Baby Shower Prizes Your Guests Will Actually Love



51 Baby Shower Prizes Your Guests Will Be Fighting Over

Baby shower prizes are traditionally offered to the winners of baby shower games. However, they’ve taken a bad rap over the years because, (to be polite,) they’ve not been great. As such, they’d end up forgotten in the car or worst yet, thrown in the trash.

But things have changed! With great baby shower prizes, you can now not only entice your guests to play the baby shower games, but you can also have them actively competing for the game prizes! So…

What prizes do you give at a baby shower?

Here are 44 beautiful and unique baby shower prize ideas to suit any budget and any theme.

If you are on a budget, use the images below as inspiration to create your own, unique baby shower game prizes. Please keep in mind…

Cheap baby shower prizes do not imply low-quality gifts. Instead, it means you paid less for a quality gift that would be appreciated by your guests.

  1. Pretty Nail Polish and Nail File Game Prize

This prize is great on so many levels! If you are on a budget, it’s cheap. (It’s so cheap, you could use it as baby shower favors, too!) Also, you could get nail polish and a nail file in almost any color to match your baby shower theme!

  1. Alcoholic Shot Game Prizes

This one is adorable because it’s been personalized with a message to the winner.

All you will need are small bottles of alcohol, clear cellophane bags, a tag and ribbon to tie it all together.

  1. A Collection Of Pretty Baby Shower Game Prize Ideas

baby shower gifts for guests

You don’t have to have the same game prizes for every game. You can mix and match as you like.

Tie everything up with a pretty ribbon that matches (or complements) your baby shower theme. This creates a cohesive look despite the different types of game prizes.

  1. Plastic Tumblers With Assorted Goodies As Prizes For Baby Shower Games

Tumblers are a great gift because most people will use them long after the baby shower is over. It’s one of those baby shower prizes that will not end up in the trash.

Fill them with candies, nail polish, travel-size hand sanitizers, nail files, or anything that you think your guests would appreciate. Tie a pretty ribbon that matches your shower theme, and you’re set.

  1. Tumblers With A Pretty Ribbon

Image Credit

If you are able to get tumblers that match the colors of your baby shower, this is probably the easiest game prize you can have. Add a beautiful wide ribbon, and you’re done.

It is so classy, yet so easy!

  1. “From Our Shower To Yours” Prizes For Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Prize Ideas

“Gifts in a Jar” is a popular trend because your guests will use what’s in the jar, and they’re likely to reuse the mason jar too.

This “gift in a jar” has a shower theme. It’s easy to set up and it matches the popular “from our shower to yours” gift tag.

  1. Cake Mix – Baby Shower Prizes For Game Winners

Super Easy! This is also a cheap prize!

Get a few boxes of cake mix and wooden spoons. Tie it together with a ribbon. Viola!

  1. Alcohol Game Prizes For Adults

Alcoholic gifts may not be “appropriate” for every baby shower. This will depend on whether mom-to-be is okay with it, and who has been invited. It may not work for a shower where grandmas, aunts, and moms are invited, but it may be perfect if mom-to-be’s friends are young and social.

You can create a few baskets with all kinds of things that complement alcohol.

  1. Baby Making Potion – Coed Baby Shower Prizes

If you’re struggling to find baby shower prizes for guys, this is a good one!

This is a funny game prize idea encouraging the attendees to also get pregnant. It will work at a coed baby shower, or better yet – a diaper party for dad!

You can buy tiny bottles of alcohol at wine and liquor stores. Add your “baby-making potion” tag and some pretty ribbon to complete the look.

  1. Coffee & Tea Mug Prizes For Baby Shower Games

Image Credit: Sarah M Keller

These shower game prizes are so adorable and would certainly be appreciated.

Full instructions on how to create these monogrammed mugs are here.

If you are on a budget and monogrammed mugs seem like a stretch, you can pull off the same look for significantly less:

  • You can often get pretty mugs with beautiful designs at your local Dollar store or Walmart;
  • Buy dish towels in bulk (to get them cheaper), or buy them from the Dollar store; (Do make sure your dishtowels are thin enough to fit into the mugs.)
  • Depending on how many game prizes you will need, buy 1-2 boxes of tea. Walmart is usually a good place to get tea because they often sell boxes of fancy tea for under $6.
  • Using a single hole punch, poke a hole into the corner of the teabag pouch, making sure you don’t poke the teabag. (Single hole punches are usually available from the Dollar store.)
  • Using twine, tie the teabag to the dish towel.
  • Place the teabag and dishtowel into your mug. Viola!

  1. Coffee Gift Ideas For Baby Shower Games

Image Credit:

Any coffee lover would love this prize! It’s super easy to create too! Full instructions here.

  1. Luxury Bath Treatment

This game prize idea is for a baby girl shower, so the goal is to get pink bath and shower items to fill a pink basket.

  1. Treats In A Glass

Image Credit: Unknown

Get a few glasses, and fill them with small goodies like alcohol shot bottles, gum, etc. This prize was for a baby boy shower, so they tried to stick with blue colored items.

  1. Winter Baby Shower Prizes For Guests

This is a comprehensive list of DIY Christmas gift basket ideas for everyone on your list. The list covers families, mom, couples, men, coworkers, neighbors, kids, baskets for dogs, wine baskets and more. Pin it. #christmas #festive #holidays

Fill a wire basket with pampering things that the guests will love, like slipper socks, luxurious candles, a book, a magazine, a scarf, etc. How divine!

Inspiration for this game prize idea basket comes from

  1. Gift Baskets As Baby Shower Game Prizes For Guests

Chances are good that if you were playing baby shower games, you would be eager to win one of these baby shower game prizes?

Most people love gift baskets and you can create them by theme, like the above mani-pedi gift basket and the movie night gift basket. Other prizes for baby shower gift bags can be toiletries, edible treats, etc.

  1. Beach Themed Baby Shower Gift Bags

If you are having a summer baby shower and you’re close to the beach, this would be an awesome shower game prize idea.

Get a small beach bag and fill it with beach goodies like sunscreen, lip balm, after-sun care, a beach towel, and anything else you think will be needed and appreciated.

  1. Wine & Chocolate Baby Shower Game Prizes For Adults

These prizes have two mini bottles of wine but if two bottles per prize are out of your budget, 1 bottle is just as good.

To create this, you will need:

  1. Coffee To Go Gifts For Baby Shower Games

People love coffee, so gifts and baby shower prizes like these are appreciated.

To create these, you will need:

  1. Chocolate Treats In A Jar

Image Credit


If you are crafty, you will find this easy. If not, you can still pull this off relatively easily.

  • Fill your mason jars with goodies like candies, etc.
  • Wrap wide ribbon around it and seal it with a glue gun.
  • Place a piece of fabric under the lid to create the above look.
  • Viola! You’re done.

  1. Sangria Kit – Coed Baby Shower Prizes

Sangria Kit

This is admittedly not a cheap prize, but it is a great prize for any occasion and any season. Your guests will be fighting over this one!

Full instructions here.

  1. Pampering Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Games

christmas gift baskets for mom

Who does not love to be pampered?

Buy a few pampering products, and place it in a pretty basket. Tie a pretty ribbon or bow onto it, and you’re good to go.

  1. Ice Cream & Candy Prize Ideas For Baby Shower

christmas gift baskets for moms

How luxurious!

To create this gift box:

  1. A Collection Of Prizes For Baby Shower Games

This happens to most of us – you go to the store to get baby shower game prizes for guests, and everything looks perfect. You can’t decide!

Why decide? Get a collection of game prizes and let your guests play for it.

  1. Wine & Lip Balm Gifts For Baby Showers Games

Image Credit: The Invitation Mom

To create these, you’ll need:

  • lip balm
  • mini bottles of wine;
  • tulle
  • ribbon to tie it all together.

  1. Ready-To-Make Margarita Mix – Baby Shower Prizes For Guys And Gals

Image Credit

If your guests enjoy margaritas, this is a perfect baby shower prize idea for a summer baby shower. You’ll need a margarita glass, a baby bottle of tequila, a lime, salt, and margarita mix for each door prize.

  1. Mani-Pedi Baby Shower Gifts For Guests

Image Credit:

Mani-pedi kits are much appreciated and they’re so easy to put together.

The basics of a mani-pedi kit are:

Along with some crinkly paper, place it all in a mason jar.

If you are on a budget, you can get all of these at your local Dollar store.

Full instructions here.

  1. Baked Goodies – Baby Shower Game Gift Ideas For Winners

Everyone loves baked goods!

If you are an avid baker, consider creating prizes out of your baked goods.

To create this prize basked, you will need:

  1. Bath Salts As Baby Shower Gifts For Guests

If you are on a budget, you can buy bath salts in bulk and package them into pretty organza bags. The great thing about organza bags is that you can choose colors that match your baby shower theme.

  1. Succulent Baby Shower Favors

succulents christmas gifts for neighbors and friends and teachers and coworkers

Succulents are a great gift for baby showers because it represents growth.

This sweet prize idea does take a little preparation. You can find complete instructions on how to create it, here.

  1. Gift Ideas For Baby Shower Games

This is a combination of big and small prize ideas.

Each gift has a theme to it.

  • For the “from our shower to yours” theme basket, you can add shower goodies. Personalize it with mom-to-be’s name.
  • For the “you nailed it” theme jar, you can add mani-pedi items. These are personalized with the “it’s a boy ribbon.”

  1. Toiletries Baby Shower Game Gifts

This is another good example of a “from our shower to yours” gift.

There is not much thinking involved in this – get a medium-sized gift bag and add items that we need in the shower, like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a loofah, etc.

  1. Winter Gift Ideas For Baby Shower Games

This is an oh-so-easy prize to offer. You can get almost everything from your local grocery store.

To create your own s’mores gift basket, you’ll need:

  1. Lip Balm & Hand Cream – Cheap Baby Shower Prize Ideas

Image Credit

This is so pretty, yet it’s a cheap prize. However, it hardly looks cheap thanks to the cellophane bag, pretty ribbon and faux flowers.

  1. She’s About To Pop – Champagne Gift Set

“Ready to pop”/ “She’s about to pop” is a popular baby shower theme, and champagne matches it nicely.

If you want to create a similar look, decorate the bottle with feathers and a tag.

  1. Mommy & Me Liquor Gift Set

If you’re looking for cheap prizes for games, this is NOT it! Full bottles of liqueur are usually expensive. However, keep in mind that you can get only 1 set because you can mix and match your prizes.

What makes this an adorable prize idea is the “mommy and me” bottles – which perfectly fits the idea of a baby shower.

This can also work as baby shower prizes for guys, but instead, use a liqueur that guys would like. It will be a “daddy and me” set.

  1. Hand Lotion – Cheap Baby Shower Prize Ideas

If you’re looking for small prize ideas, this is it! Gifts for baby showers games cannot get any easier than this.

And don’t feel limited by hand lotion either. You can offer any kinds of gifts like hand soap, bubble bath, etc.

  1. Baking Utensils – Small Prize Ideas

Image Credit

Whether you’re young or old, most of us would appreciate a set of baking utensils.

Place everything into an oven mitt, add a ribbon and measuring spoons, and you’re set!

  1. Care Package Baby Shower Prizes

This one is hilarious because it resembles a care package. It has Tylenol, bandages, gum, hand sanitizer and alcohol in a large glass. This would go well with a “she can’t drink but you can” tag.

  1. Treat Baskets As Baby Shower Prize Gifts

Sweet treats are usually a good bet as party game prizes because most of us can’t resist them.

These are easy to set up too! Fill tumblers and small gift boxes with candy. Wrap it up with cellophane and ribbon to make it look pretty.

  1. Flowers As Baby Shower Game Gifts

Most people love flowers.

If you are using flowers as your baby shower decor, you can make double use of those flowers and also offer them as game prizes. That would make these “cheap prizes” because you’re not spending extra for it.

  1. Movie Night Party Game Prizes

What a treat!

Get a big, retro style popcorn basket. Fill it with all kinds of goodies. Wrap it with cellophane wrap and a pretty bow. Done!

  1. Potted Plants As Baby Shower Prizes For Game Winners

Potted plants are a great idea because they match the “watch me grow” theme that often goes with baby showers.

You can usually get little plants like these for relatively cheap. Tie a pretty bow around it with a simple tag, and you’re set.

These are popular prize ideas for summer baby showers.

  1. Pretty Tea Cups As Classy Baby Shower Prize Ideas

Image Credit

If you’re looking for elegant and classy, this is one of a few great prizes for baby shower games.

You’ll need a:

  • teacup and saucer; (On a budget? See if you can find some classy teacup and saucer sets at your local Goodwill or thrift store.)
  • teabag;
  • teaspoon;
  • ribbon to match your theme or baby shower colors;
  • cellophane gift wrap.

  1. Alcoholic Drinks As Baby Shower Game Gifts

Image Credit

This is a super easy and appreciated baby shower gift idea for a coed baby shower or a diaper party.

All you’ll need are:

  1. Homemade Candles – Fragrant Baby Shower Gifts For Games

Image Credit

If you make your own candles, these would be cheap prizes for games.

Here are handy and easy instructions on how to make your own candles.

If you don’t make your own candles, you can buy candles for relatively cheap too.

  1. Gift Cards As Easy Prizes For Baby Shower Games

creative ways to give gift cards
Gift Cards

Offering gift cards as a baby shower prize is a smart and easy option. Choosing gift cards may save you time and you can get gift cards in any value. Your prize winners are likely to love AND use it.

  1. Cookie Mix – Sweet Baby Shower Gifts For Games


These are perfect if your guests are known to bake. This prize allows them to bake fresh cookies whenever they want.

Unfortunately, these are not as easy to prepare as it looks. With patience, it’s totally doable! You will need to carefully pour and be sure to press each level of ingredients down before you pour the next level.

  1. Winter Baby Shower Prize Ideas

During the cold winters, everyone will appreciate a prize like gloves, warm winter socks, a scarf or a pashmina. (Gloves are a common baby shower favor during the winters.)

  1. Recipe Boxes As Baby Shower Gifts For Games

A good recipe box is always appreciated.

You can make this prize even more valuable by adding much-loved family recipes to the recipe box. If your guests like cooking, this may be a prize they’d be fighting for.

  1. Alcohol Bouquet Game Prize Ideas

What a creative bouquet!

These are really easy to do, too. You will need:

  • A flower pot for each bouquet;
  • A pretty ribbon to decorate the flower pot – perhaps something that matches your baby shower theme;
  • Mini alcohol bottles;
  • Craft dowel rods;
  • Tape or hot glue to attach the alcohol to the dowel rods;
  • Dry foam oasis to stick the dowels into. This will allow them to stay up straight;
  • Decoration to cover the dry foam oasis. Crinkle cut paper that matches the color of your theme would work great here.

  1. Classic Manicure Game Prize Idea


This is another variation on the manicure/ gifts in a jar idea.

Fill your mason jar with mani-pedi tools, and tie a pretty bow around it. Try to match the color of the ribbon with that of your baby shower theme.

This is a cheap and easy baby shower prize to offer because you can get everything from the Dollar Store.

Baby Shower Prizes vs Favors vs Raffle Prizes

It all gets really confusing when you’re new to planning a baby shower.

  • Baby shower favors – every shower attendee gets a favor. If your choice for baby shower favors are bath salts, then everyone will get the bath salts as they leave. Per unit, your favors will be the cheapest.
  • Baby shower prizes – these are special in that only winners of the baby shower games get it. Prizes for baby shower games are typically a bit more valuable than the favors. But how many prizes do you need for a baby shower? If you are planning a typical baby shower, you would play approximately 3-5 baby shower games. You would, therefore, need 3-5 game prizes.
  • Diaper raffle prizes – these are typically big and valuable prizes that are won after people participated in the diaper raffle. Usually, you’ll have only 1 door prize, so only one person will win it. Click here for door prize ideas.

Helpful Tips For Choosing Baby Shower Gifts For Guests

  • As you choose your gifts for baby shower games, do keep in mind that the prizes do not need to be the same. It is entirely dependent on you. As you will see from the examples below, sometimes the prizes are all the same, and often they’re not.
  • Understand the guests that are invited and try to choose baby shower gift bags that suit them. What is their type and nature? Do they have children, are there younger or older guests, etc. You need to choose prizes that will be appealing to the majority of guests attending. For example, offering baked treats to mom-to-be’s friends who are watching their weight, or alcohol to people who don’t drink alcohol, is not a great idea.
  • Packaging and presentation is a big deal. If your prizes are packaged well, your guests would be more enticed by them- even if they are cheap baby shower prizes.
  • Look at the type of shower you are planning. Does it have a theme? Try to choose gifts for baby shower games based on your baby shower theme. This may not always be possible but it’s a nice touch.
  • If your baby shower game prizes do not quite fit your baby shower theme, try to make the packaging “theme” friendly. For example, if you are having a “mommy to bee” baby shower, you could use yellow ribbon or paste bee stickers on the gift bags.
  • If you just cannot think of ideas for prizes, consider gift cards. They’re a really easy and versatile option because most people love gift cards. Below the collection of baby shower prize ideas, we offer creative ways to give gift cards.
  • Be creative and look at a lot of varieties on how you can make the prizes unique.
  • Importantly, what type of budget do you have? Buy accordingly to what you can afford.
  • Lastly, have fun with the prizes, make it creative and remember it is a baby shower so keep it in line with that.

As you select your baby shower prizes, do keep in mind that there is a lot of overlap between baby shower favors and baby shower game prizes. What is offered as a baby shower favor at one shower, could be offered as a baby shower prize at another shower. It is all dependent on your budget.

Note From The Author

I’ve tried my best to give you a big collection for inspiration, but do not feel limited. My intention was for this collection to spark further ideas. Perhaps you could also offer small kitchen gadgets, recipe boxes, stationery, best-selling books, home-made preserves, or gift sets as baby shower game prizes.

If you are hosting a baby shower, do not fret too much over your baby shower gift bags. The only thing to remember is to get baby shower game prizes that people will actually want. If people see that the baby shower prizes are good, they may be more enthusiastic about playing baby shower games.

Also, if you are on a budget, don’t let the price of your baby shower gifts for guests worry you. You could pick up cheap prizes, and make them look fancy by adding ribbon, tulle, or putting them into cute gift bags or gift boxes. Remember – people are not there for the game prizes. It truly is the thought that counts.


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