A beginner’s (quick-start) guide to Print on Demand selling on Etsy


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Today’s JV podcast episode is from a woman of MANY talents– the lovely Stephanie Smith. She’s the name + face behind www.businesschicmama.com and has an insane passion for what she calls “resetting the creativity button” for every single human she comes in contact with– and encouraging them to make money while doing what they love.

As a working mom with a special needs child, Stephanie has –literally– done it all and today she’s going to share with us one of her FAVORITE niches– Print On Demand (POD)– and how you can get started with it in your OWN shop.

We cover:

  • What Print-On-Demand (POD) even means (and whether it’s a good fit for YOUR shop)

  • How to find the BEST POD suppliers and stand out from the competition

  • How to create beautiful POD designs even if you’re NOT a graphic designer

  • The “next steps” you need to take if you’re ready to dive into the world POD products

Hit the play button to give this episode a listen— you won’t regret it!

Want even more of Stephanie? I don’t blame ya! Here’s where she’s hanging out around the web:

Website: www.businesschicmama.com

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