Will Your Items Sell on Etsy? Find out with this test

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Two weeks ago, a seller enrolled in Etsy Academy came to me with a problem.

She was working her little ass off. She’d done it all: SEO, pictures, social media, adding more products, paid ads…you name it, she tried it.

But her products still weren’t budging.

So…what gives?!?

When you do it all, and nothing changes, you may feel like the universe is hell-bent on telling you to go screw yourself.

In this case, the problem was simple. This seller created an item and just assumed it would sell on Etsy…she saw other people selling the same item, so it must be doing well, right?

WRONG. Don’t take this bet…the cards are stacked against you!

Just because OTHER people are selling something on Etsy does NOT mean that item can make you a full-time income.

To illustrate my point, let’s pretend I’m a friend of yours. I’m a serial entrepreneur, I always have business ideas, but they never really get anywhere. I’m constantly talking about my next project, but I’m still living in my parents’ basement.

So one day, I come to you, and I say I have an AMAZING business idea. But I need your help. We’re going to become millionaires together!

What’s my 7-figure idea?

We’re going to sell underwater basket weaving lessons on Etsy.

You’re probably laughing in my face right now.

GOOD – that was the right response. But instead of being skeptical when someone has a crazy idea, you need to be skeptical of EVERY idea…even YOUR OWN.

That is, until you prove it’s a good one.

How to prove an item is worth selling on Etsy

Before you ever list a single item on Etsy, you need to do some MARKET RESEARCH. (aka find out what items actually make serious MOLA on Etsy!)

I know, I know, that sounds time consuming and annoying as hell.

BUT it’s actually costing you money the longer you delay this research.

The sooner you find the perfect niche that can support you full-time, the FASTER your business will grow and thrive. (Not to mention, you could be wasting your time working on products that MAY not sell!)

And it’s stupid easy to figure out what sells and what doesn’t.

Here’s a simple test:

  • Search for an item like yours on Etsy.
  • Find at least 4 sellers on the front page of your search.
  • Look at all 4 shops, and check how many sales they’ve made each year.
  • If it’s less than 500, this niche DOESN’T SELL!!

Want to learn how I do easy, 5-minute niche research? In the shop critique below, I show our hardworking Etsy seller how to find and fix her niche problem!


What You’ll Learn in this Video

  • Will my Items Sell on Etsy?

    How can you tell what items sell on Etsy? In this shop critique video, I’ll show you simple tricks for finding out whether your items will sell.

  • What if my items aren’t a big seller?

    Find out exactly what to do if you can’t make a full-time income off your existing Etsy items. (Don’t worry, there’s an easy fix!)

  • Become More Established in Your Niche

    Why are some sellers super visible in your niche, but you aren’t? Learn what it takes to create a shop that gets noticed over and over again.

WHAT’S IN THE VIDEO? This is a live shop critique video. One of your fellow Etsy sellers reached out to me because of poor conversion rate. The video below outlines my recommendations for this seller. Your job is to learn from this video and figure out if you’ve got any of the same problems in your shop!

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In this Video – Your Goodie Bag

Meet the seller! Check out her amazing shop and see what sort of improvements she made!

>>Visit this shop on Etsy<<

Ready to do some work on your Etsy niche, and figure out if you’re poised for sales? Grab my Etsy Niche workbook below.

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I used Marmalead to find top words and sellers in any given niche. If you want to try the same tricks for your shop, get a free trial of Marmalead Pro below.

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