How to Stencil a Wood Sign with Paint


How to Stencil a Wood Sign with Paint

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Hello, I have back to back treats for you guys, following the Glitter Sign from my last post, here is a similar tutorial but using acrylic paint instead. I made this lovely home decor sign, “LOVE lives here.”

I have a mini tutorial on how you can make one too! Here are a list of supplies you will need:

Supplies you will need:

  • Cricut Air Explore 2 (ANY cutting machine)
  • Finished surface wooden sign
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Acrylic Paint (Michael’s Craft Store, I used Folk Art)
  • 631 Vinyl
  • Transfer tape ( I love Contact Brand)
  • Painters foam brush
  • Floral Cotton stem


My wood board is 9x24in stain with dark walnut.


I chose the saying “LOVE lives here” so I can use my cotton wreath as the “O” in love. After I cut my 631 vinyl with my Cricut Explore Air 2, I weeded out the design I wanted to paint, leaving the negative space still attached on the backing.

Using my Contact brand transfer tape, I apply it to my clean wood board making sure to firmly press down the vinyl on the board. My trick to peeling off the transfer tape is to pull it back at a 180 degree angle like image shown, using my right hand to push down any vinyl that may lift up.

Next lightly dab on the acrylic paint with foam brush, I chose to use Folk Art Brand which seem to be less watery. Thick paint seems to work best for me when doing stencils. Cover your entire design evenly without brushing up the stencil vinyl, dabbing works best! (not that kind of dabbing lol).


After two coats of paint, let it dry completely then remove your stencil. Hopefully if the vinyl edges are pushed down firmly, you should have nice crisp lines like image shown. (Some paint might slip through, but nothing a little paint thinner and Q-tip won’t fix).


I made this cotton wreath using these cotton stems and applied it to my board with a glue gun. Which was the perfect touch for this sign!


“LOVE lives here” handmade sign.

I hope you enjoyed and found my tutorial helpful! Please share and pin to Pinterest!!

Happy Crafting!

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