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Eyeglasses are often an overlooked part of my wardrobe, especially when you consider that I don’t wear my glasses nearly as much as I should. When I do, I’m reminded of two things- One, that the world really looks better even with the slightest improvement. Everything becomes sharper and clearer allowing my mind to open up to things I would have missed otherwise. Two, I’m reminded how cute a great pair of eyeglasses are, making them an accessory I’ll gladly wear. When I do wear (remember!) my glasses, I’m bombarded with questions about them, which tells me I’m not alone in thinking a great pair of eyeglasses can be both functional and fashionable. As you read this post, remember that you can browse the amazing fall collection at LensCrafters at Macy’s by clicking here, I’ve also added the brand and product code for each pair of glasses that I’m wearing.


Ray-Ban RX5154 | Prada PR29RV

Tory Burch TY2066 | Prada PR11RV


My eyes are just bad enough to need glasses, but not bad enough to wear corrective lenses all the time, which means I’d prefer not to fuss with contact lenses. I’m sure constantly staring at a computer screen and cell phone doesn’t help. Thomas (who you know wears glasses everyday) always says that wardrobe selection is a negotiation between function over fashion. What I love about eyeglasses is they can be a bold statement piece or they can perfectly complement a style by matching with an outfit. Either way, there’s no sacrifice between function and fashion because a great pair of eyeglasses corrects your vision (function) and makes you look great (fashion).


Prada PR11RV | Tiffany TF2116B


Thanks to LensCrafters at Macy’s, I recently stocked up on several new pairs of eyeglasses that will go perfectly with my fall outfits. LensCrafters at Macy’s works with some of the best brands in the world to put together an extensive selection of glasses that you will love. To help narrow down the selection, I’ve shared my favorite styles for fall. You probably remember when I got two of my favorite pairs of glasses last Fall from LensCrafters at Macy’s, this Prada pair and this one. It was honestly one of the best user-experiences I’ve had.


Ray-Ban RX4246V | Ray-Ban RX5154

Prada PR11RV | Prada PR21SV


This post is part of a greater LensCrafters at Macy’s collaboration! Keep an eye out for me in LensCrafters at Macy’s seeing how I’m styling some of my favorite glasses this Fall. Tweet, Facebook or Instagram me if you see one of my pictures in person and let me know which glasses you get!


Michael Kors MK3012 ADRIANNA IV| Ralph Lauren RL6156


Thank you to LensCrafters at Macy’s for sponsoring this post.

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