20 Digital Products to Sell on Etsy for Passive Income


Digital products are my favorite way to make money on Etsy. From a buyer perspective, digital downloads are great because you can buy the file once (usually for $10 or less) and print it off as many times as you want. From a seller perspective, they’re even better: once you’ve created the files and listed them for sale, all you have to do is promote it and keep track of your sales.

I mostly sell printable wall art on Etsy, but there are tons of different digital products you can create and sell in your own store. If you can create something in digital format that other people are willing to pay for, that’s a digital product you can sell on Etsy. This list includes some of the most popular types of products you can sell digitally as well as the tools needed to get started.

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Printable wall art/home decor

Printable wall art includes digital prints of illustrations, typography, inspirational quotes, photography, wedding or party signs, seasonal decor, kitchen/bathroom/nursery themed decor, and anything else you can design. Customers like the digital option because they can test different sizes and print it over and over again if needed. And if you get the occasional customer who would rather buy a physical piece of wall art, you can outsource the printing to Printful (or any other print-on-demand service) and have them print and ship it for you.

Tools needed: I design 99% of my wall art designs in Canva, but you can also use a program like PicMonkey or Inkscape depending on what you’re trying to do. I used PicMonkey more when I was selling photography, and I use Inkscape if I’m trying to do something more complex than what the other programs offer.

Printable planner pages

Planner pages are another popular product sold digitally on Etsy. Whether you sell digital planners that are used on phones or tablets or printable pages that can be added to a physical planner, Etsy is full of buyers just waiting for you to list your designs.

Canva is also great for creating planner pages, but their templates cannot be used for products you plan to sell so you have to start from scratch. To help you get around this, I created a set of planner templates in Canva that you can use as-is or edit to your heart’s content. You can get these templates emailed to you for free by subscribing here.

Another amazing option for creating printable or digital planner pages is Planify Pro. This is a new design platform specifically for creating digital products like printable planner pages, lined journals, meal planners, gratitude journals, and calendars of all kinds. If you have any interest in selling planners or low-content books, Planify Pro is a must-have tool. I signed up a month ago and spent the next three days just playing around with it nonstop.  

Coloring book pages

Kids coloring pages are great for fun learning activities, while adult coloring pages are great for relaxation. Whatever it is you love to sketch while you unwind, someone else will love to unwind while coloring it in.

If you don’t know how to draw, check out Creative Fabrica for outlined illustrations you can compile together into coloring pages and books. Use Planify Pro or Book Bolt to assemble your files and sell them through Etsy or Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Clipart & design files

If you like to sketch or do graphic design, crafters always need themed clipart for their scrapbooks and digital products. Depending on the types of files you sell, they can also be marketed toward crafters who work with vinyl cutters to create products of their own.

Aside from Etsy, another popular place to sell clip art and design files for other crafters to use is Creative Fabrica. I haven’t sold anything on there, but I’ve downloaded plenty of fonts and clip art from other creators.

Digital papers and patterns

Scrapbookers and crafters are always looking for unique patterns and papers they can’t find anywhere else. Bundle some patterns with clipart and offer a discount for themed sets.

Digital eBooks and courses

Etsy is a great platform for getting your ebook or course in front of interested readers and learners. A quick search for ebook turned up the following assortment of digital reads:

Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Clean Eating Meal Plans

Living Frugal Tips

How to Make Candles at Home

Period Repair Manual for Better Periods

EZ Painless Abs Workout

How to Think Mathematically

What do you know how to do that others might want to learn how to do? Get your thoughts organized in a Google Doc and see what you can come up with for your book. Use Book Bolt to turn it into an eBook and publish it on KDP.

Crochet/knitting/embroidery patterns

If you create your own patterns for crochet, embroidery, etc., you’re missing out on some fat cash if they’re not up for sale. New and experienced knitters/crocheters/embroiderers are all looking for unique and exciting new patterns to try, so you might as well make a few bucks off your designs. Just make sure to specify if you only want people using them for personal use and whether they can sell products they make using your patterns.

Budget trackers/spreadsheets

Many years ago I spent $50 on an Excel budget template from a personal finance blogger who said it helped her get out of six figures of debt. I used it for a week before abandoning it, but the point is not whether or not I used it, it’s that she made an easy $50 off me by selling something she originally made for herself. Planify has plenty of templates that are appropriate for this type of product as well. 

Invitation templates and announcements

People are always throwing parties, so they’re always going to need beautiful and creative invitations and announcements. You can either do custom invitations where you fill in their details for them, or sell a template that they can customize and fill in themselves. 

Customizable marketing materials

Similar to invitations, marketing materials like brochures, flyers, and press kits are always in demand for busy entrepreneurs on a time and/or money budget. This is a great way to flex your expertise in a particular field – for example, if you’ve worked in the real estate industry, you know what kinds of details realtors would look for in their marketing materials. Use that to your advantage. Template.Net is a good place to start.

Website design templates

If you know how to make websites, you can sell pre-made templates that buyers can upload to a WordPress or Squarespace website. Again, depending on your specialty or expertise you can make designs targeted to whoever you want – bloggers, freelancers who need a portfolio, photographers, industry professionals, and anyone else who needs a website or blog (everyone).

Logos, graphics, and design services

Not everyone needs a full website template, but they would gladly buy a logo template, branding bundle, or some piecemeal design services from you. As these are all ‘handmade’ services, they can be sold and promoted on Etsy. Be sure to market to fellow Etsy sellers who want a quick logo or shop banner.

Recipe cards/meal planning cards

Fill-in-the-blank recipe cards and meal planning templates are a great way to sell something to your food blog audience.

Digital greeting cards

You can bundle up and ship a pack of 8 cards, or you can just sell the printable file and let customers print however many cards they need.

How to Make Digital Downloads

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