25 Well Organized Kitchen Pantry Makeovers and Ideas


The beautifully organized kitchen pantry… for some its a fairy tale dream come true.. for many others its an enigma..

The kitchen pantry is one of those “well loved” rooms in the home, utilized multiple times throughout the day as hunger strikes.
For many, it also serves as storage for all those pesky small kitchen appliances, cookbooks, and stockpiles of non-perishable goods.

These 2 characteristics can be a recipe for disorder and chaos in a relatively small space.

Why should I care if my kitchen pantry is pretty and organized at all?

Keeping your kitchen pantry in order has many benefits beyond just aesthetics, even though *some* of us would absolutely sit and marvel at its beauty while sneaking an Oreo when the kiddos aren’t watching (okay..you got me!).

Saving Time

Quicker grocery list making because you can SEE what you need!

Easier meal planning using what you have! Again.. because you can SEE it!

Saving Money

No more overspending on groceries you didn’t actually need yet (guilty – right here!)

No more throwing away expired food you didn’t realize you had… because it was shoved behind a bunch of other crap..(yep – me too!)

Saving Space

Ok this one is obvious, but who DOESN’T need MORE storage? An organize pantry can save space too!

Swapping out those fugly cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes for stack-able clear containers is an easy win!

Now on to the good stuff! I have curated this list of 25 well organized Kitchen Pantry makeovers to give you some good old fashioned inspiration to get your Pantry organized!

25 Well Organized Kitchen Pantry Makeovers

1. Kicking off with this #lifegoals darn pretty kitchen pantry!

You can also tell a lot of thought was put into this pantry with the heavy stock-pile type items like bottled water is on the bottom shelf, followed by larger canisters of cereal and snacks where the kiddos can reach, and smaller containers up higher so even if they fall you won’t be getting a black eye!

I love that there is a convenient place for all the cookbooks that is central and inspires you to crack one open and get crafty in the kitchen every time you enter the pantry.

2. I LOVE the idea of wallpaper in the pantry to give it an extra sense of style. Go crazy with something fun!

3. Give your pantry a library feel with a rolling ladder to make those high shelves accessible.

4. Using coordinated baskets is an easy way to control the chaos and give your pantry a consistent look.

5. Whoever thought of putting counter tops in the pantry seriously deserves a medal..

a cuddle or at least some fresh baked cookies because this is genius!

6. My next pantry better have an espresso machine in it!

Just sayin… Can you say “Happy Place”?

7. Make your pantry very farmhouse chic with a red brick backsplash!

Bonus points for the larger shelves on the right for the small appliances! Though having my Kitchen Aid Mixer in the pantry would never fly in my home.. I use it WAAAY too much to be hauling it out every day. But crock-pots..waffle makers.. YES YES hide it all away!!

8. Loving this pantry for many reasons, but mostly the treat drawer..

9. Labeling everything will just make life easier..

Something I still need to do.. If I had a dollar for every time the hubs asked which was Corn Starch and which was Baking Soda.. I could by all..the..things… also, apparently you CAN confuse salt with sugar.. this is coming from experience people.. Label your containers!

10. If your really hurting for space, you can always tap into that wall!

This is a great used of wall space and then hide it all away with a beautiful and ornate sliding wood door.

11. Sideways slots for larger platters, cookie sheets and cutting boards is another great way to utilize vertical space and make things easily accessible.

12. Give your pantry the farmhouse look with shiplap walls, wicker baskets and glass jars! So pretty!

13. Again.. the additional counter space in the pantry is awesome!

Quickly prep and measure out all your ingredients where they are all in reach!

14. Adding pullout drawers where there are deeper shelves is a great way to keep everything accessible.

We get into trouble when there are unreachable dark corners lurking and hiding delicious food. Using the backside of the door as MORE shelf space for smaller things like spices is simply brilliant.

15. More excellent use of pullout drawers, this time for roots, fruits and veggies.

The FUN rug in the pantry also helps liven up the space and protect the floor from inevitable spills..

16. Who needs a pantry when you can have a wine cellar?

Seriously though the brick walls and wine collection make for a snazzy pantry.

17. Have a bunch of unsightly, clunky items you just want to tuck away?

This idea of hiding them under the bottom shelf with potato sacks is very Farmhouse!

18. Okay, so if your going to do containers or jars.. be consistent!

I know it can be super tempting to buy the package deals of different sizes and shapes, but it makes it near impossible to get a cohesive look. I LOVE that everything on these shelves is the same size!

Pro tip- pick a size container that will fit the refills! For example, for the large containers for sugars and flours, consider large enough containers to fit a standard 5lb bag so you don’t end up with excess bags that couldn’t fit into the container cluttering up your look.

19. Using large plastic tubs is a great way to give even dog food a proper place.

20. Medium size plastic tubs are great for corralling snack and chip bags that can easily get out of control.

21. Make use of the wooden craft bins that are found EVERYWHERE by adding wheels to the bottom for easy pull-out storage on the floor level.

You can even paint or stain them to match your kitchen decor.

22. If your brave, incorporate windows in the door to your new pretty pantry for an additionally fun farmhouse look.

23. Adding drawers allows you to also hide away the awkward items.

I love the matching background of the open shelves.

24. Another great idea, to add a shallow pull out drawer very conveniently located for easy access to the saran wrap, foil and ziplock baggies!

25. The counter top combined with the large (heavy) glass jars for storage make this a great solution as opposed to worrying about dropping these bad boys.

Again, keeping smaller, lighter jars on the higher levels to reduce risk of accidents. Cabinet doors on the bottom also help you hide away the unattractive things.

While there are many strategies to get you to the ultimate goal of an organized kitchen pantry, what is important is that it works FOR YOU and your family.

But I hope through this post you gained some neat ideas for creating a cohesive look that is functional and doesn’t make you crazy every time you walk into your kitchen pantry.

If I can leave you with a few final thoughts..

When you embark on this adventure of giving your kitchen pantry a makeover, set aside ample time (like a day!) and start by removing EVERYTHING before you attempt to organize.

Be sure to check labels and toss anything expired so you know when you are done everything in your kitchen pantry is usable! Keep a notepad nearby to jot down things that you toss that will need to be replaced next shopping trip.

May the force of kitchen pantry organization be with you! (I know, I’m a total dork)

Which amazing pantry is your #lifegoal for your pantry? Mine is totally a cross between and 7 & 25…I could live in there…

xoxo Christi

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