Summer Outfits With Basic Pieces


Which details making summer outfits cool and stylish? How can you look more fancy while just wearing a basic denim short or a white mini skirt? Keep calm and read girl! Today, we are going to talk about how to make stylish summer outfits with basic pieces like denim shorts, black or white shorts, jeans, skirts… I mean all of us already have at least one of them. However, do we all have the idea, how to make them look fabulous? I think we will, after this article! Let’s have a look those basic summer outfits from beautiful girl Talia!


As you know, denim shorts are indispensable items for summer. Of course, it is easy to combine it with a basic t-shirt and sneakers. However, today I wan to show you, how to make a denim short outfit look more stylish and cool! And it is really easy to do it. Let’s see what are those trendy styling tips!

First of all, whatever you wear, wear it with necklaces! It can be a plain oversized t-shirt or a crop top like that. It doesn’t matter girls! This kind of necklaces will look pretty stylish with anything you wear. Don’t be afraid to wear too much necklaces together and try to combine what you already have at your home!

Second styling tip is fancy belts. You can make your summer outfits look more stylish with this kind of small details. Because of the hot weather, we can’t wear layer on layer so we need to make a rich look with this kind of accessories. Please don’t forget this girls!

Now let’s give a styling tip about colors! If you want to make cool summer outfits with denim shorts, my suggestion to you is wearing plain black or white tops. After that, you can make the look more stylish with accessories, as I told you. If you have a look at these denim short outfits with white and black tops, you will absolutely understand what I mean. Denim short looks pretty cool and trendy with tops like that!

Besides basic black and white tops, this kind of floral shirts also look so good with denim shorts! If you like to wear this kind of cute and more sporty things, then I can suggest these floral shirts to you girls!


When we talk about summer outfits, for sure, we also think about colors like white and cream. So, in this part, we are going to talk about how to combine white shorts, skirts and pants in a different way. Let’s read and see which one is your favorite girls?

If you still don’t have any white bottoms, you should definitely get one before the summer ends! This kind of basic white shorts, skirts and pants look perfect with anything you wear.

As you can see from the photos, you can combine your white short with pastel tones like baby blues, soft pinks or even with white! And also, white shorts look pretty nice with energetic colors like orange. You don’t need to think too much about it. I said you, it goes perfect with anything! White shorts can be a perfect option for summer coffee meetings with friends.


What about white skirts? If you have a white skirt like that, it is impossible to look old-fashioned! And it makes all your outfits look cool without any effort girls! So, I highly recommend you to buy a white skirt like that to make easy and cool summer outfits!

White mini skirts are perfect fit for summer nights. Because you can easily make it look chic with some accessories and high heels shoes. So, it is a perfect summer outfit for nights! Furthermore, it is not a problem to choose a top on it. I’m sure that you already have something in your wardrobe which goes well with white skirts. If you scroll down, you’ll absolutely understand what I mean. All the color tones looking perfect with this skirt!

If you’re not a mini skirt girl, then no worries! I’m going to show you some cool white pants summer outfits. First of all, don’t forget to wear your necklaces, if you don’t want to look ordinary. Then, please note this, high waisted pants and shorts are more trendy this season! So, if you are going to buy a new one, please be careful about this. By the way, high waisted pieces are trendy even in bikini sets too!

If you want to look more and more stylish, my suggestion to you is wearing leopard print tops with white pants. This print is really timeless!

Besides leopard print, pastel tones are also look perfect with white pants. Especially, soft pink! It is my favorite!


Okay girls! Black denim shorts, mini skirts and pants… All of us have already at least one of them! So, it is time to match these pieces with stylish things! Here are some stylish summer outfit ideas with these basic pieces! If you want to see or buy these tops, you can visit Talia’s instagram. She is tagging all the tops she wore!

See you at the next article girls!

Stay Stylish!

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