3 Strategies to Grow Your Etsy Business with LinkedIn


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LinkedIn is the social media network for building professional connections. However, the term “professional” may have caused you to think twice about using LinkedIn to get clients for your Etsy business. After all, your target client isn’t necessarily people in the corporate world, or could it be?

Your professional network on LinkedIn has a two-fold effect. First, it’ll help you create some corporate connections that can lead to lucrative partnerships. Even if you don’t attract individual buyers, you could get the attention of some corporate offices who want to buy Christmas gifts for their employees. Second, it’ll help you connect with like-minded Etsy sellers who, for instance, are willing to collaborate with you.

Let’s discuss how you can get both benefits. We’ll start by looking at examples of three Etsy sellers who are currently using LinkedIn to promote their Etsy stores. We’ll then look at the strategies you can use to secure lucrative partnerships, connect with like-minded artisans, and grow your brand.

3 Etsy Shop Owners Already on LinkedIn 

Barbara Madaio

Barbara Madaio is the owner of SummersCo, an Etsy store that sells summer cottage home vintage books and antiques. She promotes her store on LinkedIn by including a link to her store in the Experiences section of her profile. 

Tips for your profile:

  • Write about your duties and responsibilities as an Etsy store owner in the Experience section of your LinkedIn profile.
  • Fill in the Feature section and give your store more highlights.
  • Include hashtags and keywords for your niche to increase the chances that you’ll get discovered.

Vallee Rose

Vallee Rose is the owner of the Enchanted Rose Shop on Etsy. She’s added a bit more detail to her LinkedIn profile about her handmade businesses, including information about her account on Redbubble.

Tips for your profile:

  • Include the name of your Etsy store in your LinkedIn tagline.
  • Describe what you do as a store owner in the Experiences section.
  • Include popular hashtags.
  • Be specific about what you sell.

Brianna Sanchez

Brianna Sanchez is the owner of Sugadollyz Kreationz, an Etsy store that sells T-Shirts and onesies with fun prints. 

Tips for your profile:

  • Use the Featured section fully so that your Etsy store gets the visibility it deserves.
  • Explain how what you sell can solve the challenges of your target audience.

3 Strong Strategies for Building Corporate Connections for Your Etsy Store

1. Create a series of articles, posts and videos that speak specifically to your target audience’s pain points.

You’ve started your Etsy store because you love to create. It’s important, however, to remember that people are buying your items because they believe those items will somehow improve their life. Whether it’s sprucing up their living room with some great decor or wearing some handcrafted jewelry to make an outfit shine, your buyers expect your products to add value to their lives.

It’s important for you to be very clear about what your target customer is looking for so that you can create value-added content that attracts them to your LinkedIn profile. Let’s look at ModParty, a popular bridesmaid gifts and wedding favors Etsy seller, as an example. 

This Etsy seller has smartly pivoted her brand to address the unique challenges COVID-19 has brought to the wedding industry. Along with her traditional product line, she also offers personalized face masks for bridesmaids and personalized hand sanitizer bottles as wedding favors.

She could create a content marketing plan centered on #weddingplanningtips for her LinkedIn profile to promote these items by:

  • Publishing weekly LinkedIn articles about the importance of following COVID-19 protocol if you’re having a wedding
  • Publishing a series of videos featuring client testimonials from brides who have effectively used these products
  • Posting stunning product photos, along with vivid descriptions, as LinkedIn posts

All content would use #weddingplanningtips so that visibility increases.

This example provides a clear picture of how you can use content to increase your visibility on LinkedIn. Consistency is critical for this strategy to work effectively.  

2. Make your LinkedIn profile clearly reflect what you sell on Etsy.

A common issue seen with business owners on LinkedIn is not providing clear descriptions of what they sell and what makes their brands unique. There are three areas of your LinkedIn profile that provide a great opportunity for you to add clarity to your Etsy brand.

The Headline

The Headline is the area directly beneath your name on LinkedIn. It’s where you start grabbing the attention of someone who visits your profile. Instead of just saying that you’re the owner of X Etsy store, use this section to clearly explain what you sell and the value your product offers. 

For instance, the owner of ModParty could write this as her headline: “Owner of ModParty, a modern chic Etsy store catering to brides and their squads.” Anyone looking at the tagline will know that this woman deals specifically with items in the wedding niche. 

The About Section

Too many LinkedIn users make the mistake of making their About section too vague or putting hardly anything there at all. The About section has a 2,000 character limit which gives you ample space to say as much as you can about who you are and what your brand is about. It’s important to include brand-relevant keywords and hashtags in this section to increase your chances of being discovered on LinkedIn.

The Experience Section

Your experience as the owner of an Etsy store is important. It should be listed in your Experience section and you should explain the duties you perform in this role. Don’t just say you’re the owner of X Etsy store without letting people know exactly what your role entails and the history behind your store.

3. Create a LinkedIn business page for your Etsy store. 

A LinkedIn business page is like icing on the cake. You can create clear separation between your personal page and your business page. Additionally, you can tap into the power of LinkedIn advertising so that you reach an even wider audience. Just remember to consistently post relevant content that will attract your target buyer. 

How to Use LinkedIn Groups to Connect With Like-Minded Etsy Sellers

LinkedIn makes it fairly simple to connect with people outside of your inner circle. One of the ways LinkedIn makes this possible is through LinkedIn groups. Consider becoming an active member of groups such as the Etsy Shop Owners Professional group and the Etsy Artists and Crafters group. Be an active member by:

  • Responding to posts
  • Asking questions
  • Posting content you believe other members could benefit from
  • Responding to comments 
  • Suggesting collaborations

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Count

LinkedIn seems like the social media underdog in the Etsy community. However, you can reach corporate and retail clients on LinkedIn by being very deliberate about how you set up your profile and creating a solid content marketing strategy that piques their interest. You can also connect with like-minded Etsy sellers by becoming an active member of relevant handmade seller LinkedIn groups.

Cheers to you and your success in making this happen!

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