3 Jotun Colors of the Year 2019: Calm, Refined and Raw


It’s the time of the year; the painting companies launch their color proposals for 2019. The 3 Jotun Colors of the Year 2019 are always long-awaited (see the very popular and still on-point 2018 Color Trends here) with a subtle yet enduring palette, tailor-made towards Northern style yet very global.

The Jotun 2019 Colors have been chosen to create a new color concept entitled LADY IDENTITY, facilitating the sense of expressing ourselves through colors.

The home is the story of who we are. Told through the things we provide space for and the colors we surround ourselves with.

– Lisbeth Larsen, Global Color Manager, Jotun

The new 28 colors are dedicated to modern urban lifestyles and represent three stories about different personalities and mindsets. Through different color combinations, the creative studio Kråkvik & D’Orazio and photographer Line Klein illustrated the three views defined by Jotun.


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Let’s see the company’s vision and three color themes now:


1// CALM

A theme that represents the people who value meaning rather than quantity.


This color trend focuses on beautiful and simple elements that can create timeless rooms characterized by clarity and freedom. There is nothing is unnecessary here as space aims to create a harmonic, resting environment where we can find comfort for the everyday hustle. The palette is composed of beautiful shades of peach and muffled pink used often in combination with more neutral – yet warm – tones. It’s a perfectly judged palette of subtle neutrals that will not go out of style and remain up-to-date for an extended period. If you don’t want to adapt to new color inspirations very often, this might be the right choice.


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The perfect emplacement for exquisite pieces.


This color inspiration considers the home as our private gallery. Here, colors are used and combined to create a slightly more moody environment we enjoy, surrounded by special pieces that we appreciate in our everyday life. The sophisticated palette is composed of green and yellow shades, touches of lavender and soft neutrals. Vintage treasures sit alongside contemporary objects and design pieces, artworks in different styles and forms; together, they create a new aesthetic which tells our personal story.



3// RAW

A conversation about the honest and true connection to the earth.


A relaxing atmosphere able to calm us and be connected with the external world inspires this last color trend, a refined style that can bring us closer to nature thanks to more tactile textures and colors. The palette here is a selection of warm earthy colors, neutrals, gray shades, and burnt reddish tones, providing the organic reassurance of being rooted but without getting too rustic.


Fotos Line Klein | Styling: KrakvikDorazio

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