Etsy October Best-Sellers Reveal Shoppers Already in the Holiday Spirit


For many, the cold weather has already descended upon your area. Snow is covering some parts of the U.S., and the famous colorful fall foliage is at its peak in other parts. With the holidays fast approaching, the Etsy October best-sellers list reflects these seasonal changes as some prepare for a long winter inside as the pandemic continues to rage across the country unimpeded.

If you’re looking to support some small businesses this winter and/or holiday season, check out a great windbreaker from Crippen Design, or a Eucalyptus Citrus Wreath from Creekside Farms. Maybe you need a good scarf, like the Galaxy Space Scarf below; or perhaps a good “jumper,” as the English say, i.e. sweater, like the adorable “Peachy” one listed. These are just some of the excellent Etsy October best-sellers that came up this month.

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PNW “Shorthand” Jacket Windbreaker

Source: Etsy/Crippen Design

Need a good windbreaker? Check out the designers at Crippen Design, located in Creswell, Oregon, and their PNW “Shorthand” Jacket Windbreaker. It’s available in Navy/Saddle color (pictured), or Black/Camo, and made from 100% polyester fabric with a water-resistant interior coating.

Wavy Soy Candle

Source: Etsy/Cai Cai Handmade

Inspired by the ocean waves, this Wavy Soy Organic Candle is handmade from white beeswax and soy with a 100% cotton wick. You can choose from Fog Gray or Ivory White colors. Due to each being shaped by hand, final candle may vary slightly from the picture.

Eucalyptus Citrus Wreath

Source: Creekside Farms

Looking for a decorative holiday wreath, but uninspired by the traditional holiday ones? Check out Creekside Farms on Etsy and their gorgeous Eucalyptus Citrus Wreath. Breathe in the aromas of fragrant mixed eucalyptus with touches of tallow berries, orange slices, and whole slit oranges.

Indigo Shibori Wall Art – Set of Two Digital Prints

Source: Etsy/Art Prints Factory

Looking to spruce up your home, but don’t want to (or can’t) shell out $50 for wall art? Art Prints Factory offers these exquisite Indigo Shibori Wall Art digital files that you can print out right at home. You’ll receive the files in as little as a few minutes of payment and can then print out the exact size you want for your frame.

13” Alpine Succulent Tree

Source: Etsy/Terracotta Corner FL

By time you read this, you may have trouble getting one of these adorable 13″ Alpine Succulent Trees for a Christmas decoration. The reason is that everyone wants one now and the best-selling item has backed up the Etsy shop’s orders. Still, when you get it, you won’t be disappointed with the nearly 50 haworthias and a dozen colorful succulents including echeverias, graptoverias, sedums, and more.

Succulent Christmas Tree w/ Rustic Pot

Source: Etsy/Rileys Oasis

If the above succulent tree doesn’t pique your interest, maybe this Succulent Christmas Tree w/ Rustic Pot will. You can choose from a 6-7 inches tall version, or go large with the 9-10 inch version. Each is made with moss, a wide variety of living succulents, and floral pins.

Vegetable Game Montessori Toys

Source: Etsy/Child Universe

A great gift for a toddler (the Etsy page recommends for a third birthday), these Vegetable Matching Game Montessori Toys are made on birch plywood and printed using non-toxic paints that are organic and safe for kids any age. Each set includes nine playful pieces for kids to learn and stimulate their minds.

Celestial Galaxy Space Scarf

Source: Etsy/Poppy Kitten Designs

For some, the cold weather is already here and the Etsy October best-sellers are indicative of the colder months ahead. Of the many popular scarves, this Celestial Galaxy Space Scarf is a fan favorite. You can get the base color in black, blue or white design, and then personalize it with black, white, gold, or glittery star designs.

Embroidered Peachy Jumper/Sweatshirt

Source: Etsy/Copper Fox 1998

Between the COVID-19 pandemic and the agony of U.S. elections (please make the political TV ads go away forever), there’s nothing “peachy” about 2020. But if you’re just looking to stay in a positive mindset and trying to put the problems of the world out of mind (even just for an afternoon), then this adorable Embroidered Peachy Jumper/Sweatshirt will do the trick.

Personalized Leather Dopp Kit/Toiletry Bag

Source: Etsy/Lifetime Leather Co

If there’s a special guy in your life, but you’re just not sure what to get him, the Etsy October best-sellers list might have some ideas, like this Personalized Leather Dopp Kit/Toiletry Bag. The handcrafted bag is durable, water-resistant, and comes with a lifetime warranty. You can get it personalized with embroidered or firebranded initials.

Healing Crystal Necklace

Source: Etsy/Geominimalist

If any year is a year of increased healing, whether mental or physical, it’s definitely 2020. And if you’re in need of some healing, then this Healing Crystal Necklace from Etsy shop Geominimalist is sure to do the trick. Get it is in gold, rose gold, or silver, with a crescent moon pendant lined with exquisite onyx stones.

Tabletop Glass Fireplace

Source: Etsy/1 Man 1 Garage

Want to add a luxurious feel to your home or outdoor space? Then head over to Etsy shop 1Man1Garage and check out their Tabletop Glass Fireplace kits. The kits are made to hold a 2.6-oz. can of Sterno (gel fuel; note that due to shipping regulations, it’s not included). You get everything you need to quickly assemble the 9-inch tall mini fireplace. Then get yourself a Sterno can or battery-operated candle light.

Luxury Velvet Christmas Stocking

Source: Etsy/Eugenie2 | SarahNanDesigns

With Christmas coming up, it’s no wonder that some items have begun to creep into the Etsy October best-sellers list. One of the most popular options we found were Luxury Velvet Christmas Stockings. Check out Eugenie2 (left) or the velvet stockings made by Sarah Nan Designs (right).

Herbs Engraved Rolling Pin

Source: Etsy/Mood for Wood

Looking to wow some folks with your holiday cookies this year, but tired of the same old cookie cutter shapes that everyone has? Head over to Etsy shop MoodForWood to grab one of their Herbs Engraved Rolling Pin. Each rolling pin is made from Polish beech wood and provides incredible embossing to roll on dough, pastry, or clay.

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