room is a good idea. String lights, sidelights, and lamps like this cute rabbit lamp mean that if one child wants to stay up and read, he won’t have to disturb the other child.


Create a vibrant, stimulating environment for your child by painting the KURA in a bold colour and going a little crazy with accessories.

This bed was featured on the design blog Fru Silver along with another fabulously colourful version.

Add colour to your IKEA Kura bed
  1. The Rosebud Fabric by Orla Kiely is a perfect choice for a colourful, slightly retro bedroom.
  2. I love everything that Julia Staite makes, especially this Lion fella.
  3. The panels on the side of the KURA bed can easily be covered in wallpaper. I love how in this room a bold polka dot wallpaper has been used everywhere! I think Ferm Living Half Moon paper would also look amazing used in the same way.
  4. The top frame of the bed has lights wrapped around it; consider creating something similar with these wonderfully colourful lanterns from The Conran Shop.

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