INTERIOR TRENDS | 15 Top 2019-2020 Decor Trends according to Pinterest


Be inspired by these new ideas to decorate your home in 2019!

Did you know that every December Pinterest releases research about the top trends for the next year?

The list is based on what people research, like and save in their Pinterest accounts. Being used for more than 250 million people, Pinterest is an amazing source to understand more about trends and about the directions of many different industries. The research, indeed, explore several various industries, from fashion to home design, to food and beauty – just to name a few.

I went through all the list and I selected some of the trends which may sound more interesting to us, that’s to say the top 2019 trends related to interiors, decor and design. So, if you are looking for some fresh and up-to-date ideas to decorate your home this new year, this is the perfect post for you!

Top 2019 decor trends

# Chalkboard decor

Searches for chalk art went up +664% and chalkboard is the favourite solution for original signages and decorations. Actually, I thought it was something outdated but numbers prove the opposite!

Interior + Design Trends 2020:

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# Neon

If you purchased our last N/T trendbook, with the latest interior trends from Milan Design Week 2018, you already know that neon lights are going to have a very big moment. Pinterest proves this with a +281% in the researches for neon signs, especially for wedding decor


hello neon sign by evenezia


# Garlands

Searches for flower garland are up to +1154% that is really a huge number. Draped over the table, swagged around the ceiling, hanged on walls or lined up together: flower garlands are really the decor element of this year. Especially dried flowers ones!


Source: @aleajoy via


# Textile arts

Another decor trend that will be for sure huge in 2019 is textile arts. In fact, searches for this went up +1718% and it’s a microtrend coming up from the softness trend, that’s to say a research towards soft and cozy elements to make the interior feel warmer and welcoming.


Ph Tess Kelly. via


# Contemporary fireplaces

Yes fireplaces are an everlasting thing, but it looks like people interest towards fireplaces is exponentially growing both for indoor and outdoor. Especially, for sleek and modern ones, as researches for “contemporary fireplaces” on Pinterest in 2018 went up +763%!




# Geometric Wall Paint

This is another decor trend that I thought it was quite outdated, but according to Pinterest researches ( +225% ) people are more and more looking for painting walls in color blocks and geometric shapes. The trend is particularly high for the kid’s rooms decor, with researches up +1178%.


# Tin

Vintage and industrial style lovers will be happy to know that tin interiors are really in ( +563% ), as a decorative motif for wallpapers, backsplashes and decor.




# Vertical Gardens

Natural green has been a huge trend in decor for the last year. The news is the rise for people looking for floor-to-ceiling green decor, up to +287% .


botanical living room by


# Painted Parquet

Another cool decor idea that comes out from the Pinterest trend research is painting parquet floors with bold colors and mosaic patterns. The number of people looking for this is really increasing a lot ( +1276% !) and it’s absolutely an interesting new idea to try in 2019.


HM via


# Bold Print Wallpaper

Wallpapers will be in also in 2019, but make sure to choose bold motifs to make a statement decor! Searches for bold print wallpaper +401%

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# Corduroy

Velvet is still a super trendy fabric for interiors, indeed this year you could go for corduroy: listed among the fashion trends with researches up to +507%, I spotted it also in the latest decor fairs as a new fabric for home upholstery.

|| As seen at Decorating Trends from Paris to try this winter


Urban Outfitters via


# Wax

I borrowed from the fashion trend research also this point, as African wax prints and kitenges look stunning also on the home decor and they are absolutely on-trend, with researches +229%

|| Be inspired: West African textiles trends for ethnic chic interiors


# Smoke bomb photography

Searches for smoke bomb photography are up to +436%. Very trendy for wedding, engagement and just-for-fun photos, it can be an inspiration also for graphic design and decor.


colorful smoke by verbitsky denis

# Lilac

Let’s prepare to see lots of lilac in 2019: this pretty pastel color trend went really high for +1077% but I spotted it lately also in interiors!


styling Sascha Abel, photo Thomas Wiuf Schwartz via


# Mustard Yellow

The must-color for this new year is mustard yellow, with researches up of 45%. This yellow is a softer and warmer version of the Gen-Z yellow trend we were talking about in the beginnings of 2018. Much easier to be incorporated in the interiors, mustard yellow is also the colour of this month on italianbark. See you tomorrow for more inspo about it!

Espaces atypiques via



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