Top Sellers from May!


10. Floral Skirt – wearing a size small.

Outfit linked HERE

9. Apple Watch Band – I have the 40mm Apple Watch.

Outfit Linked HERE

8. Leopard Tank – wearing size XS

Outfit Linked HERE

7. Buxom Lip Gloss

6. Valentino Dupe Sandals – wearing my normal size

Outfit Linked Here

5. LV look a like keychain Wallet

Outfit Linked HERE

4. Red, White & Blue Stars Swim Suit – wearing size small

3. Diamond Stud Ear Crawlers – I have the rose gold pair.

2. Gucci Dupe Belt

  1. Checkered Look-a-like Bag – all 3 colors in stock!
Outfit Linked HERE

Just a quick post to share my best sellers because they’re all SOOO GOOD especially for summer time!

Hope everyone is having a good one so far.



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