barbie knit top tutorial

Hello all!
Here’s the grand finale of Barbie® week!

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Please don’t be intimidated by the knit fabric in this shirt-or the small seams. They’re not as bad as they seem! (har har seem!?….ok I am REEAlly tired)

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You’ll need:
a piece of knit fabric-the thicker knits work better- I wouldn’t use a thin knit unless you are comfortable with swearing.
sew on velcro
ball point needle
Cut out your pattern-this is what it will look like all laid out.
If you want to embellish your top-now’s the time!

I sewed on a little fabric flower I had floating around.

We’ll start on the neckline. With the right side of the shirt facing down on your machine, fold over about 1/8 inch of material, and sew down. Do this slowly, and don’t start on the very edge of the fabric, start a teensy bit past that. This will minimize your machine “eating” the fabric.
this is what it should look like-I suggest ironing all your seams throughout-it makes it look so much better when you’re done!
You also don’t need to worry about seams fraying since it’s knit. yah!
Now for the sleeves. Where they start to curve, fold it over and sew like you did the neckline, stopping when the curve stops.
(did that make sense?)

Now pin the right sides together like so…
and sew a seam, curving in a little bit from the sleeves.
and then down the side. sew about a 1/4″ seam.
not shown-but hem the bottom of the shirt at this point, fold over and sew.
Now pin the back pieces together. Take the bottom inch and sew a seam there too.
cut a piece of velcro to fit the space above your last seam, fold down one edge of the back opening…
pin your velcro in, and sew on!
repeat with other side…
tada! a cute little knit top for Barbie®!
of course let me know if you have any questions!

I hope you all liked Barbie® week, if anyone uses these tutorials-I would adore seeing them-or you can always add pics to the flickr group!

Thanks everybody 😀

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